SugarCon 2013 - Tips and Best Practices: No code required configs round2

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  • 1. Top 5 No Code RequiredConfigurationsRound 2April 2013
  • 2. Every CustomerEvery UserEvery Time
  • 3. Every User – Configuring Sugar to meet yourspecific business needs and processesenables users to take ownership of their dailysuccess and engage with the customerconsistently and effectively.
  • 4. Presentation Topics• 5 Configurations you can use– Use Case– Demonstration• Developer tools– Studio– Workflows– Roles
  • 5. 1 – Auto-populate Custom Fields duringLead Conversion• Issue– Custom field was created in the leads module;it should auto-populate the contact recordafter lead conversion• Resolution– Create identical fields in each module• Admin Tool Used: Studio– Custom fields
  • 6. 2 – Display a Field Based on the Sales Stage• Issue– Sales Ops should approve an opportunityonce a specific sales stage is met and theapproval field should not display prior to this• Resolution– Create a dependent “approval” field thatdisplays only after a sales stage is chosen• Developer Tool Used: Studio– Dependent fields
  • 7. 3 – Alert a user when a drop-down changes• Issue– Sales Ops needs to approve an opportunity inthe Negotiation/Review stage• Resolution– Send an automated alert to the sales ops userwhen the sales stage changes and theirapproval is needed• Developer Tool Used: Workflows– Record save / email alert
  • 8. 4 – Remove Field Editing Rights for SpecificUsers• Issue– Sales Ops should be the only users to“approve” an opportunity• Resolution– Create an “approved” checkbox field; create arole to restrict editing rights• Admin Tool Used: Roles– Field level permissions
  • 9. 5 – Track Sales Stage Dates• Issue– Sales management wants to track theopportunity actual close date vs. expectedclose date• Resolution– Create an “actual close date” field which auto-populates when the opportunity is closed won• Developer Tools Used: Studio & Workflow– Custom field; record save/action
  • 10. Top 5 No Code RequiredConfigurations – Round 1Questions?Thank you for attending this session10