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The Daily Fashion is a collection of stories. It is the stories of people and their relationships to fashion. We have such varied experiences and interests. These experiences and interests manifest in unique and creative ways.

Read more about these stories of people whose journeys' add to the diverse ecosystem of fashion. Discover what we all have in common and what makes each of us unique.

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Daily Fashion Paper-Back

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  2. 2. © Sunflowerman 2014 the DAILY FASHIONIllustrating the Fashion of the Community through Watercolor and Stories
  3. 3. 1 Daily Fashion Project The Community The community is everyone who partici- pates in producing, consuming and sharing. In that context it would seem that every- one is a part of the fashion community and in many ways we all are. It is the many points of contact and the resulting communication that give form to the community. The strength of any community is really in the areas where people are actively involved in communicating. The Daily Fashion Project is a hub of communication. Its purpose is to take in stories, iterate through illustration and relay it back to the community. Using the written word and watercolor illustration, generative content is gathered to document the myri- ad styles of fashion throughout the Daily Fashion community. Throughout these pages you will read the stories of people in the Daily Fashion Community. I hope the images and words inspire and offer you something new. Matthew Miller The man behind Sunflowerman and member of the Daily Fashion community.
  4. 4. 32 Brothers and Craft ‘Our growing up years were spent in Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. Zac and Ryan have lived in New York City at different times and Clay current- ly resides there. Experiencing different parts of the country has expanded our taste in style and given us an appreciation for the translation of style across cultures. We like to wear all types of patterns, textures and styles; anything from high end Barbour coats all the way down to throwback Tommy Hilfiger oxford shirts thrifted at a local consignment shop.’ Ryan Kirk Zac Clay brothersandcraft.com
  5. 5. 54 ‘My style is inspired primarily by my late Grandfather, a definite Gentleman Dandy. I was taught at a very early age, that when you step out of the house, you are a representation of ‘THIS’ family. You never know who you’re going to see, or whom will see you. With this understanding as a foundation, my style has developed over the years as I’ve been im- mersed in jazz, art, and culture, become well trav- eled, and achieved a better knowledge of who I am as an individual. Today my style exudes all of the afore-mentioned, with the added need for impeccably tailored garments and a unique flair for details.’ thegentlemanbentley.tumblr.com Ryan Dennis
  6. 6. 76 @everydayexcellence Andres Nunez ‘My style is simple and it enhances my outgoing personality. I have never been the flashy type. I be- lieve you don’t need a high name clothing brand to look your best. Whether it’s Target or Marshall’s I can find a whole new style and even perfect the style of others and put together an outfit for a spe- cial event. No matter what, always look your best because you never know who’s watching.’
  7. 7. 98 bespokeunit.com Craig Hammond ‘My style has developed with age and the confi- dence that age gives. It allows you try new things, to use prints and to use accessories to add person- ality to an outfit, to make it stand out from others around you. Never be afraid to try something different.’
  8. 8. 1110 urombi.tumblr.com Alexander Urombi ‘I’d describe my style as pretty basic and regular but with a little extra touch. Nothing less nothing more. I get a lot of inspiration from people like Shaka Maidoh and Pharrell Williams. Even though I may not dress the way they do I get inspired by seeing their style. I like to mix a lot of clothing that maybe don’t al- ways mix and I try to look regular but still different compared to people here in Sweden. I always try to think outside the box. Details and accessories are often a thing I focus on because it could make a whole outfit look ten times better.’
  9. 9. 1312 @joaquin_jr Joaquin Rodriguez ‘My style is my personal expression. Growing up I was a bit self-conscience about my appearance. I wanted clearer skin and a fit body. But being a teenager your body is forever evolving. My junior year in high school I began working for a high end Italian fashion brand called Diesel. Since then, with much trial & error I found my own personal sense of comfort with what I wore as well as confidence when I looked in the mirror. My acne cleared up and so did all the doubts I had about myself. I became more confident. And my style spoke for itself. I’m a quiet and shy person. So for me, fashion is a way for me to express myself without words.’
