2 kay-local government and ageing in different environments final


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2 kay-local government and ageing in different environments final

  1. 1. Local Government andAgeing in differentenvironmentsPresentation to International Federationon Ageing ConferencePrague May 2012Margaret KaySenior Policy Officer, Ageing and DisabilityDr Peter Phibbs, Dr Elizabeth O’BrienUniversity of Western Sydney
  2. 2. OutlineClimate and Local Government1. Local Government and Ageing project2. Older people on the move3. Effects of extreme climates on older people & Council responses: • Sea level rises • Flash flood • Bush fire • Heat wave • Drought
  3. 3. 1. Local Government and Ageing project
  4. 4. Local Government and AgeingProject• Funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care, NSW Government 2010• Partner with Local Government and Shires Associations NSW• 11 rural councils• 9 metropolitan councils
  5. 5. What NSW councils do NSW: • 152 councils – Ranging in size from 5 km2 to 53,000 km2 – Populations from 1,400 to 284,000 Council is: • Service provider • Planner, regulator • Manager of built and natural environment • Community advocate
  6. 6. Project aims• social and economic contribution of older people• identify the magnitude of costs for Local Government of an ageing population• financial impact• range of council services affected• potential impacts on council’s revenue raising capacity
  7. 7. FindingsValue of older people as community membersCouncils are expected to provide:• Community transport• Footpaths, paths for mobility scooters• Bus shelters (weather protection)• Services nearby• Facilities for visiting populations
  8. 8. Climate, councils and ageing• Good climate = – Older people as travellers – Grey nomads need infrastructure – Retirement lifestyles - sea/tree change• Extreme climate = – Older People’s care in extremes – Engineering solutions compete with age friendliness
  9. 9. 2. Older people on the move
  10. 10. Climate for lifestyle andtourism – NSW north coast
  11. 11. Grey nomads
  12. 12. Casino RV village NSW
  13. 13. Sea and tree changeLIFESTYLE CHOICES• Sea change =move to coast• Tree change =move to countryside
  14. 14. Pressures on councils• Population ages• Pressures on council services: – garbage collection – community transport – community care – cemeteries
  15. 15. 3. Effects of extreme climates on older people & council responses
  16. 16. My Country• ..I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror - The wide brown land for me! Dorothea Mackellar (1885 - 1968)•
  17. 17. Challenge for councilsIn NSW, councils deal with a range of events:• Sea level rises• Flash flood• Bush fire• Heat wave• Drought
  18. 18. Council responses• Planning and building controls• Engineering and road works• Council facilities• Health support• Social support
  19. 19. Sea level rises
  20. 20. Rising sea level• 85% Australians live near coast
  21. 21. • 60,000 homes in NSW affected by 1.1 m sealevel rise = $18.7 billion (Climate Commission 2011)
  22. 22. Coastal erosion
  23. 23. Council response – coastalmanagement policy• Sea walls, groynes, sand pumping• Planned retreat policies• Planning certificate notifications• Coastal management fee• Council may be liable for future damages
  24. 24. Sea level rise issues for olderpeople• Right to protect individual property• Housing Security• Fees?• Insurance premiums• Modifications?• Caravan park dwellers
  25. 25. Flash flood
  26. 26. Flash flood Broken Hill• 10 mm in 2 hours• Winds 70 km/hr• Hail• Lightning• Power cuts in 6,000 homes
  27. 27. Flash flood Broken Hill
  28. 28. Council response – levee bank
  29. 29. High kerbs
  30. 30. Flood issues for older people• Health – Mosquitoes – Water quality – Sewerage overflow – Mould – asthma• Pedestrian access difficult with high kerbs• Isolation – food services – care
  31. 31. Services- meals on wheels• Oats afloat?• Toast in a boat• Tea at sea? Canterbury, NSW Meals On Wheels
  32. 32. Bushfire
  33. 33. Bushfire• Increase in very high fire danger days• 2002, 100+homes destroyed(Joint Select Committee on Bushfires 2002)
  34. 34. Dean Street in Long Gully, west of Bendigo WikipediaKu-ring-gai Council
  35. 35. Council response – safer places Ku-ring-gai Council Rural Fire Service NSW
  36. 36. Bushfire issues for older people• Residential aged care – edges of towns• Isolation• Dangerous behaviours – gutters• Breathing difficulties
  37. 37. Heat wave
  38. 38. Council responses - plans• Warnings• Local government heatwave plan• Information on health risks and prevention• Safe public places that are air conditioned such as libraries, movie theatres, council buildings
  39. 39. Heat wave issues for older people• Power failure• Heat stroke• Affect on medications and life equipment• Dehydration – toilet stops• Living alone or homeless• Death
  40. 40. Lake Macquarie Council, NSW Health Victoria
  41. 41. Stay cool www.popbitch .com
  42. 42. Drought
  43. 43. Drought• 1997 – 2009• 2003 worst on record CSIRO BOM 2008 Drought Exceptional circumstances
  44. 44. Council response - water• Trucking in water in some rural areas• Water saving rules• Emergency pipeline• Social supports for isolated farmers - outreach
  45. 45. Drought issues for older people• Rural population is ageing at a faster rate• Exhaustion• Selling farms processes complicated• Hospitalisations due to stress• Social isolation of aged farmers• Water restrictions• Water quality
  46. 46. Council and climatefor older people• Respond to locals and tourists• Infrastructure• Information• Support and capacity building in climatic extremesReport:http://www.adhc.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/file /0005/250826/20_OBrien_and_Phibbs_2011 _Local_Govt_Ageing.pdf