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Career wise october 2009


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Career wise october 2009

  1. 1. •New PCS Policy Rule Call J-dial for Air •Book: Career Warfare wing CCC •Tools to Use on Nimitz Headquarters: •Latest NAVADMIN MENU (6368). dial MENU for •Latest SRB Rules Career Answers •CCC Advice OCTOBER 2009 The Barbwire Team Vol. 38 Want to re-up? Retake ASVAB for more Permanent Change of Station Obligation options Policy Change • Retaking your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - that test you took to get in the Navy - could be your ticket to staying in. To best provide for Sailors and manage government •With the expansion of the Perform to Serve re-enlistment funds, the Navy has worked to implement the approval system to include E-6 and below sailors with up to permanent change-of-station obligation policy change 14 years of service, more and more sailors will need to while minimizing the impact to the force. change ratings to stay Navy. • Current funding levels support all PCS moves through •For example, if a sailor's scores made him eligible for eight the remainder of this fiscal year, and for a portion of undermanned ratings, a retest could raise that number to 12 fiscal year 2010. However, many Sailors scheduled to - significantly increasing his chance of getting approval to detach during the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 will not ship over. Contact your CCC or ESO for details. receive orders until after Oct. 1. • The Navy is working to minimize impacts on Sailors in On IA, Advancement & Security Clearances future years. Initiatives include funding and issuing orders in the current year for moves occurring early in •Without a valid Security Clearance, Sailors may be the following fiscal year. disqualified from participating in Navy Wide Exams and transferring. There is a Security Manager to address these • To best support mission accomplishment, fleet issues at most commands, but another set of eyes making a sustainability and training pipeline mobility, PCS orders double check never hurt anyone. With numerous Sailors will continue to be issued with the following priorities: losing their clearances now, Sailors and mentors should truly Global War on Terror Support Assignment rotations, need to be on top of this! career milestone billets such as joint duty, critical readiness fills, fills that minimize gaps at sea for •ON GSA BILLETS: Verification of security clearance is a must deployed units and for Sailors preparing to deploy. before Sailor applies for orders to a GSA assignment and has enough "green card" time to complete their tour. Usually, •To avoid the financial obligation of personally funding these orders are 270 days on ground, so Sailors will be gone a PCS move and forfeiting certain PCS allowances and for a total of a year. There are a number of Sailors being sent entitlements, Sailors and their families are advised not to to ECRC with expired clearances or approaching HYT. move before receipt of PCS orders. Current times dictate that fewer and fewer HYT requests are • Navy leadership and detailers will continue to directly approved, so this is not the billet for those Sailors who are provide PCS move information to affected Sailors. close to HYT. For ECRC or GSA information contact: Contact your Admin for more The Navy has implemented PCS procedural changes in information on your Security Clearance. order to meet DoD requirements. • Costs for PCS moves are incurred on the date orders Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) & Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) are written. Advance orders and letters of intent for upcoming PCS orders are no longer possible. •Crew of NIMITZ, air wing and embarked staff are now entitled • Sailors and their families remains the Navy’s priority. to HFP/IDP in accordance with DOD Financial Management Regulation. HFP/IDP is payable at the monthly rate of $225 for • Sailors who incur personal moving costs before their all the months we are assigned to the designated IDP area, PCS orders are written cannot be reimbursed. regardless of the duration that establishes the entitlement. Contact your CCC or call 6368 for details Contact your Personnel Office for details. Career Thought: The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. - Herbert Spencer Released date of Oct 09 Career Wise: September 27