  10. 10. 1514 those involved in fashion and creates beautiful il- lustrations that celebrate the community. For The Rakish Gent, I write about fashion, literature, mov- ies and anything else. The community allows us to express ourselves and take risks in fashion. The community is growing larger by the day and this is good for followers and innovators alike. Tajinder Hayer Fashion Writer. therakishgent.blogspot.co.uk The Rakish Gent- a menswear fashion and life- style blog The Fashion Community By Tajinder Hayer The fashion industry is growing. Expansion in the area of men’s fashion in particular has been rapid over the last few years. Reasons for this are two- fold –The first is designers and retailers have wisely seen that men with a disposable income have mon- ey to spare. The second reason is that men are more interested in fashion and lifestyle in ways that they have previously not been. This is largely due to the fashion community and its growing influence. Enormous growth in social media has played a huge part in how the fashion community has in- fluence. The boom of Facebook, Twitter and Insta- gram have made it easier than ever to spot fashion trends, find out where items are from, or try and find designer looks on budget prices. In typical fashion, once small sites like Instagram now have millions of worldwide users. Brands like Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen have official accounts revealing backstage pictures, pro- moting sales and showing new items arriving to stores. The community, both online and breathing, is get- ting better and better at sharing ideas and styles. The fashion business, once known as being cold and aloof, has become more inclusive and accept- ing of newcomers, due to the growth of the indus- try. This growth in the fashion community has had a knock on effect. It has inspired countless numbers of people to use their creativity in new ways. The Daily Fashion Project takes the story behind
  11. 11. 1716 @katherinecg Katherine Gundlach ‘My style changes daily. I am inspired by everything I see in the world. As much as I love to draw from what I see, I always try to add my own odd little twist to whatever wear, whether that be through an unexpected pair of shoes, or the dragon necklace I wear almost daily. I like adding my own twist because at the point I am at in my life, it’s so easy to see people begin to just blend in with the crowd and slowly fade into the background. I see this and it makes me so des- perately want to stick out and stand on my own. Your individual style is an extension of yourself. It’s a way of sharing your quirks with the world with- out having to explain yourself verbally. I enjoy adding my own twists so that a can add those little quirks; so that I don’t get lost in the crowd. It helps me to stay true to myself. As for the dragon necklace, it’s just another one of those little quirks. No one expects it by looking at me, but I have a nerdy side. Skyrim is my favorite way to waste time, so naturally when I found this little dragon, I had to find a way to incorporate it into my life. It’s a simple way of showing a side of me that you otherwise may not see. I hope this project continues to grow because it is amazing to see the differences in peoples’ sim- ilarities. We all have our own voices, looks, tastes, and styles, but even though they’re different, even though these things are all different and individ- ualistic, they can also bring people together and create movements worldwide.’
  12. 12. 1918 thetieguy.us Taylor Camp ‘I’m in love with Gant Rugger. I like how quick and easy it is to dress like that. For example, a nice sweater, jeans and boat shoes. I really like 1950s preppy, classic style. Not sure if your familiar with the book Take Ivy but that’s pretty much my bible. You can find that book at Barnes and Noble. It was photographed by two Japanese photographers in the 60s which makes it even more awesome. Lately I’ve been really into Japanese menswear. The whole “The Tie Guy” thing happened about three years ago. I started dressing better and even- tually I decided to make a blog on tumblr and now its expanded into instagram and twitter. Its been crazy! I just hit 43,000 people with no signs of slow- ing down. I’ve been working with small menswear companies across the United States. I feel blessed! And its only continuing to grow and get better!’
  13. 13. 2120 @sirramoanbruce Ramoan Bruce ‘My style can only be defined as “Mine” I dress to compliment who I am as a man and not so much to run with the trends. I’m usually a few seasons be- hind. Personally I choose not to follow current and buzzing trends because I feel it puts me in a cookie cutter type position when it comes to my style. I like marinating on styles seasons after they’re done. My style compliments me because I am a extrovert- ed introvert and artistically driven. My style is just that, loud without having to yell. Recently, at my job I had to dress as if I was going to a New Year’s Eve party. The purpose was to show guys ways to dress for the occasion now with a white suit jacket it’s loud enough. But I toned it down with the cut of the suit, darker trousers shoes and accessories and an overall clean look. That way I stand out because of the jacket but it never screamed obnoxious.’
