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Back on Track Probation Meeting Presentation


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This is the presentation that I give each semester to Academic Probation students on the night before classes start to help inspire them for the semester ahead. It discusses what it means to be on probation, steps they can take to improve academically and resources available to help them.

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Back on Track Probation Meeting Presentation

  1. 1. Center for Student & Academic Achievement (CASA) Back on Track Probation Meeting
  2. 2. Workshop Agenda What Is Academic Probation? How to Improve Your GPA Campus Resources Steps for Academic Success Academic Policies to Know Back on Track Program Wrap Up / Next Steps
  3. 3. What is Academic Probation? “Academic probation constitutes a serious warning that a student's academic record is unsatisfactory and that failure to improve the record will lead to dismissal from the University.” - USF University Catalog
  4. 4. How to Improve Your GPA Address Obstacles Preventing You From Being Successful! Improve Your Habits! Consider a New Major! Confront Personal Issues!
  5. 5. Campus Resources
  6. 6. Steps for Academic Success 1. Attend Class Regularly 2. Be Attentive In Class 3. Prepare Carefully for Assignments and Tests 4. Visit Instructors Before or After Class or During Office Hours 5. Treat School Like a Full-Time Job & Manage Your Time Wisely 6. Take Advantage of Extra Credit Opportunities!
  7. 7. • Dropping Classes • Changing Your Major / Minor • Leave of Absence / Withdrawal • Incomplete Courses • Repeat Courses • Continuing Student Registration • YOU Are Responsible for Checking Your Mail! Last Day to Drop w/ Refund Friday, September 5th Last Day to Drop w/ No Refund Friday, October 31st Academic Policies to Know
  8. 8. Back on Track Program Requirement Timing Back on Track Probation Meeting Today! One Individual Meeting w/ University Adviser By Sept. 12th (Bring Completed Academic Action Plan With You!) Academic Progress Reports (1 for Each Class) By Oct. 20th Two Student Success Workshops (Sign the Attendance Sheet) By End of Semester
  9. 9. Where Will You Be at the Conclusion of This Semester? Removed from Probation? Continued on Probation? Academically Disqualified? Your Academic Future is in YOUR Hands – and WE are Here to Help!
  10. 10. Questions? Contact Information Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) Email: Phone: (415) 422-5050 UC 3rd Floor