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Here is how CVW-11 ESO & CCC put the word out to the Sailors on programs they can use onboard ship: NKO @ SEA, NCPACE-Distance Learning, NMCI Outlook Web Access, Exam Schedules and more.

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Cvw11 ESO_CCC Program_flyer

  1. 1. EXTEND AT SEA & GET PAIDIf you are in the following rates with specific NECs or special duty you may be qualified for special pay if you extend to be at sea: ABE, ABF, AD, AO, AM, AME, AT, AZ, BM, CS(SS), DC, EDMC, ELT(SS), EN, ET(SS), FC, GSE, GSM, GS, GM, HM, IC, LS, MR, MT, OS, PS, QM, & STG. Contact your Career Counselor about Special Duty Incentive Pay & Voluntary Sea Duty Program for Details.
  2. 2. River City? No Problem. EMCON? No Problem. Tier Group Restriction? No ProblemNavy Knowledge Online Get Courses Done on land or at sea.NKO @ Sea is accessible at USS Nimitz to complete limitedNavy, DoD, Navy War College online courses - without the Bandwidth requirement.To access NKO at Sea in USS Nimitz, click this link & enroll a course under eLearning Tab click: http://cvn68usv01:8280/portal/Note: If you see“Courses NotAvailable”, it maybe due to server isbeing transferred Contact yourto the Main NKO Educational Services Officer (ESO)Server. This takes or Career Counselors for Details.about 2 days. Keeptrying, it’s worth it.
  3. 3. Commissioning Programs KNOW THE DATE. PLAN AHEAD. •STA-21 (Deadline July 1st). - Get your SAT/ACT now! •Limited Duty Officer / Chief Warrant Officer (Deadline October 1st) •Officer Commissioning School (month to month quota) Contact your Educational Services Officer (ESO) Or Career Counselors for Details. For details visit: (If you plan on getting 3 years of college in the Navy) (If you are Chief Petty Officer Board Eligible First Class & Above – No College Requirement) (If you already have a college degree completed)
  4. 4. NCPACE-DISTANCE LEARNING NCPACE Distance Learning is an exclusive Navy educational benefit to all Sea Duty (Type 2) command to continue our College & Masters Degree Education from nationally & regionally accredited College & University without using our Tuition Assistance (TA) or GI Bill. For details visit: Another unique benefit of NCPACE is that you can complete this course at yourown pace / time - some of our staff earned a 3 unit course in less than 3 weeksjust by completing the homework & exams instead of waiting for the usual 90 daycourse term to complete. This is done via computer but NO internet or bandwidth required. The only cost is the textbook & CD. This is not NCPACE-Instructor Led. The NCPACE-IL may be available for information about 1 month prior to deployment (Jan 2013) Contact your Educational Services Officer (ESO) for Details.
  5. 5. Get Certified - Free Contact your Educational Services Officer (ESO) for Details.
  6. 6. Navywide Exam & Advancement Your Key to Perform To Serve SuccessSeptember 6, 13 & 20 – 2012 in Fallon January 17 – 2013 (E7) TBD March 7, 14 & 21 – 2013 in Nimitz Contact your Squadron ESO & CCC for Details.
  7. 7. Career Development Board Your Key to your Career Success & Command Success. When? •30 Days upon Report •Perform To Serve •12, 24 & 36 months •Special Programs •Advancement Cycles •As Needed. Contact your Command Career Counselor for Details.Everyone may be accountable but you are responsible to your own career success
  8. 8. NMCI Web Outlook AccessDid you missed an important email from your NMCI or Shore email? No Problem.Access your NMCI email on your web tier hours with your CAC-PKI card & click: Contact your local ADP / IT Petty Officers for Details.
  9. 9. Your Airwing Career SharedriveAesfas01-1CVW11AIRWING CCCs ESOAIRWING INTRAWEB.htm AIRWINGTRAWEB Career Tools from A to Z on What a 21st Century CVW-11 Sailor Should Know