  14. 14. 2322 @nepzbabu ‘When it comes to my personal style I have always been a firm believer in choosing clothes which I felt were right for me rather than blindly following trends. Despite all the greatest clothes, best shoes or even the most extravagant accessories, one can’t justify something as his or her style if they don’t feel a sense of pleasure in wearing them. Growing up, fashion has been a very big part of me. I might not be the trend setter but I have my own sense of style and it’s always been focused on pleas- ing me from within rather than soothing everyone’s eye. Looking at my wardrobe one can find a mix and match of every style, each of which have been personally selected by me and are of equal value to me as my personal style statement.’ Roshan Ghimire
  15. 15. 2524 gentsamongmen.com “Everyone loves a well-dressed man.” ‘This was something my mother and grandmother used to always say to me. From my Kris-Kross backwards jeans days to double monk strap shoes, I have always managed to maintain a good sense of my own style in everything I do. Fashion in many ways helps break down social barriers; it allows people from all over the world to come together, no matter their background, and relate to a topic. I have been able to meet a lot of people that inspire me because fashion. After we talk about fashion they realize, “Hey, he is more than just a sharp dresser.” This is something I always aim for. The 1920s Harlem Renaissance era has inspired much of my current style. During that time, Black men and women really valued the way they looked and carried themselves in public through their attire. They were well tailored, respectful and chivalry was very much alive. I’ve always felt connected to this era because these values mirrored the values that my parents instilled in me. Outside of Harlem, Italian and English fashion has also inspired me. Both are just so cool in their own right. Italians have a refined a sense of sprezzatura and an appreciation of quality and design. The Brit- ish are always sharp, very well-structured and proper in their style of dress’ Robert Twitty
  16. 16. 2726 Marc Chris @marc_chris ‘I’m new to the style game but learning more and more each day from the men on instagram. I look forward every day to seeing something new and inspiring. Dressing up for no reason, now that’s where its at. My style comes from me and all the inspiration from my fellow IG gentleman. I have learned alot from them this past year and love to see new looks everyday.’ When people say ‘Why are you dressed up?’ I say “Why not?”’
  17. 17. 2928 Founded in London in 2009. The British founded creative label…Meisturwerk Machinen infuses de- sign influences from German history and vintage Americana with the standards of British tailoring. While searching for inspiration to formalize this brand name, three principles became apparent to Mitch Button (Founder & President of Meisturw- erk Machinen): Meisterstuck - German word for masterpiece. Uhrwerk – German word for clockwork. Maschinen – German word for machine. The hand crafted military inspired timepieces stem from the time that Mitch spent handling watches of horological and historic significance. After taking them apart and understanding them he began to craft his own. 200 MM-01 watches were hand crafted as the first mass produced timepieces for Meisturwerk Ma- chinen. meisturwerkmachinen.com Meisturwerk Machinen
  18. 18. 3130 @vanitynotfair Nicole Lynch ‘I have a rough past. Style is my opportunity to re- invent myself every morning. It is my way of re- specting myself and in turn respecting everyone I come in contact with in my day. To me, style is so far from shallowness or frivality, style is showing the world who you are and a way to tell yourself that you are worth it.’
  19. 19. 3332 @odinganimako ‘Style means so much more to me than just put- ting garments together. It is about communicating a story through the garments that are put together. There are two elements that play an important role in my style; sports and innovation. I am a sports athlete (soccer) and recently obtained a Master’s degree in Innovation Management. This look is inspired by Michael Jackson’s Bad vid- eo. In this look, The leather jacket is an ode to Mi- chael Jackson, along with my love for music. The grey shirt with the pocket and zipper reflects inno- vation. The raw denim jeans reflect sincerity. The unconventional sneakers reflect both sportiness and innovation.’ Odinga Nimako
  20. 20. 3534 @tomas_adam Tomás Adam ‘A few years ago I found definitive style advice: “Sometimes looking at a nice black and white pic- ture of your grandfather as a young man wearing his Sunday-suit can teach you more about classic style than reading 20 fashion magazines.” I always think about my grandfather when I choose my clothes. In practice, this means reducing the color palette and relying on the classics. My style icons are Michael Caine, Antonio Carlos Jobim, JFK and Wes Anderson.’
