Is Volunteered Gi Sustainable


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Is Volunteered Geographic Information sustainable?
What is a sustainable map?
Why do people contribute to open projects and in particular OpenStreetMap?
How can OSM build and sustain its community?

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  • Thank you OSM for inviting an arch paleo like me to talk to youComing from a local government background I have talked with many clients who were increasingly interested in how OSM could form part of their mapping data strategy. The question frequently came up is this sustainable?I am not sure what people mean by a sustainable map but perhaps this morning we can explore the concept and how it might impact the future of OSM and its community.
  • This morning I want to briefly consider what does sustainable mean for a street map, what might be the special characteristics of a volunteered street map, explore the way that people participate in OSM and consider the motivations of people who contribute volunteered geographic information. Finally I want to offer a few thoughts and pose a couple of questions to you about the future of the OSM community.
  • And we can all learn from participating
  • The people who have been pretty good friends to OSM over the years
  • So back to my opening questionIs VGI sustainable? CLICKIf OSM keeps doing the things that it currently does well then it looks like the future is rosy
  • Is Volunteered Gi Sustainable

    1. Is Volunteered Geographic Information Sustainable?<br />Steven Feldman<br />
    2. Agenda<br />Sustainability<br />Participation<br />Motivation<br />Future Gazing<br />
    3. How many of you contribute to OSM?<br />Frequently<br />Moderately<br />Once or twice<br />How many of you earn a living or part from GI?<br />Other IT?<br />Married?<br />Kids?<br />
    4. What do you want from a street map?<br />
    5. Complete<br />
    6. Known accuracy<br />
    7. Currency<br />
    8. Becoming sustainable?<br />People<br />Process<br />
    9. Growing numbers of contributors<br />
    10. Soaring to new heights<br />
    11. Past the tipping point?<br />
    12. Contributor Fatigue<br />
    13. Is there a VGI tail off?<br />
    14. North London<br />Long tail – Top 10 contributors out of 189 contributed 81%!<br />
    15. Redlands, California<br />75% of contributions from 2 users<br />
    16. Belfast<br />84% of contributions from 4 people<br />
    17. Amsterdam<br />76% of edits (exc AND) from 5 contributors out of 104<br />
    18. Observations<br />Most cities dependent upon small number of contributors<br />Some evidence of user fatigue<br />Large cities attract new major contributors, small ones don’t<br />
    19. Updates<br />
    20. OpenStreetMappers?<br />
    21. Values<br />
    22. Social<br />
    23. Understanding<br />
    24. Protection<br />
    25. Fun<br />
    26. Ideology<br />
    27. Values<br />Social<br />Understanding<br />Career<br />Protective<br />Enhancement<br />Fun<br />Ideology<br />
    28. Top 4 motivations<br />Fun<br />Ideology<br />Values<br />Understanding<br />
    29. What does this mean for OpenStreetMap?<br />
    30. Invite a Big Guy<br />
    31. Is Volunteered Geographic Information Sustainable?<br />YES<br />
    32. Thank You<br />Steven Feldman<br />KnowWhere<br />e:<br />w:<br />t:<br />