TKclass Social media 2: Facebook


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This is for "Trends in Communication & Information Technology," JOUR 4871-003, fall 2012, CU-Boulder

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TKclass Social media 2: Facebook

  1. 1. Social media: Facebook, the 800-lb. gorilla Trends in Communication & Information Technology JOUR 4871-003
  2. 2. For Facebook, Twitter, social-media skills, attend this on Monday! Monday, Oct. 15, 11:30am-1pm - Armory 201 dLab Workshop: Social Media Tools & Data for Reporting and Research Guest trainer: Dan Petty Social media editor, Denver Post/Digital First Media REGISTER:
  3. 3. 1 BILLION active users worldwide (last week)2.5 billion (approx.) people using the Internetworldwide600 million access FB with mobile devices
  4. 4. Doubled user base in 2 years! How much higher? Too big (now) to fail?
  5. 5. Facebook’s fastest-growing countries
  6. 6. How do you use Facebook ?Check Facebook: Post to Facebook: Never Never Seldom Seldom Few times a month Few times a month Every week Every week Daily Daily Few times a day Few times a day Many times a day Many times a day
  7. 7. How do you use Facebook ?Check Facebook Post to Facebookmost often: most often: On Mac/PC On Mac/PC Tablet Tablet Mobile phone Mobile phoneMobile device: Mobile device: Mobile site (HTML5) Mobile site (HTML5) iOS native app iOS native app Android native app Android native app
  8. 8. More Facebook users now on mobile than PC Ages 15-25 (American FB users): 56% access Facebook most often from a smartphone or tablet (Women: 61% - Men: 51%) PROJECTION FOR 2013: 76% of women, 62% of men Macquarie Research
  9. 9. How do you use Facebook for news?News you view Of these, whereor read because do you get MOSTof Facebook: of your news? I don’t get news Newspaper (print) from Facebook TV news News links Radio news MOSTLY from News websites (PC/Mac) friends, family News sites/apps (mobile) News links MOSTLY from news Facebook orgs, journalists Twitter
  10. 10. Facebook users get fewer news referrals from news orgs than on Twitter
  11. 11. Facebook trendsAmerican adults under 30:Social media as a primary sourceof daily news...(Pew Research Center for the People & The Press, Sept. 2012) Far surpassed newspapers, radio Equaled TV 33% of young adults get news from social networks 34% watch TV news 13% read print or digital newspapers
  12. 12. Facebook’s money problem Contextual ads in right World is moving quickly to mobile ...column not working well Facebook isn’t monetizing mobile wellenough (bad placement) yet ... 7 months ago, NO mobile ads
  13. 13. One new step in $ chase: Charge users to advertise FACEBOOK GOES FREEMIUM! $7 to have a FB post get high placement in friends’ feeds, to be sure they see it
  14. 14. ‘Want’ button added (new as of Monday)A new button will soon turn up on the Facebook sites of some stores: a"want" button, which will let people select goods they hope to purchase orfind interesting.Possible FB revenue source? ... Revenue potential for media companies,not just retailers? (e.g., Engadget blog)
  15. 15. How will Facebook tackle mobile?"Weve transitioned,and are now amobile company." – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Sept. 11, 2012
  16. 16. How will Facebook tackle mobile?FB knows a LOT about you (posts, likes...)FB mobile: will know your locationFB deal with Datalogix: off-line purchasestracked (e.g., your drug store purchases)FB mobile could target an ad knowing what youtend to buy PLUS your current location ...Powerful!Zuckerberg: “We think well make a lotmore money than on the desktop”(Sept. 11, 2012)
  17. 17. What will Facebook do with facial recognition? FB purchased (facial recognition) technology already used to identify people in billions of photos on Facebook (We know that; don’t know how FB plans to use it) POSSIBLE: Identifies photo of you... • Holding a Red Bull at a party • Skiing ... skateboarding ... etc. • Target ads based on that knowledge of you LIKELY: Store/bar/restaurant camera ID’s you; offers mobile discount (Opt in) Had to shut down FB facial recognition in Europe