TKclass Social media 2: Facebook
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TKclass Social media 2: Facebook



This is for "Trends in Communication & Information Technology," JOUR 4871-003, fall 2012, CU-Boulder

This is for "Trends in Communication & Information Technology," JOUR 4871-003, fall 2012, CU-Boulder



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TKclass Social media 2: Facebook TKclass Social media 2: Facebook Presentation Transcript

  • Social media: Facebook, the 800-lb. gorilla Trends in Communication & Information Technology JOUR 4871-003
  • For Facebook, Twitter, social-media skills, attend this on Monday! Monday, Oct. 15, 11:30am-1pm - Armory 201 dLab Workshop: Social Media Tools & Data for Reporting and Research Guest trainer: Dan Petty Social media editor, Denver Post/Digital First Media REGISTER:
  • 1 BILLION active users worldwide (last week)2.5 billion (approx.) people using the Internetworldwide600 million access FB with mobile devices
  • Doubled user base in 2 years! How much higher? Too big (now) to fail?
  • Facebook’s fastest-growing countries
  • How do you use Facebook ?Check Facebook: Post to Facebook: Never Never Seldom Seldom Few times a month Few times a month Every week Every week Daily Daily Few times a day Few times a day Many times a day Many times a day
  • How do you use Facebook ?Check Facebook Post to Facebookmost often: most often: On Mac/PC On Mac/PC Tablet Tablet Mobile phone Mobile phoneMobile device: Mobile device: Mobile site (HTML5) Mobile site (HTML5) iOS native app iOS native app Android native app Android native app
  • More Facebook users now on mobile than PC Ages 15-25 (American FB users): 56% access Facebook most often from a smartphone or tablet (Women: 61% - Men: 51%) PROJECTION FOR 2013: 76% of women, 62% of men Macquarie Research
  • How do you use Facebook for news?News you view Of these, whereor read because do you get MOSTof Facebook: of your news? I don’t get news Newspaper (print) from Facebook TV news News links Radio news MOSTLY from News websites (PC/Mac) friends, family News sites/apps (mobile) News links MOSTLY from news Facebook orgs, journalists Twitter
  • Facebook users get fewer news referrals from news orgs than on Twitter
  • Facebook trendsAmerican adults under 30:Social media as a primary sourceof daily news...(Pew Research Center for the People & The Press, Sept. 2012) Far surpassed newspapers, radio Equaled TV 33% of young adults get news from social networks 34% watch TV news 13% read print or digital newspapers
  • Facebook’s money problem Contextual ads in right World is moving quickly to mobile ...column not working well Facebook isn’t monetizing mobile wellenough (bad placement) yet ... 7 months ago, NO mobile ads
  • One new step in $ chase: Charge users to advertise FACEBOOK GOES FREEMIUM! $7 to have a FB post get high placement in friends’ feeds, to be sure they see it
  • ‘Want’ button added (new as of Monday)A new button will soon turn up on the Facebook sites of some stores: a"want" button, which will let people select goods they hope to purchase orfind interesting.Possible FB revenue source? ... Revenue potential for media companies,not just retailers? (e.g., Engadget blog)
  • How will Facebook tackle mobile?"Weve transitioned,and are now amobile company." – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Sept. 11, 2012
  • How will Facebook tackle mobile?FB knows a LOT about you (posts, likes...)FB mobile: will know your locationFB deal with Datalogix: off-line purchasestracked (e.g., your drug store purchases)FB mobile could target an ad knowing what youtend to buy PLUS your current location ...Powerful!Zuckerberg: “We think well make a lotmore money than on the desktop”(Sept. 11, 2012)
  • What will Facebook do with facial recognition? FB purchased (facial recognition) technology already used to identify people in billions of photos on Facebook (We know that; don’t know how FB plans to use it) POSSIBLE: Identifies photo of you... • Holding a Red Bull at a party • Skiing ... skateboarding ... etc. • Target ads based on that knowledge of you LIKELY: Store/bar/restaurant camera ID’s you; offers mobile discount (Opt in) Had to shut down FB facial recognition in Europe