  21. 21. 3736 @subject_style Jarred Merriweather ‘My style is very traditional. I use timeless classic pieces and everyday staples with a new found twist of pops of color and complimentary choices with textures and layers. As long as I have had a fashion identity I have been drawn to pieces like this. I especially have a soft spot for a well fitting blazer. Since I was young I noticed my passion for fashion. This passion has become a lot more refined as years have gone by. I love fashion and I always will.’
  22. 22. 3938 @_grilledcheese Chris Davis ‘I got my inspiration early on from my older broth- er. He would come home with all of the cool clothes that I only got to see on television or in fashion magazines. After seeing the way that my brother dressed, I wanted to be just like him, so I took the clothes that I already had in my closet and tried to emulate his style. In retrospect, that led to me finding my own style. Now that I am older, I know what works for me. I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. It took a while, but now that I have found this com- fortable space, my confidence to go to new heights. The attention from girls has helped out a lot too!’
  23. 23. 4140 @irockatie Abdias Nieves ‘I consider myself a novice to the whole style game, considering I started roughly about 2 years ago. So I feel like I’m still coming in to my own and I have yet to hit my prime. I can’t really pinpoint what in- spired me to have this sudden urge to change my style, but I’m glad I did. My goal is to simply inspire other young men to become young gentlemen. Ev- erybody can dress, but not everyone has style.’
  24. 24. 4342 sartorialpairings.wordpress.com, qpandmonty.wordpress.com Ignacio Quiles ‘I’ve always loved fashion and getting dressed up. My mom was a seamstress and I used to love to watch her sew. As I grew up fashion became not just a way to express myself, but also a way to con- nect with other people. I love it when people come up and admire my style. It gives me an opening to ask them about their interests. Lately I’m developing a reputation for being an urban dandy with a talent for mixing and matching patterns and colors and vintage and modern attire. I don’t like limits or rules. I find daily inspiration in my dressing room and try give voice to all eras in my sartorial expression. Enjoy what you wear. Wear what you enjoy. Then go out and show the world what you’re made of. That’s my motto.’
  25. 25. 4544 Social media plays a large role in marketing and brand testing especially for new brands, products and projects. From experience I was able to use this with marketing pocket squares internationally. I discovered what people fancy and what items to decrease in production, simply by asking my ins- tagram and blog community. I took advice from people whom I have never met and it has definitely had a positive impact. Who better to ask than such a vast community and people with dif- ferent perspectives? I can only imagine how these communities have impacted other businesses in a similar way. Larger, more established businesses would benefit greatly from this kind of response and information. It would be good to see this hap- pen more often. Darshanan Govender smokingclothing.tumblr.com Social Media In Fashion. Darshanan Govender “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas... but what makes it new is the way you put it together” The same applies to how we create the communi- ties we associate ourselves with. Many of us have created our own communities online, whether it is Instagram, Facebook or blogs, we regard these peo- ple as our community, the pages we like and peo- ple we “follow”. Community has a great impact on fashions that we see today because we are gathering what we see from others and adding our own twist onto it and calling it our own, changing what is currently in fashion. The most influential is social media because we know this is the way forward in reaching and connecting millions of people. Each day every one of us, no matter what career or life path sees something different, it may have been online or on the streets. We remember the things we like and the things we don’t, and after that automatically we seek out what has had a pos- itive influence. I started following fashion trends by starting a blog via Tumblr. After a while I started communicating with the people who ran other blogs and built on- line friendships with them. I know South Africa tends to receive fashion trends later than anywhere else, so I use this as a gateway to discover upcom- ing trends and incorporate that into my style and dress. Building relations like this should be moti- vated by the fact that we do influence each other more than we think.
