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The lights of the aurora
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The lights of the aurora


students give a presentation of world wonders

students give a presentation of world wonders

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  • 1. THE LIGHTS OF THE AURORAIrene Oviedo Corral
  • 2. Id like to see the lights of the aurora. They are strange colour lights moving across the skycoming and going, like clouds in a strong wind. The aurora comes because of storms 150 million kilometres away, in the sun. Its made bysomething called “solar wind”, we cannot see it or touch it. This is a wind of particles that travel away from the sun all the time at about 400 kilometres a second.
  • 3. When that particles come near the Earth, a wall called“earths magnetic field” pushes them away on either side. But earths magnetic field has two “windows” in it: the magnetic north and the magnetic south.
  • 4. At these places, the earths magnetic fieldturns down into the Earth, and some of the particles from the solar wind come through these magnetic “windows”. These solar particles crash into the particles that arealready in our sky, and when this happens, we can see the beautiful lines or clouds of light of the aurora.
  • 5. Usually you can see it only at the very north of the Earth, where is called “the aurora borealis” or“Northern Lights”; or at the verysouth, where is called the “aurora australis” or “Southern Lights”.
  • 6. Aurora australisAurora borealis
  • 7. Alaska, Iceland, Siberia, the north of Greenland, Norway, Swedenand Scotland are good places to see the aurora borealis. Aurora borealis in Alaska.
  • 8. To see the aurora australis you can go to thesouth of Australia, Tasmania or New Zeland. Aurora australis in New
  • 9. The best times to see the lights of the aurora are around the equinoxes, in March and September.Id love to go to some of this places to see the very beautiful colours of that lights in thesky, I think it would be amazing and very relaxing. THE END.