Wentworth Student Leader Selection Powerpoint


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A powerpoint example that I created for the Student Leader Selection process

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  • What is the best Wentworth Experience?
  • Challenging AcademicsHands-on ExperienceLeadership Opportunities
  • Now is a time for you to consider to becoming a resident assistant, Career Peers, PEAK and Community Standards Board, WOW Team members, New Student Orientation Team, Admissions Representative, Engagement Coordinator
  • You can be one of us.
  • Hello, Welcome to the 2009-2010 Wentworth Student Leader Selection online information session. My name is ________ and I am a member of the selection committee. Today we want you to sit back, relax and listen to the presentation.
  • In this presentation, we will provide you with information regarding the benefit of becoming a student leader, the application process and requirements, an overview of each available position and specific training information. Our hope is that after this presentation you will know all there is to know about our selection process. Please review this presentation thoroughly and if you have any further questions, you can attend our live question and answer session after break on January twenty-first.
  • There are many reasons that being a student leader is important to your college experience. Beyond enlivening and enriching your Wentworth campus, leadership positions also allow for fun and exciting personal gain. More and more employers are interested in graduates who have significant leadership experience, especially those who have acquired these roles while in college. Leadership positions will provide you with the opportunity to acquire a higher level of professional skills such as teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution. Student leadership positions will provide you with ways to improve your academic performance and become a better communicator. There is a certain prestige that comes with being a student leader. It really allows you to fully participate in college life and make the most out of an exciting and life-changing four years. It’s a great way to meet some new friends and make a difference in the Wentworth community! There’s even been some co-op employers that have requested ONLY to work with Wentworth student leaders! Imagine that!
  • In order for you to be eligible for the student leadership positions, you must meet the following requirements:For undergraduate students, you must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and you must be in good academic & judicial standing during the application process and throughout your tenure as a student leader.- For graduate students, you must have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA and must be in good academic & judicial standing during the application process and throughout your tenure as a student leader. You must be sure to fill out the survey at the end of this presentation so we can keep track of your attendance.you must complete the application before 5pm on Monday, February 1, 2010 through the student leadership website. You are required to attend what we call “group process” on Saturday, February 6, 2010. This event will run all day! Please be sure to block off your calendar! - Once you are selected, you are required to attend all student leadership training programs, this year there will be a session in March, as well as the traditional summer training program.
  • Please remember that the application must be completed through the Student Leader Selection website. You may access this website at http://studentleader.wit.edu
  • To complete the application, you must:Fill out the personal information on the “apply” tab. Complete two essay questions. and submit a resume.All application materials should be in PDF format and make sure you correctly label all of your electronic documents! Your materials must be emailed to studentleader@wit.edu before 5pm on Monday, February 1, 2010. Unfortunately, Late applications will not be accepted.We will be providing you a resume writing workshop on January 21, 2010 at 5:30pm and you may use an online tool for construction your resume as well. The Career Center will provide additional walk-in resume review from 9-4pm on Thursday, January 28; Friday, January 29; and Monday, February 1st. Feel free to utilize this great opportunity to revise your resume.
  • As part of the 2010-2011 selection process, we require all applicants to participate in group process and a 30-minute individual interview. It will be a full day event on Saturday, February 6. In group process, you will be asked to participate in a few short activities to measure your leadership ability and potential. The Individual interview will be conducted by two people---one full time professional staff and one senior RA or an Orientation Coordinator or another professional staff member. We will provide you with your interviewing time on Saturday, February 6. This day is a fun chance for you to get to know the other applicants, participate in some challenging activities, and enjoy flexing those leadership muscles!!
  • If you are selected for a certain position and decide to accept our offer the following dates are those you will need to set aside for training purposes. Friday March 12th through Sunday March 14th we will have our kick off training session! If you have a Wentworth Commitment such as alternative spring break, please let us know and we will work around it. The 2nd part of your training will be at the end of August. RA/WOW members and Engagement Coordinators will begin training on the 19th and Career Peers /Community Standards Board members, Admissions Reps. And PEAK members will begin on the 25th. All those selected for student leadership positions MUST attend training. I cannot emphasize this enough! No part time jobs, no leaving campus, you are OURS for those two weeks! Now, keep in mind, this is going to be a GREAT time. We will feed you, house you on campus, and teach you everything you need to know about being a great, productive, and energized student leader!