  26. 26. 4746 bespokeunit.com Paul Anthony ‘Style is the story of ones self. It allows you to say it all without saying a word.Be confident, be you! Saying it all without saying a word really enters my daily activities by being aware of where I am going to be and who I am going to be with. For instance if I a meeting with an old law firm in NYC I shall be more conservative with a charcoal suit, but make sure the details are really on point but neutral, for the first meeting. Then for the second meeting I may have a three piece navy chalk stripe, letting them know I know the “rules” but am also a cre- ative that can take there business to the next level (my day job is business development for a digital marketing agency). Where as a day out with my girlfriend, I will have much more fun with my color palette and fabric textures. I am a big visualizer, and love to imag- ine myself looking at myself from the third person, most day-to-day stuff can be mundane, but shift lenses and you can be the center of your own “dra- matic” story...chasing that deadline, big deal, or leading lady. A huge romantic, in thought and the old “proper” ways of etiquette and dressing. Be the person you want to become, and be a man of sub- stance not facade. I’m all about fit (always favoring a little short or tight, fitted is far more flattering than wearing a nondescript sack!) and details. Following the “tag line” your body is a blank canvas each morning, and your clothes can paint you into your daily landscape that are the activities one engages in.’
  27. 27. 4948 @1lrg Mark Large ‘I have a wide range of influences, but the most im- portant part of my look is in the details, whether it be an unusual pin on my lapel or a specific type of stitching. I’m mostly influenced by looks of a by- gone era; from preppy plaids to 3 piece suits and fedora’s to workwear denim.’
  28. 28. 5150 @artofstylist ‘Originally from Baltimore MD, I now reside in New York, NY. I am a personal shopper and sales associate for Cole Haan. I’d describe my style as sophisticated yet fun. I think it’s important to maintain a level of sophis- tication while still having fun with your outfit. I want to have fun in a respectable way. I draw inspiration from various places; color, mood, and even street fashion. I draw alot of my inspiration from Ralph Lauren. As a designer, he creates a life styled look that’s so compelling to me.’ Gregory Clark
  29. 29. 5352 @zouzou0 Youssef Ghassibe ‘My style is easy and accurate. I’m just a simple guy with good taste. I am a business manager but my pas- sion is fashion; going my way around, saludos!!! My passion for fashion started at an early age, I am the son of Lebanese parents and the holidays here are of great importance. As a good Lebanese at big par- ties, I learned to crtique and become inventive. Now I am a great fashion critic. Later came adolescence and all that rebelling. I was young, overweight and could not find clothes to fit. I had to devise my own clothing line. With persever- ance I learned to cut and sew it myself! It was interesting in the beginning. I learned a lot- combinations with belts, shoes and textures of fabrics was fundamental! The city I live in has an orthodox fashion sense, there are no department stores or re- nowned brands, only people who bring a few custom shirts and pants from the US. I did not want to stay monotonous and boring in my dress which many see as a distraction but I see it as a way of life. As I see a piece of clothing I automatically see which is the perfect combination to have with that piece, without much effort. It’s that simple. Now, after a long time successfully losing weight and getting clothing more easily, (but still in the same town of orthodox and boring clothes, lol) I keep in- venting my trusted tailored pieces. An important point is that as a great lover of fashion I also love the history of fashion. I think having lived in 3 of the most important eras (70’s, 80’s and 90’s) further inspires me with a good base. My style ranges from the suburban to classic, never going through the boring and ordinary people.’
  30. 30. 5554 @mirza_19 Mirza Avdovic ‘My style tends to reflect the different cultural tra- ditions I’ve experienced while traveling. My sense of style stems from traveling in Europe, specifically in England, Italy, and Turkey. My sartorial and discerning lifestyle takes shape from my outlook on how gentlemen presented themselves in the 1800-1900’s. I consider my style conservative but with specific alterations to make it person to my life. I use color and fit of a suit to exemplify my own taste. One day you can see me wearing a plain suit with a multitude of vibrant colors to express my positive outlook on life and other times a simple tailored shirt to express my desire for simplicity, both in my personal and sar- torial lifestyle. Everything I wear, I end up tailoring to a snug yet presentable fit. That can get costly at times but it is a accurate description of who I am.’
