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A Living Museum: Plant Collections at Powell Gardens


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A Living Museum: Plant Collections at Powell Gardens, Kansas City's botanical garden

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A Living Museum: Plant Collections at Powell Gardens

  1. 1. A Living Museum Powell Gardens’ Plant Collections By Alan Branhagen, Director of Horticulture at Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s botanical gardenT M
  2. 2. 970 acres includes…
  3. 3. 20 acres native prairie
  4. 4. woodlandswoodlands
  5. 5. succession areas
  6. 6. wetlandswetlands
  7. 7. a growing collection The plant records used to curate our collections are called accessions and in 2014 numbered 20,000. These records are an important long-term planning and reference tool, and because we follow the curation standards set by the American Public Gardens Association, our work becomes part of a larger effort to protect plants around the world. For each type we record where the plants came from, how many we received, how they arrived (seeds, plugs, bulbs, etc.), and where they were planted. And if they don’t survive, we record that, too.
  8. 8. Working behind the scenes Powell Gardens is a living museum with curated collections. Staff and volunteers painstakingly record all of the relevant data. Herbarium Dr. Paul Redfern Marie Frye Plant Records
  9. 9. into the wild In 2014 we began documenting all of the wild plant species growing at Powell Gardens as well. Having these plants on record builds the credentials we need to join Botanical Garden Conservation International, which focuses on protecting endangered plants.
  10. 10. We even track plants that defy captivity!
  11. 11. A look at some of our major collections
  12. 12. NAPCC Magnolia Collection Maxine Merrill Ashe Black Beauty Leonard Messel
  13. 13. ‘Frank’s Masterpiece’ ‘Lilliputian’ ‘DD Blanchard’ Elmwood Cemetery Historic saucer Magnolias to plant:
  14. 14. Northern Sweetbay if you can have only one!
  15. 15. American Conifer Society Reference Garden
  16. 16. Marvin Snyder
  17. 17. Tall Bearded Iris Collection 20 Years of American Iris Society Merit Winners
  18. 18. ‘Kansas City’ ‘Janet Lemon’ ‘Announcement’
  19. 19. ‘Unforgetable Fire’ ‘Coral Sunset’ ‘Pretty Is’ ‘Secret Service’ ‘Change Of Pace’‘Pacific Destiny’
  20. 20. Iris
  21. 21. Collections we’re currently expanding
  22. 22. Milkweed Collection
  23. 23. Legacy Tree project
  24. 24. Plant collections to enjoy during a visit
  25. 25. Redbuds at entrance to the Visitor Center
  26. 26. Perennial Garden: 1,400 varieties
  27. 27. Jennifer Barnes’s picks: Seven Sons Heptacodium Japanese Anemones Crape Myrtles Toad Lilies Tricyrtis
  28. 28. Rock & Waterfall Garden: A collection of shade-loving plants
  29. 29. Janet Heter’s picks: Hellebores, Astilbes Jack-in-the-pulpit Uvularia grandiflora “Merrybells”
  30. 30. Meadow & Pavilion by E. Fay Jones
  31. 31. Queen Anne’s lace late Mary Kay Powell’s favorite wildflower We’re selecting a pink version to name after her.
  32. 32. Chapel: A showcase for native plants
  33. 33. Redbuds
  34. 34. Visitor Center
  35. 35. Terrace Gardens, paint with plants spring through fall
  36. 36. Brent Tucker’s picks: Lantana, Begonias Bromeliads, Passion vines
  37. 37. Conservatory
  38. 38. Parking Lot Arboretum Native Mo-Kan Trees
  39. 39. Island Garden: Rock garden and water plants
  40. 40. Living Wall
  41. 41. Rain Gardens
  42. 42. Fountain and Insectaries Garden
  43. 43. Heartland Harvest Garden: Nation’s largest edible landscape with 2,000 food plants!
  44. 44. Tomato mania! ‘Martha Washington’ is Mark’s pick
  45. 45. Vegetables & Grains
  46. 46. Herbs Galore
  47. 47. Fruit and Nut Trees Kikisui
  48. 48. Contender Chojuro Coco Fruit Trees!
  49. 49. We look forward to seeing you at Powell Gardens!