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تحليل شخصيتي مهنيا

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0. okasha jobs talentcheck.pdf

  1. 1. TALENTCHECK Ahmed Okasha The assessment profile below highlights the characteristics of Ahmed Okasha with regard to the six personality strengths and the five trends relating to the preferred work environment. The assessment for each individual aptitude is briefly described. The total of eleven characteristics described here have been developed and tested according to psychological considerations by labour market experts and psychologists. Top 3 Personality strengths Creation • Analysis Analysis Decision • Decision Communication • Creation Implementation Administration Top 3 Work environment Teamwork • Attention to detail Willingness to take risks Attention to detail • Fact-orientatedFocused on ones immediate surroundings • Willingness to take risks Fact-orientated Creation You find it easy to be creative in your work. Actually there are no limits to your imagination and your enthusiasm where new ideas are concerned. As a result you are rarely stuck for an idea when it comes to solving a problem. Analysis Your work is always systematic, structured and targeted. You find it easy to gather facts, analyse a situation in a reasoned way, clearly define the problem, and proceed accordingly with a purpose in mind. In your opinion the success of a project or the completion of a task are determined by a well thought-out concept, sound planning and consistent organisation. Decision You find it easy to take decisions. You do not like to leave anything to chance and want to influence those things that matter to you. You often take over the reins and guide a project according to your own ideas. Communication You are a very communicative and sociable person. You have a natural ability spontaneously to approach people you do not know and strike up a conversation with them. You are both an active listener and a popular speaker who usually manages to lead the conversation in discussions. Implementation You tend to do something rather than wait. You usually find it easy to knuckle down, drive your work forward, get through your to-do list, and get things done.
  2. 2. TALENTCHECK Ahmed OkashaAdministrationAs a rule you have no difficulty in dealing with administrative tasks. In your opinion, tidiness and guidelines make sense and are important forproductive work.TeamworkAs a rule you prefer to work - and you work more efficiently - in a team, even though you have no difficulty working alone to achieve a goal.Willingness to take risksSometimes you also take a risk, believing that "if things dont work out, its no disaster".Attention to detailYou work very precisely and with quality in mind, even though youre well aware youre investing quite a lot of time - sometimes too muchtime - as a result.Focused on ones immediate surroundingsYou tend to base your experiences and actions on the outside world. You would characterise your nature as outgoing and open-mindedtowards your environment.Fact-orientatedYou evaluate and decide almost exclusively on the basis of facts and figures.
  3. 3. TALENTCHECK Ahmed OkashaThe assessment matrix below shows the personal self-assessment of Ahmed Okasha with regard to personal skills, motivating factors atwork and leisure preferences. The individual aspects are prioritised and the six strongest characteristics are listed explicitly. The analysis andevaluation of these three complementary dimensions were carried out by Ahmed Okasha independently and without the assistance ofspecialists. Top 5 Work-life balance Politics • Culture Culture Nature • Politics Sport • Family + friends Travel Hobbies • Hobbies Social commitment • Sport Family + friends Top 5 Motivation Social aspects • A sense of belonging Security Power • Security Recognition • Inventiveness Promotion Inventiveness • Social aspects Independence • Recognition A sense of belonging Remuneration Achievement Top 5 Personal skills Adaptability • Reliability Perseverance Balance • Powers of observation Capacity for enthusiasm • Loyalty Resilience Powers of observation • Learning aptitude Discipline • Motivation Assertiveness Sense of humour Initiative Motivation Learning aptitude Loyalty Self-criticism Self-confidence Responsibility Reliability
  4. 4. TALENTCHECK Ahmed OkashaThe terms shown are a summary of the technical and self-analysis of Ahmed Okasha. The more a characteristic was weighted, the larger andmore incisive the corresponding term. These terms are intended to provide a first impression of individual characteristics and i Self-confidence Hobbies Sport Fact-orientated Perseverance Assertiveness Nature Discipline Communication Recognition Creation Loyalty Culture Responsibility Attention to detail Balance Willingness to take risks Reliability Adaptability Remuneration A sense of belonging Learning aptitude Administration Self-criticism Family + friends Focused on ones immediate surroundings Implementation Politics Security Motivation Initiative Capacity for enthusiasm Resilience Teamwork Independence Inventiveness Powers of observation Power Promotion Travel Analysis Social commitment Achievement Social aspects Sense of humour Decision