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Facebook marketplace for Communities. Monetize your Fans!

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  • Social Commerce Evangelism – We are trying to make your life easier and benefit from efficiencies and TAT
  • Graph to be corrected as per Jobvite – explain why FB is more important than LI/TwFB usage metrics – time spent, MAU/DAU –more usage by candidates
  • Recruiters – how does it work – graphic – high level
  • Call to action : Eval MOU sign upCommercials – subscription and costs Set up and go to market Instructional Videos /demos after
  • BuzzDeals

    1. 1. Reach. Buzz. Deals
    2. 2. Top 3 brands • Sell directly on FacebookWhy should you care? on FB (by • Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Disney fans) Internet Usage in millions • F-store conversion rates. 2-4% • Double of Web store( 1-2% ) Internet Facebook LinkedIn 190 160 Rs 50% 54.5% 7-8% 46520 Cr128 Bought while Digital Annual Looking Monthly commerce Growth in for Growth on 47 in 2011 in Digital Informatio Facebook 35 India- commerce n online in in India IAMAI in India India in 10 2009 India US
    3. 3. 16 hrs/wk • Average Time spent Rs 2700 Crs by Indian Users • TV : 14 hrs/week #3 • E-tailing business in India • India’s Rank for Max • Growing at 35% FB users annually Digital 81%• Of Digital Business is commerce 1.5X Online Travel booking in India in India • Spend by FB users over average • Growing at 50% Internet users annually June 2011 50% • 700 billion minutes • Users log on every • 1 Tr Page views day at least once • 870 M Unique visitors
    4. 4. Presenting REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL COMMERCE PLATFORM FOR DEMAND GENERATION• Promote Deals & Group Deals on Facebook• Drive Demand through Communities• Interactive platform to increase Word of Mouth• Share Revenues on Sales!
    5. 5. Driving Demand Generation Reach • BuzzDeals on Community pages for Celebrities, Locations, Events, sports & Entertainment etc. Focused • Catalog tailored to suit communities focus & drive impulsive buyingCommunities • Reach Over 500000 users in India through our affiliates Interactive • Deals & Group Deals on Community FB pages • Generate conversations & engagements within the community to get userDeals &Group response and feedback Deals • Reach Friends of interacting Fans for every interaction • Social Interactions and Rating • Post conversations , videos, photos , Ratings & interaction to build word of Go Viral! mouth • Integrated Loyalty & Rewards system for Interactions • Post your Deals and get approval Ease of • Receive and fulfill Orders Business • Fulfill orders and provide proof of delivery • Receive funds
    6. 6. Why it matters to your Customers? Reach Users on • Users spend 16 + hrs/week.Facebook in their • Go where your customers are “comfort zone” • Interactive Multimedia Catalog to get Dream Deals & Group Get the “True Deals picture” • Text is history! Engage Visually! • Personalization based on profile Earn Rewards • Social Interactions, Rating and Shares through • Invite friends • Get Personalized DealsPersonalized Deals
    7. 7. Sign up to BuzzDeals Tab on your Facebook Page Post Deals to BuzzDeals OrdersUsers place orders on BuzzDeals shares order Merchants fulfill orders Buzzdeals and customers details. Get Paid Submit Delivery confirmation Receive Payment
    8. 8. Sign in Tab on user profile Deals & Group Deals Catalog Orders Rate, Share, etc. Receive Social InteractionsPlace order/Buy Confirmation or Receive Delivery & Share Coupons
    9. 9. MERCHANT FACEBOOK AFFILIATE Sign up fee as Caution  Sign up deposit  Add BuzzDeals to your Provide Deals and Group Facebook Page Deals  Drive traffic to your page Fulfill orders  Promote Deals and Revenue share based on Group Deals transaction  Receive Revenue share Don’t pay extra for for transactions from application, hosting and your community payment gateway charges
    10. 10. For more information and sign up , please contactSubbu Jois+91 99451 03337