UKTI Digital Focus Group


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UKTI Digital Focus Group. London, UK.
Kontexto Inc. thoughts and insight.

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UKTI Digital Focus Group

  1. 1. Real Time Web Services for Online News Publishers<br />
  2. 2. The get it out of the way slide<br /><ul><li> Tom St.John, CEO, Founded in 2008, 5 Staff, Based in Canada and UK
  3. 3. Survived the first crash in ’99, the second in 2009 and hope to miss the one in 2019
  4. 4. Kontexto builds real time web services for online news publishers
  5. 5. publishflow™ - real time visitor analytics for managers, editors, reporters and bloggers
  6. 6. @follow™ - real time news delivered to mobile browsers
  7. 7. We help move digital content around and analyze how people interact with it
  8. 8. Sell our services anywhere there is an opportunity to do so
  9. 9. We have successfully worked with the UK government to win new business</li></ul>Kontexto – UKTI Digital Content Focus Group<br />
  10. 10. From Canada to the UK<br /><ul><li> The start of going global for us was coming to the UK and then looking elsewhere
  11. 11. Main reason was a high concentration of potential customers in one geographic area
  12. 12. Closer to technical and business talent who have operational experience in Europe
  13. 13. Legally allowed to work here, U.S. makes it tough to set up and work legally
  14. 14. Our entry point was working with UKTI starting in September 2009
  15. 15. Specifically with a program called the Global Entrepreneurs Program (GEP)</li></ul>Kontexto – UKTI Digital Content Focus Group<br />
  16. 16. GEP as a model for expansion<br /><ul><li> GEP brings “high potential” digital tech companies from around the world to the UK
  17. 17. “High potential” = create jobs, technological advance, expand the economy
  18. 18. Team of 15 business mentors in the UK and other large international cities
  19. 19. Each mentor has raised private financing and/or sold a technology business
  20. 20. Introduction to potential paying customers
  21. 21. Introduction to others who can provide introductions to potential paying customers
  22. 22. Introduction to professional services for set up legal, accounting and other admin</li></ul>Kontexto – UKTI Digital Content Focus Group<br />
  23. 23. The gotcha’s for us<br /><ul><li> Global is appealing, but knocking off one other country is realistic
  24. 24. Legal, accounting and administrative requirements are expensive everywhere
  25. 25. Language barriers do delay things, if not completely rule out certain types of business
  26. 26. Our desire to stay virtual and lean versus demand for physical presence in countries
  27. 27. I completely underestimated the time and money required to move across borders</li></ul>Kontexto – UKTI Digital Content Focus Group<br />
  28. 28. Some thoughts for today…<br /><ul><li> Need to define Digital Content (Words, Games, Music, Film, TV, Images, Software)
  29. 29. Need to define Global (what part of global you care about depends on your biz type)
  30. 30. Need to define Export (physical goods, code, ideas, developers, humans)
  31. 31. Need to define Business Type (start-up, small shop, big shop, profits?)
  32. 32. Need to define Business Intent (trial customers, new business, partners, talent)
  33. 33. Need to define Success (business success versus political success)</li></ul>Kontexto – UKTI Digital Content Focus Group<br />