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StarSight Wireless CCTV

  1. 1. Wireless Video Surveillance – Challenge or Opportunity?StarSight International Ltd 1
  2. 2. StarSight International Ltd 2Demand has never been greater for video surveillance systems in locations such as airports, event venues and city centers. As a result, organizationstasked with ensuring public safety and securing critical infrastructure are increasingly looking to deploy “wireless mesh” networks to extend existing wiredinfrastructure.
  3. 3. Why Wireless Mesh for Video Surveillance? StarSight International Ltd 3In terms of investment, the advantages of wireless mesh are significant: initial capital and operating expenses (CAPEX/OPEX) are 1/20th of the totalinvestment for a similar wired infrastructure. Cost reductions of that magnitude are, by themselves, motivating customers to turn to wireless solutions. On the technical side, video surveillance systems require a great deal of flexibility, and wireless mesh offers advantages there that wired systems justcan’t match. A mesh system can transport real-time wireless video, voice and data from just about any location across the network into its cloud. Camerascan be installed in buses or trains, fixed on buildings, repositioned, added or replaced, and there’s no need to pull cable, drill holes or disrupt day-to-dayoperations. Wireless mesh networks can be deployed quickly, too. A network of wireless cameras can be deployed over one square mile in just a few weeks. There’sno system downtime impacting commercial or security applications, and─because deployments don’t require trenching cable,─there are usually nopublic safety issues or other disruptions like construction-related traffic congestion.
  4. 4. Imagine a Traditional Wired Switch (Wired Ethernet infrastructure) StarSight International Ltd 4But first, what is this ‘wireless mesh’ that I will be talking about? Let’s have a look. Imagine a traditional wired switch.
  5. 5. Now, Give Each Port Wireless Capability (Wired Ethernet infrastructure) StarSight International Ltd 5Now if each of those ports had its own wireless antenna, it would look like this…
  6. 6. Separate the Ports – Bingo, a Virtual Ethernet Switch! (Wired Ethernet infrastructure) StarSight International Ltd 6If we then physically separated those ports and eliminated the hard-wired distribution system, it would look like this. Essentially, the HotPort nodes in amesh network behave this way.
  7. 7. StarSight Firetide Wireless Infrastructure StarSight International Ltd 7In StarSight - Firetides view, true mesh networks are Ethernet-based and employ a fully distributed wireless switch infrastructure. Unlike point-to-point orpoint-to-multipoint networks, every node on a true mesh network can talk to every other node with full routing and switching capabilities, along withsecurity and application layer quality of service. Infrastructure mesh networks are dynamic, in the sense that each of a network’s nodes carries the intelligence to determine the quickest, most reliablepaths for delivering data. It is an architecture that’s particularly adept at load balancing large streams of video. If a path becomes overly congested or anode disappears altogether, infrastructure mesh is smart enough to dynamically re-route feeds to the next quickest path.
  8. 8. Public Safety and Security Hospital Ambulance  Fire Station Public Park  Police Station  City Hall Police Car StarSight International Ltd 8Let’s look at some examples of wireless video surveillance in action. We start with city-wide deployments.
  9. 9. Chicago OEMC – City-Wide Surveillance StarSight International Ltd 9Wireless Mesh Fills the "Fiber" Gap The city-wide video surveillance system uses a combination of unified fiber and wireless mesh networking to make data available in real time. WithoutStarSight - Firetide wireless mesh, it would have been too difficult and cost-prohibitive to install surveillance cameras everywhere they are needed.The combination of StarSight - Firetide technology and network design provides real-time, continuously streaming video from the cameras to the OEMCcommand center. Careful network design played a key role in StarSight - Firetides ability to deliver fluid video, indistinguishable from the video providedby wired cameras. StarSight - Firetide mesh nodes are deployed in two dozen meshes spread out around Chicagos downtown area. The multi-meshconfiguration provides sufficient bandwidth for each camera on the mesh. Each mesh then connects via a "head node" to the city fiber, with fiberbackhauling the traffic to the OEMC command center.
  10. 10. Chicago OEMC – City-Wide Surveillance  125 wireless cameras  550 cameras total  Dense urban environment  Harsh environmental conditions StarSight International Ltd 10Within one week of coming on board, StarSight - Firetide had its first mesh network in place and transmitting video optimized to the exact specifications ofOEMC and IBM. Based on this success, IBM decided to use StarSight - Firetide for the remainder of the wireless project.Operating in the dedicated 4.9 GHz public safety band, StarSight - Firetide mesh delivers exceptional reliability and performance in a very dense urbanenvironment. Downtown Chicago has numerous high-rises and narrow streets, making for a challenging RF environment. The network performs well inthe uncompromising climate of the Midwest, withstanding the snow and freezing temperatures of winter, and heat and high humidity of summer.
