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Interactive ppt final
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Interactive ppt final


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Create It So It Gets Past Legal Travis Crabtree Looper Reed & McGraw September 16, 2010*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 2. cupcake.jpg The Mind of a Lawyered Man*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 3. old spice man.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1 The Mind of a Lawyered Man
  • 4. crave logo.jpg sugarbabies.psd celebrity.psd sprinkles.psd*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 5. The Mind of a Lawyered Man
  • 6. You Can Poke the Pope*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 7. What Keeps the Unconverted Up at Night?
    • Liability for defamation
    • Liability for copyright violations by posters
    • The FTC’s blogger rules
  • 8. Defamation
    • publication of a statement;
    • that was defamatory concerning the plaintiff;
    • with the requisite degree of fault*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 9. The Communications Decency Act
    • No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.
    Section 230*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 10. The Communications Decency Act
    • Provider of interactive computer service
    • Content provided by another
    • Plaintiff seeks to treat defendant as publisher*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1 IMMUNE?
  • 11. Communications Decency Act ripoff report.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 12. Communications Decency Act*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 13. Communications Decency Act*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 14. Communications Decency Act*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 15. The DMCA
    • Safe Harbor
    • notice of policy;
    • follow proper notice and takedown procedures;
    • designate a copyright agent with the U.S. Copyright Office;
    • no knowledge of infringement.*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 16. The DMCA youtube.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 17. The DMCA youtube.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 18. The FTC FTC.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 19. The FTC FTC.jpg*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1**http%3a/
  • 20. The FTC
    • “I am an attorney with LRMcGraw . Any endorsements contained herein may be provided by others also affiliated with LRM. It is, after all, an LRM-sponsored page, so you probably already figured that out, but the FTC requires us to say so. If someone comments on here that I am the most brilliant, handsome and kindest attorney in Houston, it is probably not one of my colleagues. Instead, it probably means my mother finally got on Facebook .”
  • 21. Create It So It Gets Past Legal By: Travis Crabtree 713-986-7000 [email_address] Houston 1300 Post Oak Blvd Ste 2000 Houston, TX 77056 Dallas 1600 Elm St. Ste 4600 Dallas, TX 75201*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 22.*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 23.
    • “At no time was the security or safety of our customers or crew members at risk.”
    • “We will not comment further on ongoing investigations.”*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1
  • 24. Wanna get away?*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1**http%3a/
  • 25. Create It So It Gets Past Legal By: Travis Crabtree 713-986-7000 [email_address] Houston 1300 Post Oak Blvd Ste 2000 Houston, TX 77056 Dallas 1600 Elm St. Ste 4600 Dallas, TX 75201*41aw6Pl0JHYcVUiFy5j4hIRLReXlU3RfeShdhL6gBX0QPyHjF-C56VoEDdhQGG*aRAZCyVlMErP8OYDcuAtgNV-/ISlogo.png?size=173&crop=1:1