Make your social games virile!


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Create virile Facebook social games!

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Make your social games virile!

  1. How do you increase the virility…..<br />sriramkri at gmail com<br />@sriramkri<br /> <br />
  2. …of your social games<br />
  3. Yes, you heard it right. <br />VIRILITY. <br />
  4. Definition<br />the masculine property of being capable of copulation and procreation <br />
  5. make your social game the alfa male in this dog eat dog world<br />
  6. Your social games ….<br />
  7. Need to stand out … grow …and leave a mark<br />
  8. Getting your game to be virile is just the first step …<br />
  9. A virile game is not the end solution …<br />
  10. Ensure focus is given to developing the funnel …<br />
  11. Kick-ass virile games let the users do the procreating and copulating …<br />
  12. So, how can you create a kick-ass virile social game that will let the users do the procreating and copulating given that Facebook is constantly changing user privacy settings and making it difficult to freely acquire new users<br />
  13. A combination of many things …<br />
  14. Assume …<br />Facebook = Viagra <br />
  15. Now that the hard part is out of the way …<br />
  16. Let’s focus on increasing your user count …<br />
  17. In public: You want to be the alfa male of all social games ...<br />Where the sun doesn’t shine: Implement steps to increase your user count!<br />
  18. FB platform features<br />Luck<br />Incentives<br />Publicity<br />Design<br />Metrics<br />
  19. Utilize all FB Platform features<br />Games can’t be too dependent on any single FB platform feature<br />It has to utilize all FB platform features available: publish2stream, publish pictures, become a fan, bookmarking, email<br />Some features are better at acquiring users, some are better at retaining users<br />
  20. Incentivize co-operation, sharing<br />Games have to encourage the user to interact with and to engage other users<br />Incentives, incentives, incentives! <br /><ul><li>To promote in-game action, To invite new users, To get invited users to accept invitation, To become a fan – Big Thing!, To subscribe to email or bookmarking, To grow avatar, farm, land, accomplish missions etc</li></ul>Ensure that the users are obliged to engage or to reciprocate action<br />
  21. Design<br />Simple UI for UX <br /><ul><li>Complicated applications take a longer time to catch on
  22. K.I.S.S
  23. Backend: No major complicated effort required</li></ul>Integrate non-conditional viral features in the game mechanics<br />
  24. Start tracking early + track everything <br />Tracking + Metrics = Feedback -> Better decision making<br />Listen to your users. Excellent management of community<br />K factor, Click/Publish ratios, Response rates, ROIs<br />
  25. Publicity + Customer acquisition<br />Old school – PR, blogs, conferences<br />Leverage others: Cross promotion on 6waves, own apps etc<br />Ads on Rockyou, FB etc<br />You will also need luck on your side <br />
  26. Increase your count with the 6 steps!<br />
  27. But let’s delve …<br />FB platform features<br />Incentives<br />
  28. Those days, games relied on notifications, forced invitations and publish2streams …<br />
  29. Users:<br />
  30. Game developers: <br />
  31. These days, more emphasis on publish2stream; incentivizing cooperation ...<br />
  32. Game developers:<br />Only major virile option …<br />
  33. So, what’s the most important FB tool you can use to make your game virile on Facebook?<br />Publish2stream<br />
  34. Publish2stream is the mating call<br />
  35. Incentives = Peacocking<br />Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock's use their feathers to get a mate.<br />
  36. Publish2Stream<br />Incentives<br />
  37. Users procreate and copulate!<br />
  38. When do you publish2stream?<br />To show and tellleveling up<br />win/loss in battle<br />sending/receiving<br />challenging friends<br />obtaining items<br />finding items<br />
  39. When do you publish2stream?<br />To seek favours, to make requests<br />buildings get constructed faster<br />to grow your farms<br />fertilize crops<br />to fill up clan<br />to fill up homes<br />hiring friends in Hotel<br />survey questions about user<br />
  40. Incentivizing publish2streams<br />Users frequently encouraged to publish2stream<br /> More publish2streams<br />
  41. Incentivizing publish2streams<br />User 1 Publishes<br /> User 2 clicks, completes action<br /> User 1 gets incentives<br /> User 1 nags User 2 to complete action<br />
  42. Incentivizing publish2streams<br />User 1 Publishes <br /> User 2 clicks , completes action<br /> User 1 + 2 get incentives<br /> Win-win<br />
  43. Publish2streams can have a variety of incentive strategies<br />
  44. Tips to bring out the beast in your game…<br />
  45. Use a cute picture for your stream post. <br />
  46. Incentivize the small bottom right link to encourage procreation and copulation …<br />
  47. Use “call for mating” headers instead of general boring statements …<br />
  48. Ask yourself, would you rather …..<br /> Get a sign on bonus? <br /> Save the seal?<br /> Play Tiki resort?<br />
  49. Mating analytics<br /> Track the # of times a pop-up is shown, and a pop-up is published to stream<br /> There are three areas on a stream post users can choose to click (look below)<br /> Track the click through rates, and action completed for all 3 areas<br /> Determine which one works best!<br />
  50. Variables2track<br />Date or Cohort<br /> Type of stream post<br /> Designs or styles for a/b testing<br /># of pop-ups shown to users (a)<br /> # of published pop-ups (b)<br />Published/shown ratio = b/a<br /># of clicks from all users for pop-up (c)<br />Clicks/published ratio = c/b<br />
  51. Variables2track - contd<br />Click breakdown – Where did users click?<br /><ul><li>1 – Picture (d), % of total clicks = d/c
  52. 2 – Header (e), % of total clicks = e/c
  53. 3 – Small link (f), % of total clicks = f/c</li></ul>Actions completed<br /><ul><li>1 – Action 1 – g
  54. 2 – Action 2 – h
  55. 3 – Action 3 – I</li></ul>Total action completed = g+h+I = j<br />Total ROI = j/c or j/b or j/a depending on what you’re tracking<br />
  56. Hopefully you’re now able to develop a virile game …<br />
  57. Be the social game alfa male … !<br />Increase your game’s user count … !<br />
  58. The END<br />Need any clarification on Facebookvirality? Any feedback? Like to have the excel sheet for the publish2stream analytics? Contact me below. Cheers.<br />sriramkri at gmail com<br />@sriramkri<br /> <br />