  2. 2. Recent Tools & News You Can Use RIVER CITY Got You Down? Go Online with NIAPS Physical Fitness Assessment Coming Up CLICK THIS LINK http://cvn68usv01/Communities/MPTE/default.aspx As you start gearing up for the upcoming Fall Shipboard Resident Content (Afloat) Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), everyone should be aware of the resources available to you •Navy Knowledge Online at Sea: Go to NKO at Sea to and your Command Fitness Leaders (CFL) “To access: Navy E-Learning, Electronic Training Jacket, Navy make sure you conduct a proper and safe COOL, and CMS/ID program.” OPNAVINST 6110.1H Physical Readiness •Navy Career Tools Training Informational web tutorial of Program cover the assessment administration and Navy Career Tool offerings. guidance for handling failures. NAVADMIN 247/09 has also been released and it provides new •Navy E-Learning "Available Catalog Items" A listing updates for the Physical Readiness Program (PRP), of all courses currently available on your ship's Navy E- including policy highlights and clarification. Learning (NEL) Afloat system select the "Available Catalog Items" •The Following are also available (Contact your CCC for details): Navy E-Learning "Unavailable Catalog Items ; Online & Navy E-Learning "Courses Not Tagged for Afloat; Navy E- Learning "NAFL Datamart Build Date; FleetRIDE ; BUPERS Onboard USS AFLOAT; SWOSCOLCOM Training ; COOL 2 GO or Credentialing Opportunities On-Line; TOPS Transaction Nimitz On-Line Processing System (TOPS); CIMS Career Information Management System at sea (Nimitz only) Tax Free Zone: Take Advantage Now ASVAB TESTING •All enlisted and officers serving in a combat zone •USS Nimitz ESO & CCC will be administering the during any part of the month will have their military ASVAB test on the 3rd Sunday of each month in ESO pay for that month excluded from their taxable classroom, at 1300. Please make sure your Sailor’s income. When we enter the tax-free zone, this is how bring an approved (by the Dept LCPO) copy of their TSP is affected. The maximum annual contribution request chit and their requirements IAW you can make towards your TSP is $16,500 for 2009. MILPERSMAN 1236-010. That's called elective deferral limit. This elective deferral limit does not apply for uniformed services NIAPS CMS Interactive Detailing Sailor Application making contributions from pay that is tax-exempt. •Sailors can now apply for CMS-ID via NIAPS. Here is When we in-chop into FIFTH Fleet, it doesn't mean the NIAPS link. Go through NKO @ Sea. that we can put all the money we want in TSP just because we're in a war theatre. The limit for 2009 is http://cvn68usv01/Communities/MPTE/default.aspx $49,000 per I.R.C Section 415(c). •Here is the direct link on CMS-ID NIAPS through NKO •Airwing or NIMITZ Sailors who reenlist in the tax-free & Sea: zone with large tax-free SRBs and want to put that http://cvn68usv01:8380/jass/enl_command_home.m initial installment in their TSP retirement fund, can do it without worrying about the $16,500 limit on annual •It is important that counselors still track or have contributions. Having the ability to put more money Sailors communicate with their CCC that they have in a retirement fund is an excellent benefit of serving applied. Counseling is still paramount. For the latest the tax-free combat zone. Contact your PERS Office CMS-ID with slow bandwidth go to on pay & tax or CCC on SRB for details. and click on CMS-Interactive Detailing on the left menu. Career Wise OCTOBER 2009 2 Education is a method whereby one acquires a higher grade of prejudices. - Laurence J. Peter
