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Social Fest 10 7 09 Deck V2


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Building popular social games through in game virality, social and community marketing, case of Farmville. Presentation at Oct 07, 2009 Social Fest.

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  • Cool, those are interesting for making viral social app . I wonder why I've never thought of them before. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Social Fest 10 7 09 Deck V2

  1. 1. Game design that goes viral Sana N Choudary Social Fest October 24, 2009
  2. 2. What you think you are here for To learn what social hooks are about get ideas for some quick fixes So you can go back to what your enjoy and are good at focus on game design
  3. 3. But actually... There are no silver bullets Why? Anything that worked in the past has diminishing returns over time because: users get desensitized over time Facebook changes technology rules
  4. 4. What do you have to do to succeed? Build virality into game play Provide social media and marketing support Look at analytics and constantly iterate and optimize (not covered in this presentation)
  5. 5. Who am I? Sana N Choudary aka traffichoney. Work with traditional game developers Help them use and optimize Facebook viral channels and social media marketing to build popular social apps Curious?
  6. 6. How? 1) effective in game virality 2) social media and community marketing
  7. 7. What is virality?
  8. 8. Virality defined techniques that use pre-existing social networks to increase customer acquisition to your application through self-replicating viral processes, enhanced by the network effects of the Internet--paraphrased Wikipedia
  9. 9. Why viral loops are important? Gets past Facebook allocations limits Exponentially increases number of users to monetize Viral factor discounts customer acquisition cost
  10. 10. Casestudy: Farmville
  11. 11. What is Farmville? Facebook farm game where you grow, harvest, and sell fruits and vegetables rear farm animals and sell them or their produce buy other decorative farm items Have your friends as farming neighbors Top Facebook game since August More than 51 million monthly active users (As of Oct 1st)
  12. 12. Keys to success 1) effective in game virality 2) social media and community marketing
  13. 13. Viral Channel 1: Minifeed Photos
  14. 14. Viral Channel 1: Minifeed In game acts
  15. 15. Viral Channel 1: Minifeed Rewards
  16. 16. Viral Channel 1: Minifeed Status messages
  17. 17. Viral Channel 2: Newsfeed
  18. 18. Viral Channel 3: Invite with a twist Add and Remind neighbor
  19. 19. Viral Channel 3: Invite with a twist Send gifts
  20. 20. Other support Cross promotion
  21. 21. Community marketing Blog
  22. 22. Community marketing Application fan page
  23. 23. Social media marketing
  24. 24. Caveats Spending millions upon millions of dollars on advertising. They're reportedly spending 50 million dollars a year buying up facebook's ad inventory. Good at viral growth, user engagement, etc. But also spending dollars Intensive Cross promotion and leverage
  25. 25. Summary Incorporate viral elements within game play--EARLY! Dedicate resources to community and social media marketing--focus on small measurable goals and results for whatever time you can spend on this.
  26. 26. Q & A?
  27. 27. Think you have the next transformative game idea? Consult for a very limited number games that I think are creative and have solid business potential. Contact: Sana N Choudary @traffichoney Do keep in touch! Blog: weekly post dissecting virality elements and marketing of a top social game