Google AdWords Remarketing by Ryan Sammy


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Google AdWords Remarketing by Ryan Sammy

  1. 1. Google Remarketing<br />Via Adwords<br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  2. 2. What is Remarketing?<br />Remarketing allows site owners to track users who have either visited a category of your site, abandoned a cart, show interest in a product, etc. It then display relevant ads on websites they visit after leaving your site.<br />Example: Say a user searches for “blue widgets” and comes across your site, Google will track the user entering your site and their behavior. Say the users decides they would like to purchase blue widgets but at the last step of the checkout process they decided they would like to do more research and decides to leave your site. Google records this and will now display relevant ads to that user anytime they visit a relevant site using the Google ad network. <br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  3. 3. How To Setup Remarketing<br />Create a list of user events under the Audience Tab. Then take the provided tracking pixels and add it to your action pages. Ex. Shopping cart, category, etc. This list will be used when setting up your Adwords campaign.<br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  4. 4. How To Setup Remarketing<br />Here is an example list that ran for 24 hours collecting user data. Here you can see the various options on placement of the tracking pixel, type of user your are targeting, and type of date your able to collect.<br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  5. 5. How To Setup Remarketing<br />Once you have setup the tracking pixels (remember this works with GA and Adwords conversion tracking, so don’t remove those pixels)and have allowed some time to build data you will need to setup up an Adwords campaign. <br /><ul><li> Set up a normal campaign using content networks ads
  6. 6. Upload/ Create your content networks ads (highly recommend visual display ads)
  7. 7. Then you will notice an “Audience” tab where you can select your remarketing list that you have created.</li></ul> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  8. 8. Benefits Of Remarketing<br />-Ability to target users who have already shown interest<br /><ul><li>Target users based on brands by creating recognizable ads
  9. 9. Target users who have only purchased a product once by offering discounts via display ads
  10. 10. Reclaim users who have previously abandoned a shopping cart
  11. 11. Ability to keep your brand in a users mind as they browse the web.
  12. 12. Higher conversion rates from ads
  13. 13. Efficiently spend your budgets on highly qualified visitors versus the general public</li></ul> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  14. 14. Google Remarketing & The Future<br />Google Remarketing was recently released to the public. They are also continually improving the system. Through testing we have come up with example uses.<br />Examples:<br />1- Target users who haven’t been back to your site in 90 days with a discount code.<br />2- Entice users who have abandoned with “Free Shipping”<br />3- Focus small budgets on targeted users<br />REMEMBER: TESTING, TESTING, TESTING! Dialing in your message and selecting the right audience will make a huge difference in the performance of your campaign. <br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />
  15. 15. Google Remarketing<br />Since its such a new product there so much to investigate with this system. As time progresses this tool will become more and more powerful as people find new ways to implement it.<br />Contact me:<br /><br />Twitter: @Ryansammy<br /> | | | @RyanSammy<br />