  3. 3. Shipmate, DID YOU KNOW THAT… •You may have have access to some of the Career Counselor tools like: CIMS, CMS-ID, FLEETRIDE, etc within the chain of command •CDB can be conducted in at least 11 reasons for one Sailor •You may still be waived for High Year Tenure for critical operational reasons or undermanned ratings (case by case). •You may reenlist in any FY for OBLISERVE for SRB •SRB may continue to go down every FY or eventually be eliminated. •To get the best set of orders and be more competitive, Sailors are recommended to review 12 months out (PRD) to review requisitions (don't wait until 9 months) and may contact detailer. What’s New SRB: Tier System on SRB •The Enlisted Community Managers established a tier system to prioritize (place in a tier) enlisted ratings/skills/zones ranked according to replacement costs, difficulty to replace, and/or existing manning shortfalls. Some ratings may have skills and/or zones in different tiers depending on the amount of risk associated with not retaining sailors from that skill group. Additionally, tiers offer varying levels of multiples as well as reenlistment opportunities. •For example, under the current plan, all Tier One sailors and EP sailors from Tier Two and Tier Three may reenlist early any time within the fiscal year of their EAOS. Nuclear sailors are still authorized to cross fiscal year boundaries as outlined in OPNAVINST 1160.8A. New skills/zones may be added in future NAVADMIN's and current skills/zones may be shifted to different tiers, reduced, or eliminated as reenlistment goals are achieved. Incentives for each tier may also change in future NAVADMINs. The system is designed to be narrowly focused and flexible which allows us to be much more efficient and effective with our limited funds by targeting very specific groups. New early reenlistment opportunity for EP sailors The FY10 SRB message (NAVADMIN 250/09) offers a new incentive to sailors who received an "Early Promote" on their most recent regular periodic evaluation or fitness report. This new element of the SRB program is intended to incentivize and reward performance. While the Navy cannot account for all circumstances where a top- performing sailor is not awarded an EP on their latest eval, we recognize that many sailors recently advanced in pay grade may be disadvantaged and will allow anyone who has been advanced within 12 months of their EAOS the option of providing the last regular periodic evaluation in their previous pay grade. No transfer, concurrent, or special evaluations will be allowed. Call 6368 or contact your Command Career Counselor for details. GET THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Career Issues you should know, to grow. Digested for You. Career Wise. Back issues from January through September are available at INTRAWEB or your Squadron CCC Cvn68auebnasall_air_wing_shareAIRWING_CAREER_COUNSELORCCC_CAREERWISE_NEWSLETTER
  4. 4. C L I C: CNO’s Latest Information on Career UST R EAD LAT EST M DMIN. Click AVA •Message # Subject Date TED N erlink ENLIS p th e H y •280/09 AFGHANISTAN PAKISTAN HANDS PROGRAM09/24/2009 •279/09 CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS FLEET DIVERSITY COUNCIL09/24/2009 •278/09 CALL FOR 2009 LANGUAGE PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AND COMMAND LANGUAGE PROGRAM OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS09/23/2009 •277/09 FY09 COPERNICUS AWARDS09/21/2009 •276/09 NAVY PANDEMIC INFLUENZA (PI) INSTRUCTION09/21/2009 •274/09 ALASKA SEA SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2010-2011 •272/09 FY-09 PERMANENT MILITARY PROFESSOR PROGRAM SELECTION BOARD RESULTS09/16/2009 •271/09 REPORT OF THE 30 JULY 2009 NAVY UNIFORM BOARD09/16/2009 •268/09 2009 ASSOCIATION OF OLD CROWS OUTSTANDING NAVY UNIT AWARDS /AVIATION AND SURFACE09/15/2009 •267/09 JANUARY 2010 E-7 NAVY-WIDE EXAMINATIONS AND FY-11 ACTIVE E-7 SELECTION BOARD CYCLE 20609/15/2009 •266/09 OBSERVANCE OF HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 200909/14/2009 •265/09 FY-11 ENLISTED SELECTION BOARDS FOR NAVY RESERVE AND ACTIVE DUTY MASTER AND SENIOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS CYCLE 20509/14/2009 •264/09 NAVY FAMILY OMBUDSMAN APPRECIATION DAY09/11/2009 •262/09 2009 VADM JAMES STOCKDALE LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNERS09/10/2009 •261/09 2009 NATIONAL PRISONER OF WAR/MISSING IN ACTION RECOGNITION DAY09/09/2009 •260/09 ANNUAL CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FROM QUALIFIED NAVY PERSONNEL FOR THE ADVANCED MILITARY VISUAL JOURNALISM TRAINING PROGRAM09/09/2009 •259/09 NAVY COMMERCIAL SATTELITE COMMUNICATIONS POLICY09/09/2009 •258/09 NOVEMBER 2009 COMMANDER NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND ACQUISITION CORPS ASSIGNMENT SLATING PANEL09/08/2009 •257/09 CHANGE TO NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS ACTIVE MINIMUM SERVICE REQUIREMENTS09/08/2009 •255/09 CNO GUIDANCE FOR 201009/02/2009 •252/09 ENLISTED APPLICATIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT TO USS CONSTITUTION08/31/2009 •251/09 LAUNCH OF NEW NAVY INDIVIDUAL AUGMENTEE (IA) WEBSITE08/27/2009 •250/09 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS08/27/2009 Detailer or NPC Customer Service Center The Navy offers Sailors a one-stop source of information through the Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center. In an effort to provide quality service across the board to all Sailors, contact the CSC for all your career-related issues. Just call 1-866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672) and let the customer service agents help you! The CSC can also be contacted via e-mail at or found online at Selectee Leadership Course Instructor If you are an E6 or E7 and would like to make a difference to & instruct the upcoming PO2 & PO1, email to schedule a Train-the-Trainer class that will be held this October. Contact your Training Officer, your CCC or2009 6368 for details Career Wise OCTOBER J-Dial 4 Career Thought of the Month: Only the educated are free. - Epictetus
  5. 5. By NCC(AW/SCW) Astro Career Wise Advice As advancement and staying Navy becomes tougher and more competitive, it is just appropriate that all Sailors, including myself, continue to be viable for the Navy by improving our job and through self improvement or education and training. As career counselor, it is my duty to steer all Sailors towards success but I have to practice what I preach. And here is what I preach: • Get a Mentor. A mentor is someone that will guide and channel you to success. I prevented many mistakes in my last 8 years in the Navy because someone was showing me the right path when I picked a mentor or adviser that I can approach anytime and willing to share me his knowledge and wisdom. • Stay Focus in doing your job and always strive for higher standard. Set a goal and develop a good habit that will help you attain that goal. • Put Navy Core Values to practice. Honor, Courage and Commitment should not just be a cliché but must be practiced and it will give you valuable result. • Further your education by taking college (either through NCPACE, CLEP or TA). This would not only help you earn a degree but help your reading and writing comprehension, making it easy for you to take the Navywide exams. • Use the Navy Tools and Benefits that Navy invested and provided for you. I have taken advantage of the Tuition Assistance, NKO’s e-Learning, MWR, Fitness programs, Navy College, NPC Website and other programs that helps me become a better leader and a better person. (By the way, please read the summarized book Career Warfare next page) Know your Career Counselor: NC1(AW/SW) Jordan Next Month: NC1(AW/SW) Craig of VFA-86 NC1(AW/SW) Jordan, CCC for VFA-14 enlisted as SKSR made SK2 while onboard USS Duluth (LPD-6). He cross-rated to EW then merged with CTT rating while stationed onboard USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) and at ONI (the Office of Naval Intelligence) in Washington D.C. where he made CTT1 then crossrated to NC. He has a total of 10 years in the Navy. His advice are: • For those that are undecided "Make a plan for both staying Navy or getting out, that way you set up for success either way" • "Don’t let the Sea Lawyers control your career, most of the things they say are based off Career Wise rumors." OCTOBER 2009 5 • "If you want to do something else in the Navy, research it, become the expert on how to achieve it, whatever it may be."
