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  1. 1. A Brief Report On LG Electronics
  2. 2. Introduction• LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronicscompany headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul.• The company operates its business through five divisions:Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, HomeAppliances, Air Conditioning, and Energy Solutions.• It is the worlds second-largest television manufacturer(after Samsung).• LG is the worlds fifth-largest mobile phone maker by unitsales in the second quarter of 2012.• LG Electronics has about 75 subsidiaries worldwide.
  3. 3. OperationsThe operations of LG electronics are divided into fourdivisions;1. Home Entertainment division2. Mobile Communications division3. Home Appliances division4. Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions division
  4. 4. 1. Home Entertainment division• The Home Entertainment division offers PlasmaTVs, LCD TVs, PDP Modules, OLED Panels, USBMemory, Flat Panel Computer Monitors, Home TheatreSystems, Blu-ray Disc players, DVD Recorders, SuperMulti DVD Rewriters, CD±RW, Notebook PCs, DesktopPCs, MP3 Players.• The Home Entertainment division merged with theBusiness Solutions Division in October 2010.
  5. 5. 2. Mobile Communications division• The Mobile Communications division provides mobilecommunication terminals, personal computers andcommunication devices.• LG mobile devices are made for CDMA networks as wellas for CDMA networks worldwide. LG phones areavailable also in unlocked versions that can be used onany GSM network worldwide.• LG sold 116.7 million mobile phones in2010, corresponding to a market share of 8.4%.
  6. 6. 3. Home Appliances division• The Home Appliances division manufacturesrefrigerators, washing machines, microwaveovens, vacuum cleaners, compressors, and motors.• Its 2007 sales totalled KRW 11.8 trillion, accounting for29% of the companys total revenue. The divisions profitwas KRW 717.1 billion. About 35% of the companyshome appliance revenue comes from the North Americanmarket.
  7. 7. 4. Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions division• The Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions divisionmakes air conditioners and LED lighting.
  8. 8. ProductsLG Electronics products include;1. computers,2. televisions,3. mobile phones,4. home appliances and5. semiconductors (DRAM, SDRAM and flash memory).
  9. 9. Advertising and sonic branding• Sound branding (also known as audio branding, musicbranding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sonicmnemonics) is the use of sound to reinforce brandidentity.• The mnemonic G♭ E♭ F♭ D♭ E♭ C♭, (MP3 file ofsonic logo) was produced by Musikvergnuegen andwritten by Walter Werzowa in 2008. The sonic tag hasbeen featured in commercials and devices and isrecognized worldwide.
  10. 10. Brand Identity• LG is the brand that is Delightfully Smart. "Lifes Good" slogan, andfuturistic logo are a great representation of what we stand for.• Global, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity and Technology are the pillars thatthis corporation is founded on; with the capital letters L and G positionedinside a circle to centre our ideals above all else, humanity. The symbolmark stands for LG’s resolve to establish a lasting relationship with, andto achieve the highest satisfaction for their customers.• The letters "L" and "G" in a circle symbolize theworld, future, youth, humanity, and technology. LG’s philosophy is basedon Humanity. Also, it represents LGs efforts to keep close relationshipswith our customers around the world. The symbol mark consists of twoelements: the LG logo in LG Grey and the stylized image of a humanface in the unique LG Red color. Red, the main color, represents ourfriendliness, and also gives a strong impression of LGs commitment todeliver the best. Therefore, the shape or the color of this symbol markmust never be changed.
  11. 11. Brand Identity• LG’s logo is the fundamental visual expression used to identifyLG. It expresses the quality and sophistication that is thehallmark of LG products. It is simple, modern and distinctive.Consistent and proper usage of the logo is absolutely essential.The logo is symbolic of LG’s steadfast reputation forexcellence; therefore, any variation of the logo diminishes thevisual identity of LG Electronics and its products.• LG has two versions of their logo: Corporate Logo and 3DLogo.• The updated 3D Logo retains the heritage and equity of theCorporate Logo, while aligning with their new positioning. Itwas redrawn to strengthen the visual impact of their symbolmark and help communicate their attributes.
  12. 12. CORPORATE LOGO -Applicable Items :• - Stationery• (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope)• - Office templates (Fax, Memo)• - Awards• - ID badges• - Corporate signs
  13. 13. 3D LOGO -Applicable Items :• - Advertising• (Print, Online, TV and Outdoor)• - Websites and microsites• - Promotional literature• (Leaflet, Brochures, etc)• - Packaging• - Retail signs and POPs• - Shopping bags• - Service vehicle
  14. 14. Sponsorships• LG Electronics sponsored the English football clubWeyside Rovers (Guildford) from 2000 until 2002 and theEnglish football club Fulham F.C until July 2010.• LG sponsored the Brazilian football club Sao Paulo FCfrom 2001 to 2009, during which time the club were thewinnners of the 2005 FIFA Club World Championship. LGcurrently sponsor the Australian Football League teamFremantle Football Club, the Costa Rican football clubLiga Deportiva Alajuelense, the Australian National RugbyLeague team Cronulla Sharks, and the Argentinian clubBoca Juniors.
  15. 15. Sponsorships• LG sponsors the International Cricket Council, the worldgoverning body for cricket. It also sponsors ICC Awards.• During the period 2001–2003 LG sponsored the snooker GrandPrix. During these years the tournament was known as the LGCup.• In 2008 LG became sponsors of the Extreme Sport FSO4Freeze festival and in January 2009 LG became a GlobalPartner and Technology Partner of Formula One.• LG is now an official supplier to Virgin Racing, as well as LotusRacing and engine manufacturer Cosworth.• LG sponsors the LG Mobile World Cup texting competition.• LG also sponsors London Fashion Week and the LG Arena inBirmingham.• They also have sponsored professional Starcraft 2, IncredibleMiracle since 2011.