  • This year we have 10 possible positions for you to consider. The first two positions are Admissions Representatives and Career Peers. Admissions Representatives are our tour guides here at Wentworth. They are the first student face that a prospective student might encounter when touring Wentworth. Responsibilities include giving campus tours, assisting with Open Houses and Accepted Students days throughout the year, and showing an endless pride for Wentworth. Here on campus Careen Peers help review our students cover letters and resume’s, offer workshops to educate students on a variety of topics, and aid in the co-op search process that each Wentworth student goes through. Its always nice to have a peer to sit down with to chat about prospective jobs, resumes or tips on interviewing!
  • Next we have the Community Standards Board and PEAK members.To be a part of the Community Standards Board a student must hear Judicial Cases on a panel with other students, faculty and staffThe student must also be comfortable with making recommendations for sanctioning if the panel finds the individual responsible. This position also has its students uphold the Wentworth code of conduct and make themselves role models for the rest of our community. Our PEAK members are the health education force on the Wentworth Campus. Their actions help Wentworth Students live healthy lives and make healthy choices. PEAK members’ responsibilities include hosting programs in the residence halls, sharing knowledge with information tables and displays, and role modeling healthy behavior.
  • The New Student Orientation position is a fantastic opportunity to help out on the Wentworth campus over the summer. The students will help guide our incoming class during orientation, introducing these new students to Wentworth academics, traditions and life. The New Student Orientation Assistant are the behind the scenes facilitators of this orientation program. They also help in designing, planning and implementing the New StudentOrientation program. They are a vital part of the program and have the perk of coordinating the nighttime programming during orientation.
  • WOW is the Wentworth Opening Week held right before classes start freshman year. We have two different positions that are part of WOW. The WOW team leader leads the first year students through Wentworth Opening Week acting as a guide, a mentor and a friend. They provide information about campus and Wentworth life along with helping transition students through a variety of activities. The WOW program assistant is the force behind WOW. They are the designers, the planners and the implementers of Wentworth Opening Week.
  • The Engagement Coordinator is a new position within the Student Leader Selection process. The Engagement Coordinators work with the Center for Community Learning and Partnerships to plan and implement service day during WOW. It is a great way to connect students with the local community through meaningful activities. Last but certainly not least are the residence assistants. These students live in the residence halls on campus, help our students build community, and always provide educational and social programs for students. They aid in a students personal development and impact the life of all Wentworth kids!
  • There are a few caveats in this process. You cannot be an RA and a WOW staff member at the same time, but you can be an RA and summer orientation staff member! You cannot be an RA and community standards board member at the same time due to a potential conflict of interest. New applicants who will be taking classes during the summer will not be eligible for the New Student Orientation team positions. Other than that, please make sure you list your position choices on the application in a clear order!
  • Here is the timeline for the selection process. You must complete the application by Monday, February 1, 2010 before 5pm by emailing your materials to studentleaders@wit.edu. All candidates will be invited to attend the group process and individual interviews on Saturday, February 6, 2010. We will provide you with your specific time for your interview on that day. Offer notification will be provided on February 19, 2010.
  • Here are a few available resources to support your application. We encourage you to attend our Live Questions and Answers session on Thursday, January 21 at 5pm in Blount Auditorium. You may use the online resume writing tool and attend the resume writing workshop at 5:30pm right after the Q&A session.The Career Center will provide additional resume review walk-in hours from 9 to 4 pm on Thursday, January 28, Friday, January 29 and Monday February 1.
  • For more information regarding each position, please refer back to our website at http://studentleader.wit.edu. If you have questions regarding the Student Leadership Selection process, please feel free to email us at studentleader@wit.edu.