  6. 6. NAVY AIRWING READING PLAN CAREER BOOK DIGEST Career Warfare "10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It“ By David F. D'Alessandro It is a tough and competitive military environment you live and it is getting more and more difficult to achieve your goals. You have to stand out among your fellow Sailors, colleagues and competitors. You have to work hard for career advancement, and better compensation. Whether you are a Third class, a CPO, a senior Officer, a retiree looking out for 2ndcareer, entrepreneur or an employee, this book will show you the best way to succeed, accomplish your personal and career goals, outshine your competition and differentiate yourself from the pack. David F. D’Alessandro shows you how to stand out from the crowd by developing your own “personal brand”; and provides valuable lessons in the etiquette of reputation building. – NCC Astro • What is Personal Brand? You need to realize that success does not only come from hard work and appropriately playing the part. To be successful in business and in your career, you must be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack -you need to develop, build and defend your reputation. Personal branding is a way you manage your career or business. It is a way of communicating that makes you different and special. By using these qualities you can distinguish yourself from your peers so that you can expand your success. There are 10 rules you can follow for building a successful personal brand and keeping it: • Rule 1: Try to Look Beyond Your Own Navel -The biggest obstacle in building a positive personal brand is your own ego. In order to develop an attractive personal brand, you need to have self-respect and you need to respect the people around you. • Rule 2: Like It or Not, Your Boss is the Coauthor of Your Brand -You must realize and accept the fact that early on in your career, your boss will reap most of the rewards for ideas you give, money that you brought in, etc. This is how the corporate world operates. Do not fight the power structure. Instead learn how to play and live by it. • Rule 3: Put Your Boss on the Couch -Not all bosses will help you. It is best that you recognize what type of personality your boss has so that you would realize what advantages and disadvantages this person can cause to your brand. • Rule 4: Learn Which One is the Pickle Fork -Good manners are crucial in developing and enhancing your personal brand. Manners are about consideration and respect, knowledge and patience. Practice good business etiquette. • Rule 5: Kenny Rogers is Right -While it is important for you to seize the opportunity to build your brand, it is equally crucial to know what battles to take. Know when to keep on fighting and when to move fold. • Rule 6: It’s Always Show Time -You must realize that reputations are not usually made by big events -sometimes it is those big events that smear your brand. What builds your reputation is your day-to-day behavior in the business setting, such as how you deal with people, how you make decisions, your work habits, etc. • Rule 7: Make the Right Enemies -The best personal brands include courtesy, fairness, tolerance, self-respect and having good and proper manners. However, a small amount of ruthlessness is good for your brand. Your reputation will not suffer much if you fight your enemies, but it will suffer if you lose your self-respect. • Rule 8: Try Not To Be Swallowed By the Bubble -Once you are successful in building your brand and is rising in the ranks, do not lose sight of the forest. Do not be too full of yourself that you will be swallowed by success. It is bad for your humanity, and bad for your career. • Rule 9: The Higher You Fly, the More You Will Be Shot At -Everybody makes mistakes. The higher you are in the ladder of success, the more likely that your mistakes will be highlighted. Accept the fact that bad press comes with prominence in any field. • Rule 10: Everybody Could a Been a Contender; Make Sure You Stay One -Set yourself to be distinct from your peers. Since you are constantly being compared to your peers, don’t be afraid to offer something unique or distinctive. Don’t give up easily. Don’t throw in the towel immediately because of a setback or two. Learn from your mistakes and