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Kone root

  1. 1. Overview KONEAV www.KONEAV.com 2008.11 Copyright © by KONEAV All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Company Location We are located at the Heart of economic power of very downtown Seoul. Surrounded by all the luxury car showrooms such as BMW, Audi, Benz and Porsche. There is No better venue for exposing high end consumer products. Also the highest level department store, Hyundai, Intercontinental hotel and Korea’s most famous convention center Coex are our neighbors all in 3~5 mins walking distance. Bosung Building, 1005-8, Daechi-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea TEL : 82 (2)761 6697~8 FAX : 82 (2)761 6144 Contact : info@koneav.com Web : www.koneav.com
  3. 3. Showrooms Reference Room Meridian Room Hi-Fi Room Home Theater Room
  4. 4. Introduction  K One AV was established in 1994 by Sam Park. Sam Park was one of the youngest audio critics for hifi magazines very early 90s. K One AV was started after his 4 years of duty of international trading at Hyundai Oil Refinery company. And after years of dedication to specialty audio industry with World’s top class brands, K One became the most influential and powerful leading high end audio and video distributor in Korea.  We are proud to say we have best distribution network for high quality consumer products. Our dealers are the most powerful ones in each territory.  We can also emphasis that we have such a solid relationship with press as we’ve been promoting with them in very aggressive way.
  5. 5. Carrying Brands. We are also proud that we’ve been making our carrying brands the best in its field by putting so much efforts and time. We’ve been really the most aggressive marketing and sales team and it is the record that we never skip any convention so far. • Wilson Audio (USA) : Best selling high end speaker in Korea. • THIEL (USA) : Best selling US-made Hifi speaker. • Meridian (UK) : Best-known high end home cinema brand. • Boulder (USA) : Best selling high end amp in Korea. • CHORD (UK) : Best-known UK-made high end amp in Korea. • Kimber Kable (USA) : Best selling high end cable in Korea. • Magnum Dynalab (Canada) : Best selling high end tuner in Korea. • BAT (USA) : Very highly reputed US-made tube amp in Korea. • Sim2 (Italy) : Best-known high end projector in Korea. • WBT (Germany) : Best selling connector in Korea. • Pathos (Italy) : Best-known hybrid amp in Korea.
  6. 6. Organization Chart President Sam Park Sales Director Administration Minkyu Kim Euna Kim Yong Min Hyunmi Kim Tech ServiceOn Line Sales Manager Sales Manager Inchan Whang JunHee Lee YongSoo Park Sanggil Jung
  7. 7. Advertisement. We’ve been advertising heavily in following magazines than any other competitors.
  8. 8. On-Line Advertisement We are the biggest advertiser still in 3 major on-line community/magazines. We put our ad in their main pages.
  9. 9. Trade References BRAND CONTACT TITLE EMAIL ADDRESS International SalesWilson Audio Trent Workman trent@wilsonaudio.com Director Director of SalesMeridian John Buchanan John.buchanan@meridian.co.uk and MarketingTHIEL Kathy Gornik President kgornik@thielaudio.comBoulder Jeff Nelson President jnelson@boulderamp.comCHORD John Franks President sales@chordelectronics.co.ukMAGNUM DYNALAB Larry Zurowski President lzurowski@magnumdynalab.comKimber Kable Ray Kimber President ray@kimber.comWBT Gabriele Hofmann Vice President g.hofmann@wbt.de Asia RegionalSIM2 Alvin Chang achang@sim2.it ManagerBalanced Audio Steve Bednarski Sales Director steve@balanced.comTechPathos Gianni Borinato Managing Director gborix@gmail.com
  10. 10. Sales Plan for Sennheiser. We will supply to all the major chain stores.
  11. 11. Sales Plan for Sennheiser. We are in very solid co-work relationship with Apple Korea and will share all the sales network with them.
  12. 12. On-line Sales Plan for Sennheiser. We will supply 4 major online shopping channel. Earphone shop Headphone shop G market GSeshop.co.kr
  13. 13. Marketing Plans(1)1. Exposition in 3 most popular subway station for young generation. ChungMuRo Station Gangnam Station Subway Route Map English SEOUL Samsung Station (COEX) Examples
  14. 14. Marketing Plans(2)1. Ad thru Bus. • We will study how we advertise thru bus.2. Exposition in major department store. • We will also be able to open Sennheiser booth in 3 major department stores. Hyundai Department Lotte Department Store The Galleria Store
  15. 15. Why K One AV and Last comments. We have best reputation and image in high performance consumer products and we believe it really fits with brand image of Sennheiser. And we know high consumer market better than anyone in Korea. Once the image of Sennheiser meets image of K One AV, it will be a best matching image in Korea. Sennheiser deserve to be handled by best distributor in Korea for sure. Let us do the proper job for Sennheiser. THANK YOU.