  • I just want to take a minute to let you know how excited we, as a committee, are for this near year and new crew of student leaders. Student leadership really changed my college life, and allowed me to experience some amazing opportunities, trips, and exciting challenges! You folks will be the cream of the crop, the students that others look up to, and the ones who really have a hand in the direction of Wentworth! How exciting is that!! The real world needs some people with your drive and your enthusiasm! But we get you first!!! Get excited about this process, and never forget how important you are to our campus life!!!
  • Good Luck with the process, we look forward to reviewing your application.
  • Wentworth Student Leader Selection Powerpoint

    1. 1. What is the BESTWentworthexperience?<br />
    2. 2. Leadership Opportunities<br />Challenging Academics<br />Hands-on Experience<br />
    3. 3. Now is a time for you to consider…<br />Be a student leader!<br />Resident Assistant<br /> Career Peers<br />PEAK <br />Community Standards Board<br />WOW Team<br />NSO Team<br />Admissions Representative <br />Engagement Coordinator<br />
    4. 4. You can be one of us!<br />
    5. 5. 2010-2011 Student Leader SelectionInformation Session<br />
    6. 6. Topics<br /><ul><li>Why be a student leader?
    7. 7. Application requirements
    8. 8. Application and selection process
    9. 9. Overview of available positions
    10. 10. Training information</li></li></ul><li>Why Be a Student Leader?<br />Acquire professional skills<br />Teamwork<br />Problem solving<br />Effective communication<br />Conflict resolution<br />Appreciation of diversity<br />“Just send me student leaders.”(Co-op employer)<br />Academic performance<br />Time management<br />Balance<br />“My time management has gotten a lot better. My GPA has gone <br /> up half a point and it’s still getting better.” (Wentworth student)<br />Personal development<br />Better communicator<br />Conflict resolution<br />Meet other student leaders<br />“I have more friends at school now. I see people that I know everywhere. I feel that I’ve found the real me and the person that I want to be.”(Wentworth student)<br />
    11. 11. Application Requirements<br />2.500 cumulative GPA; 3.0 for graduate students <br /><ul><li>We do not round up; 2.499 does not meet requirement</li></ul>Currently in good academic & judicial standing<br />Watch information session (done!)<br /><ul><li>Make sure you fill out the survey at the end</li></ul>Complete the application by Monday,February 1<br /><ul><li>Website will close @ 5pm</li></ul>Attend group process onSaturday, February 6<br /><ul><li> Group activities & interview</li></ul>Be able to attend Student Leader Training<br /><ul><li>March 12 to March 14
    12. 12. Starting August 19</li></li></ul><li>Application<br />Applications MUST be completed through the Student Leader Selection 2010-2011 website <br />http://studentleader.wit.edu<br />
    13. 13. Application<br /><ul><li>Complete personal information under “Apply” tab
    14. 14. Complete & submit essay questions
    15. 15. Submit a resume (make sure to stop by Career Services for help)
    16. 16. Email both essays and resume to studentleader@wit.edu
    17. 17. PDF format to avoid format shifts
    18. 18. Label fileslastname.firstname.essay</li></ul>APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, February 1, 2010 @ 5PM<br />Late applications will not be accepted <br />
    19. 19. Group Process & Individual InterviewsSaturday, February 6 (8am to 4pm)<br /><ul><li>Group Process
    20. 20. In small groups, you will be asked to participate in team activities
    21. 21. Individual Interviews
    22. 22. You will be interviewed by two people.
    23. 23. One full time professional staff member
    24. 24. One senior RA, Orientation Coordinator, or second staff member.