  31. 31. 5756 The blog was founded in 2010, we- Amin Eftega- rie & Maarten van Damme- often discussed men’s fashion and decided to start a blog to inspire our- selves. We posted pics of clothing we loved and wanted to save/use as inspiration. Visitors doubled every week. We wanted our visitors to contribute and asked them to submit pictures of themselves. In the beginning 80% of the submitted content wasn’t good enough to publish. A few months ago we decided to focus on submitted content. We real- ly love the discussion and advice in the comments and we think a lot of people who submit find that very valuable. The store has been around since 12-12-12. At least officially. On this date we registered Trashness at the Dutch chamber of commerce. We’re based in the Netherlands, in a small town called Nieuw-Vennep (suburbs of Amsterdam). The rent is low here. The Dutch are known for trying to save money in every situation you can think of. That state of mind helped us to cut costs. We aim to deliver high quality cloth- ing and accessories at fair and affordable prices, while maintaining a respectable brand. We offer free world- wide shipping on all products, so 99% of our orders are outside NL. (our top destinations: USA, Italy, UK, Japan etc). We care a little less about our profit margins, and a little more about getting students (and other people who can’t afford real bespoke clothing) across the world the style and quality of clothing we wished some company was offering when we were broke stu- dents. trashness.com Trashness
  32. 32. 5958 menswearstyle.co.uk/authors/michael-dale Michael Dale ‘Find what works for you and own your style. Don’t be afraid to try something different but at the same time don’t go for something just because it’s on trend. My love affair with menswear started in my teens, back in the days of backcombed hair and Stroke t-shirts! Over the years my tastes matured and tailoring began to play a big part in my style. British brands inspire me; Paul Smith, Oliver Swee- ney, Savile Row is a huge influence on me and my dream is to one day own a bespoke suit from Henry Poole, but I also wear a lot of high street and vin- tage items.’
  33. 33. 6160 andredelamode.com André de la Mode ‘I found my sense of style in a Thrift store a few years back. That’s when everything really came together for me. I was amazed at the great items of clothing some people donate, unique pieces of clothing for so little money. I started building a “new wardrobe” and let my creativity run free. At that moment I fell in love with menswear and now, all my favourite items in my wardrobe are thrifted. I like to consider my style a hybrid between street and dapper, vintage and new. I personally don’t like wearing suits and ties on the weekends, so you might catch me in vans and a 5 panel, but Monday comes around, its a whole different ball game. It’s all about the fit, whether you’re in street wear or a suit - as long as you’re wearing the right fit for your body type and wear it with confidence, you’ll look dapper and feel great.’
  34. 34. 6362 samuelpyo.tumblr.com Samuel Pyo ‘When I first entered the corporate world 7 years ago, fresh out of university, I found myself sudden- ly scrambling for work clothes. Until this point, I hardly had a reason/opportunity to throw a suit on or even wear a pair of dress shoes. For the first little while, I survived by randomly throwing different articles of clothing together. It wasn’t until I discov- ered the wonderful world of menswear blogs (while slacking at work, naturally) that I began to take in- terest and develop my own sense of style. Of course, in the beginning (actually, even until this day), I simply just mimicked what appealed to me on these blogs. Slowly but surely, I was gaining a greater sense of what I liked what worked for me, as well as what I didn’t like or what didn’t work for me. Essentially, this is how I developed my own sense of style; experimenting, experimenting, ex- perimenting! Many times I learned the hard way that a certain look wasn’t for me, but the important part was, I learned! Around 5 years back, I was randomly introduced to a manager at Harry Rosen (a high-end menswear retail establishment in Canada). He sort of became my Yoda. He taught me all the basic rules, how to style my suits, how to mix and match patterns, and eventually taught me to be very intentional with what I wore. I’ve always appreciated his help! Well, 5-years later, here I am. I no longer dread the fact that I am required to wear a suit everyday to work, but relish that special moment in the morn- ing when I stare at my closet and let my imagina- tion run wild.’
  35. 35. 6564 @camordinaryfame Cameron McGriff ‘My style comes from my dad. He told me to always dress nice because you never know who you are go- ing to meet. I love bespoke and urban wear, being dapper everyday shows character and gentleman like qualities. My fashion is simple, but screams loud! I am fash- ion and love working with people with that same mindset. I love dressing up it makes you feel like the world is watching. And I love to help anyone that has a fashion desire! My name is Cameron and fashion is apart of me.’