turn it into an opportunity. Don’t lie, cheat or steal. Be cautious of the reputation you are building. • ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A master brand builder, David D'Alessandro transformed traditional John Hancock into a financial services powerhouse, taking the firm public and engineering the merger with Manulife. At 50, David D'Alessandro was the youngest chairman/CEO in John Hancock's history. Rising to the top from the marketing side of the business was a rarity in the insurance industry and it worked in his favor. A straight-talking results-oriented leader who believes in full-bore marketing, D'Alessandro started as a vice president of corporate communications. His first ad campaign, “Real Life-Real Answers,”was critically acclaimed, broke new ground, and caused a sales surge. Career Wise OCTOBER 2009 6 If you have read & liked a book & wish to summarize and contribute, send to:
  7. 7. CREO 1 CREO 1 PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing, CREO & Perform To Serve PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing, CREO & Perform To Serve E-1 to E4 for E5 AE (FTS) Negotiation Negotiation AWF (FTS) Want to take a break from your Begins With Ends On AT (FTS) AWO If PRD rate for your next duty, Try the First Day Of Last Day Of Special Program. Under rate, AWF (FTS) Month Is: AWS CMS/ID CMS/ID locate community (NEC) on AWO Cycle In: Cycle In CTI CMS-ID AWS CTM •2186 Career Recruiter CTI January April August CTN •2514 Flag Writers CTM CTN CTT February May September •9508 Recruit Division Commander CTT ELT_NUC_SS ELT_NUC_SS March June October •9515 Equal Opportunity ELT_NUC_SW Program Specialist ELT_NUC_SW EM_NUC_SS •9517 3-M Coordinator EM_NUC_SS April July November EM_NUC_SW EM_NUC_SW •9518 Naval Leadership ET_NUC_SS (NAVLEAD) Instructor EOD May August December •9519 Navy Drug and Alcohol ET ET_NUC_SW Counselor ET_NUC_SS MM_NUC_SS June September January •9522 Navy Drug and Alcohol ET_NUC_SW MM_NUC_SW Counselor Intern ET_SS_NAV CTR July October February •9545 Security Guard ET_SS_RF IS •9575 Brig Duty FC August November March FT LN •9580 Command Master Chief IT AWF September December April •9585 Navy Recruiter Canvasser MM_NUC_SS AWV MM_NUC_SW October January May CTR For Complete For Complete HM November February June CREO Special Program IS listing and details on CMS- LN contact December March July ID contact your CCC MC your CCC @ @ 03-175-1 Q J-6368 For complete listing of Career Job Openings for the Navy go to PTS and access Opportunity MATRIX: O TOB 2009 C ER SUNDAY MONDAY TUES Y DA WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY S RD ATU AY 1530 1630 1 (CST) (CST) 2 3 0000 0000 1700 1800 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (CST ) (CS T) (CS T) (CS T) HOLIDAY 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 0500 0500 18 19 (CS T) (CS T) 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 C M S /ID AV AILAB LE F OR A PP LIC A TIO N S Application results are available beginning C M S /ID AV AILAB LE F OR C O M M AN D C O M M EN T S at 1630 on the day the detailer selection D ET A ILE R S M A KE S ELE C TIO N S ends and remain posted until the next C M S /ID R EQ U ISITIO N S C R U B month's requisition scrub C M S /ID D O W N F O R M AIN TE N A N C E
  8. 8. CVW-11 Career CrossTerms #4 He who praises you for what you lack wishes to take from When you play, play hard; when you work, don't play at all. - you what you have. Don Juan Manuel (1282 -1349) Theodore Roosevelt For Answers: Contact your Dept. or Command Career Counselor or call J-Dial 6368 or 6364 Is your EAOS within 12 months & undecided? Attend the AIRWING Bi-Monthly Pre-Sep Class to be held again on 11 October, 0900-1230 RELMIN Classroom. Attend this brief and then decide if you are staying Navy or join the Civilian world. Contact your CCC to register & details about other available class. (This prep-class 2648 can also be a one-on-one counseling, required Wise to taking the regular TAP or prior to separating from the Navy) Career prior OCTOBER 2009 8 The strength of the United States is not the gold at Fort Knox or the weapons of mass destruction that we have, but the sum total of the education and the character of our people. - Claiborne Pell (1918 - )