    25. 25. Approximately 30 minutes</li></ul>Your specific interview time will be provided on or before Group Process day <br />
    26. 26. Student Leader Training<br />Full Day Training<br />Spring 2010:<br /><ul><li>March 12th to March 14th(Spring Break Week)
    27. 27. Special arrangement for students involved with alternative spring break or co-op</li></ul>Summer 2010: <br /><ul><li>RA/WOW/EC: Starting August 19th
    28. 28. CP/CSB/AR/PEAK: Starting August 25th</li></ul>All those selected for Student Leader positions MUST attend training<br />
    29. 29. Positions Available<br />Admissions Representative (AR)<br /><ul><li>Give tours of the school to prospective students
    30. 30. Assist in the Open Houses for prospective students
    31. 31. Show your pride in Wentworth</li></ul>Career Peer (CP)<br /><ul><li>Help review student cover letters and resumes
    32. 32. Offer workshops to your peers
    33. 33. Aid in the co-op search process</li></li></ul><li>Positions Available<br />Community Standards Board (CSB)<br /><ul><li>Hear discipline cases (on panel with other students, faculty, and staff)
    34. 34. As a panel make recommendations for sanctioning, if panel finds student responsible
    35. 35. Uphold the Code of Conduct</li></ul>Peers Educating and Advancing Knowledge (PEAK)<br /><ul><li>Help Wentworth students live healthy lives and make healthy choices
    36. 36. Host programs in the residence halls
    37. 37. Share knowledge through information </li></ul>tables and displays<br />
    38. 38. Positions Available<br />New Student Orientation Leader (NSO)<br /><ul><li>Help guide new students during orientation
    39. 39. Introduce new students to Wentworth academics, traditions, and life
    40. 40. Lead students in activities and educational sessions</li></ul>New Student Orientation Assistant (NSO)<br /><ul><li>Assist with design, plan, and implementation of Orientation
    41. 41. Work behind the scenes; vital to the operation of the program
    42. 42. Coordinate nighttime programming during Orientation</li></li></ul><li>Positions Available<br />WOW Team Leader<br /><ul><li>Lead new students through Wentworth Opening Week (WOW)
    43. 43. Provide information about campus and WIT life
    44. 44. Help transition students through intentional activities</li></ul>WOW Program Assistant<br /><ul><li>Assist with design, plan, and implementation of WOW activities
    45. 45. Work behind the scenes; vital to the operation of the program
    46. 46. Coordinate nighttime programming during WOW</li></li></ul><li>Positions Available<br />Engagement Coordinator (EC)<br /><ul><li>Plan and implement Service Day in conjunction with the Center for Community Learning & Partnerships and New Student Programs
    47. 47. Lead a service oriented pre WOW experience for new students
    48. 48. Train students leaders in preparation for Service Day</li></ul>Resident Assistant (RA)<br /><ul><li>Help students build a community
    49. 49. Provide educational and social programs for students
    50. 50. Aid in students’ personal development</li></li></ul><li>Caveats <br />You cannot be an RA and a WOW staff member at the same time. BUT, you can be an RA and New Student Orientation (NSO) staff member.<br />You cannot be an RA and a Community Standards Board member at the same time due to potential conflict of interest.<br />New applicants who will be taking classes during the summer cannot be part of the NSO team.<br />
    51. 51. Timeline<br /><ul><li>Complete application by Monday, </li></ul> February 1, 2010 before 5pm through email: studentleader@wit.edu<br /><ul><li>Attend Group Process/Interview day on Saturday, February 6, 2010
    52. 52. Position(s) offers will be extended on February 19, 2010
    53. 53. Training will start in March 2010</li></li></ul><li>Applicant Resources<br />Application questions<br /><ul><li>Q&A Session
    54. 54. Thursday, January 21, 2010
    55. 55. 5:00pm, Blount Auditorium
    56. 56. Resume Assistance
    57. 57. Online Tool (https://wit.optimalresume.com/)
    58. 58. Resume Writing Workshop
    59. 59. Thursday, January 21, 2010
    60. 60. 5:30pm, Blount Auditorium
    61. 61. Resume Review @ Career Services
    62. 62. Special walk-in review
    63. 63. 1/28, 1/29, 2/1---- 9-4pm</li></li></ul><li>Additional Information<br />Position descriptions available at:<br />http://studentleader.wit.edu<br />Email us anytime at studentleader@wit.edu<br />Be sure to fill out the survey after this presentation<br />
    64. 64. Be a student Leader!Make Wentworth a better Community!Apply Now!<br />
    65. 65. Thank You!<br />
    66. 66. Survey<br />Please fill out this survey so we can keep track of your attendance<br />http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HBPVYHD<br />