  36. 36. 6766 I think about the photographs embedded on W.G. Sebald’s books. The Pampas, and Buenow Aires. “La sombra del plátano solitario en el viraje”, as in Cortázar’s Kindberg. “I think about conciseness, and introspection, and simplicity.” Those images and feelings are the real members of my community, my individual and singular com- munity. When I bring this world to my clothes, I’m trying as much as possible to be close to who I am – just like when my grandfather reverentially and respectfully enters the church wearing his best pair of shoes. Tomás Adam ‘Journalista’ serhisterica.tumblr.com The Individual Community Tomás Adam My grandfather was raised in the countryside of southern Brazil, land of many poor German immi- grants. When he was a young boy, his family didn’t have money to buy footwear. The first time he ever wore a shoe was in the Army and that gave him blisters to the point of being admitted to a hospital. To this day, he finds it very painful to use any kind of closed shoes – but he does so in special occa- sions, like going to church and singing in the local choral. This little story speaks to me about fashion. It represents the idea of reverence that is bound to dressing well. Even if it’s hard, even if it hurts, your personal attire should be respectful and adequate to the place where you are, to the people you are with, and most importantly, to who you are. That is why I feel that community is one of the key factors that influence fashion. When I say “commu- nity”, I’m thinking about it in a narrow sense. I am, for instance a Brazilian who doesn’t really belong to the colorful, Chiquita Banana stereotype of my fel- low compatriots. Most of the time, when I walk in my neighborhood, my clothes are a black or pastel spot in the midst of a fruit salad. But my style cer- tainly reflects my personal circle of friends, beliefs and cultural references. I always think about my grandfather when I choose my clothes. But I also think about the mu- sic of João Gilberto. I think about the old wood- en dresser that I have in my living room, and the light that comes from the lamp beside it. I think about all the Blue Note records’ art work.
  37. 37. 6968 armstrongandwilson.com Ontario Armstrong ‘I like to consider my style classic with a pop of at- titude. I’ve always been a man of detail and it trans- lates in my personal style. Growing up I was always taught that presentation was everything and that your personal appearance meant a lot. All those things stuck with me as I became an adult. I also understood at an early age the power of details. Whether it be a project from school I was working on or something that I was doing around the house... Detail was everything! It was something that naturally translated in my personal style. It could be the subtle gold lapel pin that I wore on my jacket or the color socks that I matched with the pin stripe in my suit... sometimes these are details that may not be as apparent at first glance. It has always been very important to let my style reflect my confidence and attention to detail. I believe that you can tell an individual’s personal- ity by the way they dress. I have a very laid back personality which shows in the way I dress. I tend to lean towards darker colors... navy’s, burgundies and browns. Something which I feel speaks to my laid back demeanor.’
  38. 38. 7170 @kerryhousley ‘This is my “nephew” & I from a recent wedding we attended. He’s actually the son of my two best friends who live in another state, but he might as well be my nephew. We don’t see each other as much as I’d like so it’s awesome when we do- this day we had a ton of fun hanging at a friends wed- ding in Fort Myers, Florida. They always dress Holden (the little guy) like such a stud & this wedding was no different. I love menswear and with the two of us being born in Florida this south Florida wedding at the end of the summer was the perfect opportunity to wear some bright colors - paying a tribute to his homeland and my current home state. I usually just try to keep up with him stylistically.’ Kerry Housley
  39. 39. 7372 bespokeunit.com Carlos Valdez My fascination with suits came from watching James Bond every weekend in my childhood, my folks are polo shirts and crocs people, so learning about tailoring was extremely personal. I landed a quick job that required me to wear a suit and all of the images of Sean Connery leaning against an Aston Martin came back. Once you put on a great fitting suit it’s hard to take it off. Instagram has become a great and unexpected in- fluence on my style, I’ve gotten great advice and made even better friends. Instagram has also got- ten me a jobs with bespoke suit makers and now I write for an Instagram style blog. There are two really snappy quotes I love about menswear. “Style is the connection between how you see your- self and how other people see you.” and “Suits are to women as lingerie is to men.”
