The scared elephant


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The scared elephant

  1. 1. The Scared Elephant<br />Once upon a time, 1-rabbits were living near a sweat lake and ate from the grass grown beside the lake.2- Once, the king of rabbits gathered them and said: " The grass gets dry in the summer because of heat, 3-and the soil is fertile ---.4- Let us hoe and farm the soil with lettuce and kohlrabi, so we can eat what we want and love." 5- They agreed and began farming . They were happy with their farm.6- But once elephants were thirsty, so they came to the lake to drink. They were dancing on the way to the lake, therefore they destroyed the farm and killed a number of rabbits. <br /> The rabbits gathered 7-to confer ---. The king sat beside an old rabbit and 8-said ---: 9-" you see what the elephants has done with our kids and farms, so what do you think?!. 10-Every rabbit was complaining about what happened for him and asking what could rabbits do?!. Elephants were strong and huge animals!! 11- A young rabbit said enthusiastically: " we should complain to the lion,12- because he is the king of animals, and he should protect the weak from the strong." The old rabbit said: " 13-shut up young rabbit, the lion is more dangerous than elephants, 14-he desires the rabbits' meat and love it!! How can we complain to him?!" . 15-The king said: " the elephants 16- know where the lake is, and if we stay here, they will kill a number of us every day… we have to move from here." 17- But the old rabbit said: " I have an idea 18- !." The old rabbit went to the elephants land and climbed over a tree branch, so elephants could not step on him with their heavy feet. He 19-called on them and said: " The Moon send me to you to tell you that he is angry because of you." 20-The elephants looked at the Moon in the sky and saw the clouds covering the Moon's face and believed the old rabbit and got scared.<br />They 21- said: " Why is the Moon angry of us? And what can we do to please him?" the old rabbit got down of the tree and said: " he is angry because you drink from his lake without his permission, so you have to go to the lake, apologize 22-there and swear not to drink from the lake anymore." 23-The elephants arrived to the lake and saw the picture of the Moon shaking in the water because of waves, and that made them more scared than before.24- Elephants went back swearing and apologizing that they will not come back even if they were dying of thirst. The king said to the old rabbit: " 25-you are a wise rabbit and more rightful to be the king." 26-The rabbits became happy and went to work on farming again. They were dancing and singing.<br />