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Trying to connect the dots between Content Marketing and Marketing Automation? Join DemandGen for another exploration of B2B Marketing Automation best practice. This webcast will be looking at the relationship between Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. We’ve put together another panel of smart b2b practitioners. This month’s insights are provided by Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners, author of The B2B Content Marketing Workbook and Bob Apollo, founder of Inflexion-Point, B2B Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement specialists.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the relationship between Marketing Automation and Content Marketing:

- Rules of thought leadership
- Aligning content to the buying cycle
- Best practices: Building an integrated content marketing strategy with Marketing Automation tools
- B2B content marketing examples and successes
- Measuring the results

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Content marketing For Marketing Automation

  1. 1. DemandGen EMEA: Marketing Automation Webcast#4Expert Panel: Content Marketing and Marketing Automation John Sweeney - DemandGen Doug Kessler – Velocity Partners Bob Apollo – Inflexion-PointSeptember 15th 2011/ 1PM EST/ 2PM CET
  2. 2. B2B Content for Marketing Automation• Rules of Thought Leadership• Aligning content to the buying cycle• Best practices: Building an integrated content marketing strategy with Marketing Automation tools• B2B content marketing examples and successes• Measuring the results
  3. 3. Who are DemandGen? #363 in Inc. Magazines 30th (2011) Annual “Fastest Growing Private Companies”John SweeneyCustomer Success DirectorDemandGen UK•• +44 207 096 1835 Locations• EMEA North America• L B2B Marketing Automation UK Asia
  4. 4. Today’s GuestsBob Apollo Doug KesslerFounder Creative DirectorInflexion-Point Strategy Partners Velocity 7802 313300 +44 (0)208 940 4099
  5. 5. Traditional Outbound Marketing isBroken
  6. 6. Let’s Go!The “buying process” begins longbefore a sales person contacts aprospect!” Blog-Articles Podcasts Videos Presentations eBooks Whitepaper Groups
  7. 7. Listeners PollQ1: Has your company deployed a Marketing Automation Platform?(e.g. Eloqua/Hubspot/Marketo/Siverpop/Pardot/Other)A Yes - over 1 year agoB Yes - less than 1 yearC No - but were thinking about (within 1 year)D No – No plans to AutomateE What is a Marketing Automation Platform?/Dont Know
  8. 8. Today’s Order – 50 minutesContent Marketing for Marketing Automation Before You Start Do it! Measure it! Questions “Building Foundations “b2b Manifesto Case “What happens next?” For Your Content” Study”
  9. 9. Content Marketing for Marketing Automation: Who is this Content For? and what Bob Apollo Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners9
  10. 10. • B2B Focus • New Business • Considered Purchases • Lengthy Buying Processes • Multiple Stakeholders • Risk of “No Decision”10
  11. 11. If you try to write for everyone… you’ll end up appealing to no-one11
  12. 12. Identify With Your Audience…12
  14. 14. Go Beyond Company Demographics... Geography Industry Size IDEAL PROSPECT PROFILE Structural Behavioural Environmental14
  15. 15. Target Key Stakeholders... Titles Goals BUYER PERSONA Roles Motivations Responsibilities Concerns15
  16. 16. Trends, Issues and Trigger Events... What’s Happening in their Markets? Legislation / Regulation New Technologies New Competitors What’s Happening in their Companies? New Management New Strategies New Challenges What’s Likely to Grab their Attention?16
  18. 18. What Next?18
  19. 19. If you don’t know where you hope to lead your reader… they’ll end up somewhere else With a tip of the hat to Yogi Berra19
  20. 20. What do you want your reader to do as a result of consuming your content? How can you make it as easy as possible for them to do it?20
  21. 21. Intentionally Creating Great Content: Listening to the Voices of Your Customers What’s important How and why do to them? they choose to buy? What causes them Who do they turn to start searching to for advice? for solutions? Don’t Guess - Ask and Observe!21
  22. 22. Identify With Your Audience Understand Their Issues Talk to Their Priorities Start With The End in Mind Match Content to Decision Process Make it Easy to Take the Next Step...22
  23. 23. Today’s Agenda – 50 minutesBefore You Start Do it! Measure it! Questions“Building Foundations “b2b Manifesto Case “What happens next?”For Your Content” Study”
  24. 24. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 70.png
  25. 25. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 71.png
  26. 26. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 72.png
  27. 27. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 73.png
  28. 28. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 74.png
  29. 29. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 75.png
  30. 30. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 76.png
  31. 31. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 77.png
  32. 32. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 78.png
  33. 33. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 79.png
  34. 34. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 80.png
  35. 35. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 81.png
  36. 36. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 82.png
  37. 37. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 83.png
  38. 38. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 85.png
  39. 39. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 86.png
  40. 40. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 87.png
  41. 41. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 88.png
  42. 42. 12 Lessons from Manifesto 89.png
  43. 43. Today’s Agenda – 50 minutesBefore You Start Do it! Measure it! Questions“Building Foundations “b2b Manifesto Case “What happens next?”For Your Content” Study”
  44. 44. Content Marketing for Marketing Automation 1. Deploy MA Platform Inquiries2. Drive Prospects & Customers NurtureTo Content/Landing Pages/Forms Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) Marketing Hands-Off Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) Nurture / Qualify Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) Nurture / Close Closed Won
  45. 45. Measuring Results Content Performance 2. Marketing Automation Dashboards • Best Assets • Best Sources • Lead Generated • Revenue Generated1. Lead Nurturing/Inbound Marketing
  46. 46. Today’s Agenda – 50 minutesBefore You Start Do it! Measure it! Questions“Building Foundations “b2b Manifesto Case “What happens next?”For Your Content” Study”
  47. 47. Where to Find Us? - Online & LiveBob Apollo Doug Kessler John Sweeney John.sweeney@demandgen. com +44 (0) 207 096 1835 1ST November 2011+44 (0)7802 313300 +44 (0)208 940 4031 LondonDown load Id eal Down load B2BProsp ect Profile an d Man ifesto/Bu y er Person a Con ten t Marketin g Group: B2B Marketingtemp lates from Workb ook Automation Guide fl ex ion -p oin mp l at e s www.vel oc ity p a rtn er s .co . u k/
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