  40. 40. 7574 averagemanfitnessandstyle.com Michael Tesoriere ‘As part of my back to school series, I produced an outfit mixing streetwear with menswear. I com- bined the MLB parody crewneck with an indigo shirt to dress up the casual piece. I also threw on half rimmed glasses and a half united necklace to throw in some extra flare.’
  41. 41. 7776 andysuryandi.com Andy Suryandi ‘My style is something edgy. Mostly I don’t really care about the rules of menswear. I once read in a book, ‘We are men, men don’t like a rules.’ Since then I do what I want to do- no rule on my style. I just need 5-10 minutes to find and to get dressed. I don’t worry about what color it should match.’
  42. 42. 7978 @damanbaath Daman Baath ‘Our lovely mother always tells us, “Your first impression is your last impression”. So, I try to ensure my last impression creates a lasting im- pression.’
  43. 43. 8180 skinnyfatties.com SKINNYFATTIES In July 2012, Joshua Adam Brueckner found him- self unemployed and short of change to buy new interview clothing, so he turned to his closet and got creative. It wasn’t long before he mastered the craft of tailoring wide neckties. Fed-up with the unforgiving job market, Brueckner trusted his gut, scrapped the interview schedule and began mar- keting SKINNYFATTIES to the world. SKINNYFATTIES is the first and only one-stop tie tailoring shop online. Our focus on quality and crafts- manship can be seen in every tie tailored and made, which all happens in Brooklyn, New York USA. All orders can be placed through skinnyfatties.com. SKINNYFATTIES proudly contributes a portion of our profits to Career Gear, who builds strong families and communities by empowering men who are low-income to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency.
  44. 44. 8382 ‘I find myself in sartorial splendour. Without an ability to pin down my style into a mere phrase, or emblematic title. I can say I amalgamate my fash- ion each day bringing together elements of prep and chic, to nomadic layering and Indiana-Jones aesthetics. I try to keep within each season, but express myself by changing up colours and expec- tations, and relinquishing the constraints of stick- ing to one specific style. Call it a clash of Hipster meets Hellboy. Style Icons include Bon Iver, Indi- ana Jones, Ralph Lauren, Lupe Fiasco, and more.’ Jake Weisz jakeweiszproductions.com
  45. 45. 8584 stylehabitat.com Chris Lopinto ‘Men’s fashion is still an up and coming project. Most men have no style what so ever, and need help in every aspect. I have so many ideas running through my head, I figured why not help the aver- age man turn into the extraordinary dapper. Fashion is a breathe of fresh air to every passer- by. Fashion should be used to express yourself and your inner beauty. I was once that boring guy who knew nothing, but once I was opened to ideas from fashion icons I developed my own sense of style. I want to welcome everyone into my imagination.’
  46. 46. 8786 @stevensantander Steven Santander ‘Before college, I had very little knowledge of mens- wear or style. Right before graduating, from archi- tecture school I had the opportunity to apprentice as a bespoke tailor at a men’s custom clothing shop. There, I learned a great deal about style, menswear and the craft of creating fine clothing. Although I am no master tailor, the skills I learned and knowledge I picked up from that experience are invaluable to my style today. I have always be- lieved in quality over quantity, especially in cloth- ing. My style includes clothing that is bespoke, custom, vintage, thrifted, and DIY. I do most of my own al- terations, and am a designer and artist as well. I am constantly learning and believe fashion like any- thing else, takes practice. I don’t always get suited up, but when I do, I do it right. And of course no outfit is complete without a pair of sick dubmonks like these beautiful worn in orange pair.’
  47. 47. 8988 astuteattire.com Mustafa Kacar ‘You only have one chance to make a first impres- sion. My professional experience spans the realms of men’s style and medical device sales. The two worlds are completely different, howev- er; first impressions are equally important in both fields. Even before any words are spoken. Whether it’s meeting with doctors at a hospital for a poten- tial sale or attending a fashion event, the first thing people will notice is your attire. That is why it’s im- portant to look your best at all times. ‘
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