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TKclass social media 1: Twitter, SocialCam


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This slide deck is for "Trends in Communication & Information Technology," fall 2012, CU-Boulder

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TKclass social media 1: Twitter, SocialCam

  1. 1. Social media:What’s next for Twitter(+)? Trends in Communication & Information Technology JOUR 4871-003
  2. 2. How is social media different fromtraditional media in the context of news?12345
  3. 3. 500 million+ active users worldwide2.5 billion (approx.) people using the Internetworldwide400 million tweets per day posted (source: Gnip)
  4. 4. Revenue for Twitter Promoted tweets(aka, ads in your Twitter stream) Licensing full Twitter data firehose
  5. 5. Revenue for TwitterPromoted Trend hashtag: $120,000 One allowed per day
  6. 6. New developments on Twitter Expanded tweets(view content without leaving Twitter) "We want to migrate to a world in which the 140 characters can serve as a caption for additional functionality," Costolo said. "Wed like that to include things like real- time data, even an application functionality."
  7. 7. Expanded tweets = New revenue stream? Expanded tweets Can be interactive: e.g., live polls(view content without leaving Twitter) for NBA All Star game showing real-time results directly within a tweet box Or tweet about concert; expanded tweet allows buying tickets without leaving Twitter! For news orgs, fewer click- throughs to their sites Furthers atomization of news content BUT, opportunity for media orgs to add e-commerce, revenue actions directly in tweet Twitter likely to do this with Sponsored Tweets
  8. 8. New Twitter development: #Event pagesTwitter as the event-news destination site ... Curates/aggregates best content from others. Twitter now a news company? But it does not CREATE any original content. or
  9. 9. Coming developments at TwitterWorking on live Twitter curation tools(probably free to newsrooms ... by end of 2012)Will allow users, including journalists, to manuallycurate and display tweets to accompany breakingnews events
  10. 10. Evolution of tweeting (and beyond)1) 140 characters of text2) Text + links + photos3) Expandable: click to reveal image, headline/ blurb/link, etc.4) Coming soon: Expandable with rich content revealed (don’t leave Twitter)5) NEXT?: Video
  11. 11. Instant video sharing: Next big thing?Simple to post videoclips (to Twitter, et al)Instagram of videoQ: Will it catch onthe way Instagramdid?Q: How could thisbe used in newsreporting?