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Luzino presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. A tour of our school … (from the air)
  • 2. The school yard The school yard
  • 3. classrooms classrooms
  • 4. A A tt rr ii uu m m
  • 5. ark ppark he TThe
  • 6. The back yard The back yard
  • 7. ppa at t hh
  • 8. Olive trees Olive trees
  • 9. rd aard eyy inne vvi
  • 10. greenhouse greenhouse
  • 11. Park near the hill Park near the hill
  • 12. The school yard
  • 13. Planting tomatoes Local schools project on “school gardens”. Children collected seeds, planted and cultivated local varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables
  • 14. Pine Poplar Linden Trees in our school yard:
  • 15. Boxwood bushes …
  • 16. Flowers: Daisies Dogmouth …
  • 17. And different kinds of pelargonia … that students planted in spring
  • 18. Plants in the classrooms
  • 19. cyclamens cactus dogmouth carnations
  • 20. Classes prepare pots of lentil, beans and wheat plants …
  • 21. Preparing our alternative garden in an empty atrium
  • 22. Levanter oregano basil Some of the herbs we planted in our pots in the atrium … Rosemary Chamomile garlic mint parsley
  • 23. Plants and vegetables was the topic of our end of the year celebrations …
  • 24. Vegetables greenhouse
  • 25. Some of our students’ families own greenhouses next to school, so we visited them and we “adopted” a piece of land to cultivate veggies!!!
  • 26. Plants and trees around the school
  • 27. In the small park around the school there is grass and some trees. In the field opposite the park people some times cultivate wheat,
  • 28. Linden trees at the back yard of our school … fern Willow trees
  • 29. And our very own grapevine!!! Can you see the grapes?
  • 30. Vineyard
  • 31. Spring work at the vineyard …
  • 32. The path
  • 33. Through out the year people walk along the little roads and collect different kind of herbs for salad or medicine!!! In spring the little path near the school is usually full of chamomiles but in winter it is green and full of herbs.
  • 34. Nettle Cynodon dactylon Taraxacum officinale Malva vulgaris
  • 35. Park near the hill
  • 36. All the pine trees in this park were planted years ago and now a lot of people from the city visit it everyday!
  • 37. Τhere also a lot of cypress trees here which is a typical tree closely related to the orthodox religion. They are always near greek churches!!!
  • 38. Olive trees
  • 39. In Greece there are olive trees everywhere. They are ever green and depending on their kind the harvest starts early October and can go up to December.
  • 40. Some kinds have olives that are good to produce oil and some others have olives that we can eat .
  • 41. The end … The end …
  • 42. Thank Thank you you for watching … for watching …