  9. 9. College News To change and to improve are two different things. – German Proverb NCPACE – Instructor Lead onboard USS Nimitz Term 3 – See ESO or ED Boss for more updated openings. e r th CVN-68 IL Term 3 fo of Days Times Course Name/ Course Title Section OPENINGS Check Legal s Number Number o s Aspects le Law Enforcement u with5the D B ched of Writing II T/TH/S 1900-2100 CJSA2300 Sec 1 ED Boss E Fundementals W/F 1900-2100 BUSI 1307 Personal Finance Sec 1 15 S 2302 test S Government II GOVTe e M/TH 1700-2000 DSWR 0304 Sec 2 for 10 updated a M/W/F 1030-1230 American Sec 1 12 T/F M/W/F 1800-2100 0830-1030 l GOVT 2302 PHIL 1317 American Government II History of Religions II Sec Sec 2 2 openings 12 15 TERM 2 STARTS 28 September for 8 Weeks. Contact the ED Boss for details The first term for NCPACE Classes is over and was a great success. Now it is time to get started with Term II. Term II NCPACE Classes will begin on Monday, 28 September 2009. Books for classes will be sold the first day of class. As a reminder, you must pay for your books with your Navy Cash Card (money must be on the chip). Cash will not be accepted. Please plan accordingly. Nimitz ESO will begin registration for Term III within the next few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding classes please contact Dr. Linda Beckham in the ESO Office or via email at Tuition Assistance Waiver Gets Easier (While Supplies Last) For Sailors asking for a waiver for this current FY do not have to get a command endorsement and TA Waiver request submitted due to the short fused notice. All they have to do is to come into the Navy College Office and we will take care of the rest. Please help spread the word. The end of the FY waivers are only for Oct/Nov starting classes. VOLED still has money for TA - if you are hanging on to any TA's for courses starting in FY2010, please go ahead and apply for Waiver and Navy College will fund those. Also, ALL LEGITIMATE WAIVER requests between now and 30 September will be funded as long as the Sailor does not go beyond the $4500 FY limit. Be Competitive, Get More Credits, Get Certified: Navy COOL •Are your Sailors getting credit for their Navy Education and Training? Navy COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) is the Navy’s professional credentialing program that ties civilian certifications and licenses to your Sailor’s ratings and skills. In addition to improving retention, Navy COOL provides Sailors credit for professional expertise and skills that they have obtained, such as Command Fitness Leader, Instructor Duty, and Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor. Many of these certifications cost $800 or more, but are free to your Sailors using COOL. For more information, visit the Navy COOL website: Career Wise OCTOBER 2009 9
  10. 10. Barbwire Career Counselors: We’re Here to Listen & Help SOME of the services offered by our Highly Trained Career Counselors onboard USS Nimitz: Latest Navy Instructions that affects your Career. Conduct Career Development Board. Communicating with your Detailer and getting a sponsor. Processing your reenlistment and Perform To Serve packages. Receiving an Indoctrination on your new command. Processing your Separation, Retirement and TAP class. How to Use Online Resources such as JOIN, FLTMPS, BOL, ESR, or NSIPS. Special Programs like: Conversion of Rate, Officers Program, credentialing (COOL & USMAP) and Bonus (SRB) Educational Benefits (TA, NCPACE, GI Bill). Veteran Benefits. Making any decision on how to have a great career during and after your enlistment. For more details contact your AIRWING CCC onboard Nimitz: • NC1 Lewis (VAQ-135) • NC1 Buquo (VFA-41) • NC1 Jordan (VFA-14) • NC1 Nicholson (VFA-97) • MA1 Robbins (VAW-117) • NC1 Wilson (HS-6) • NC1 Craig (VFA-86) • NCC Astro (CVW-11) We are located at 03-175-1-Q onboard USS Nimitz J-Dial 6368. Day & Night Shift service available to all squadron personnel. OPEN 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS A WEEK We Are Now Open Online NO COMPUTER? J-DIAL US: On Navy Business Hours 6368 (MENU on your dial pad) . . . Cvn68auebnasall_air_wing_shareAIRWING_CAREER_ COUNSELORINTRAWEB.htm 63 68 Click Out the New CCC AIRWING INTRAWEB . . 2 1 Dial M.E.N.U. to contact your Squadron CCC. Send your inputs, corrections or suggestions on CAREER WISE to