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Mensaje especial presentado por Globant


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Claudia Sánchez, nos platica como es el desarrollo de las mujeres una gran empresa de tecnología como es Globat

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Mensaje especial presentado por Globant

  1. 1. Empowering organizations for a digital and cognitive revolution GLOBANT We are
  2. 2. These revolutions are leveraging new technologies that didn’t exist a few years ago. We are experiencing two disruptive revolutions at the same time. The digital and cognitive revolutions are affecting how companies connect with consumers and employees. TODAY’S CHALLENGE The AI Revolution The Rise of Screenless UX Connected ubiquitous experiences Augmented and Virtual Reality
  3. 3. Digital & Cognitive Transformations Companies need to face profound to stay ahead of their markets TODAY’S CHALLENGE
  4. 4. Engineering the digital trans- formation for one of the largest amusement parks in the world Partnering with EA for FIFA, UFC, NHL and other AAA games Lifting an airline’s customer approach with a 360 degree digital strategy Giving Londoners instant public access to the Metropolitan Police Creating the first true digital bank for more than 3MM users Becoming the first partner outside the Googleplex to work with Google
  5. 5. TODAY IDC MarketScape Worldwide Digital Strategy Consulting 2016 Capabilities Strategies Globant recognized as a Worldwide Leader of Digital Strategy Consulting Services by IDC MarketScape report. LEADERS Major Players
  6. 6. 2003 2006 2008 2009 2012 2014 2015 2016 Founded Signed Google Riverwood Capital and FTV Capital invested Studios launch WPP Invested Listed on NYSE Follow on SoP launched GLOBANT’S HISTORY Select Clients +7 ,2 0 0 Employees Highlights 2016 Revenue Growth ($M) CAGR: 27.1% 413 158 200 254 323 20172013 2014 2015 2017 Worldwide Leader of Digital Strategy Consulting Services by IDC MarketScape report. TODAY 2018 3rd Follow on
  7. 7. Deep Pockets of Expertise STRATEGIC SPECIALTY FOUNDATION UX Studio Consulting Product Acceleration Continuous Evolution Internet of Things GamingMobile UI Engineering Big Data Scalable Platforms Artificial Intelligence Process Automation Cyber Security Quality Engineering Cloud Ops Digital Content Media OTT Future of Organizations Agile Delivery OUR STUDIOS Stay Relevant
  8. 8. Agile team with blended skills of 3+ people. Self organized to meet strategic, creative or production goals, drive excellence and growth reducing risk. Fullyresponsible for service delivery at their associated level. WHAT IS A POD? Organic ecosystem to foster, realize and sustain effective deliveryand innovation. Equipped with core Lean/Agile mindset and associated competencies. Measured to evolve per engagement goals. Designed to scale based on MITOSIS. WHY PODs? MATURITY DE V VD PM TL TL UIUX TL POD 3 DE V VD PM DEV TL UIUX DE V POD 2 DE V VD PM DE V DEV UIUX POD 1 TL F [ ] OUR AGILE PODS + GROWTH Doing the RIGHT THINGS EXCELLENCE Doing the THINGS RIGHT
  10. 10. United States Argentina Colombia Uruguay Brazil Mexico India Chile Perú UK Spain Multiple time zones enable us to deliver agile services to our customers and global partners. We benefit from Cultural similarities and a strong history of innovation. We have an unlimited talent pool of highly educated IT professionals. 38 offices in 31 cities throughout 13 countries. Strong global presence with great talent to deliver digital and cognitive transformations. GLOBAL DELIVERY MODEL Belarus Luxembourg
  11. 11. ...Globant’s Diversity Policy seeks to build and maintain a labor culture free from any kind of discrimination allowing all members of the company to work freely and in an atmosphere that ensures equal opportunities and respect. .. Women@Globant DIVERSITY
  12. 12. INTERNAL EXTERNAL - Extended maternity & paternity leave - Child Care program partially funded - Flexible hours of work - Trainings: Webinar about the role of women in technology - Special Benefits - Women community: Women that build ChicasProgramadoras.Club: We teach young girls how to code through a ludic program Techgirlz: We join in workshops/talks to support this organization. Girls In Tech: Trainings and talks for women. Pioneras Dev: Meetups with women in IT. Laboratoria : Workshops and trainings for girls Techy for a Day: sharing the experience of being a Glober during one day