  11. 11. Dallas – Downtown Surveillance StarSight International Ltd 11Dallas PD goal was to reduce crime in the downtown business district and to combat the perception of inadequate safety measures in the area. The policedepartment was pleasantly surprised at the speed of implementation and the tremendous support from the business community. While they did not go intothe project with the concept of wireless, the benefits quickly became obvious: the mesh enables quick setup of the network without a complete overhaul,while providing excellent bandwidth and security for video streams.
  12. 12. Monitoring at Police Headquarters  32 mesh nodes, 40 cameras, 31 locations  30% coverage of downtown  Crime down 12% since March ‘07 StarSight International Ltd 12Central business district have been able to answer 1297 calls driven by camera operatorsArrest 317 people based on the images in the camera278 incidents reviewed after the crime committed (no figure yet on arrests)27 arrests during demonstrations or other mass eventsCrime is down 12% in the downtownDallas PD hired retired officers to staff the monitoring station part-timeLow cost solution – instead of taking officers off the streets24/7 monitoringStaffed by experienced officersCoordinate with patrol to respond to incidentsEvidence recorded for crime investigation and prosecution
  13. 13. Wireless Transportation Networks Security Monitors Internet Internet Gateway StarSight International Ltd 13Mobile video surveillance is crucial in insuring safety of operators and passengers alike, also protecting against fraudulent injury or loss claims.
  14. 14. MBTA, Boston – Mobile Surveillance StarSight International Ltd 14The integrated wireless surveillance system is being implemented by the MBTA, the fifth busiest transit system in the U.S., transporting nearly 1.2 millionpassengers daily. The $1.4 million project, partially funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant, calls for installation of onboard surveillancesystems on 155 new buses.
  15. 15. MBTA, Boston – Mobile Surveillance  155 busses, 8 cameras each  Mobile-to-mobile surveillance  Passenger and operator safety  Liability protection StarSight International Ltd 15The solution enables transmission of live video feeds to laptops in MBTA police officers networked vehicles, allowing first responders to view an onboardincident as it unfolds, in real time. Consequently, responders can plan and execute tactics faster and smarter -- enhancing the safety and security ofpassengers, officers, and transit personnel alike.
  16. 16. Urban Security Hospital Ambulance  Fire Station Public Park  Police Station  City Hall Police Car StarSight International Ltd 16Video surveillance brings safety and security to crime ridden neighborhood – giving the communities back to their residents.
  17. 17. Jubilee Park, Dallas – Neighborhood Surveillance StarSight International Ltd 17Jubilee Park is a neighborhood with a history of high crime: 80 percent of area residents report being victimized within the past year. To date in 2007,there have been six assaults, six robberies, and 25 burglaries in the Jubilee Park neighborhood, according to police records. In 2006, there was onehomicide, two rapes, 13 assaults, and 26 burglaries.StarSight - Firetide wireless mesh and Sony cameras have been installed at intersections throughout the community and are controlled by the DallasPolice Department, providing police with the capability to monitor activity in real time. "This system allows us to do things we normally cannot do in acommunity," said Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle. "It gives us 24-hour visibility. What citizens and businesses always want, but we cant provide, is apolice officer on every corner. To an extent, this mesh network and these cameras allow us to do that."
  18. 18. Rockford, IL – Housing Authority StarSight International Ltd 18The mesh network operated by the Rockford Housing Authority connects outdoor video surveillance cameras wirelessly to a central location for livemonitoring and recording of the video feeds.The housing authority was able to deliver a technology-based solution to reduce crime and disorder in public housing. Immediately after the cameraswere installed, crime and loitering diminished immensely, and both our residents and employees are feeling safer. Equally as important, the installation ofthe cameras has helped to improve the perception of public housing especially to prospective residents. Knowing that these cameras are up andmonitored, those who live in and around public housing can better understand the business impact a safe environment has on a community.
  19. 19. Security for Special Events Hospital Ambulance  Fire Station Public Park  Police Station  City Hall Police Car Fire Engine  Portable Mesh Node and CameraStarSight International Ltd 19
  20. 20. Phoenix PD – Super Bowl 2008 StarSight International Ltd 20The Phoenix Police Department set up an ultra-fast and secure wireless network provided by StarSight - Firetide. The system transports evidence-gradevideo from cameras in alleys, the middle of the street, and other hard-to-reach places to two operation centers. Even with fewer “boots on the ground,” thepolice department is able to decrease traffic congestion and reduce the risk of incident escalations.Before the Phoenix PD had this system, an incident around the corner could easily escalate into a larger problem before it was even detected. With 360-degree cameras, trained operators were able see incidents as they occurred. The StarSight - Firetide video network acted as a force multiplier
  21. 21. Commercial and Industrial Security Internet Monitoring Station WI-FI Coverage Internet Gateway StarSight International Ltd 21Mesh networks expand the reach of surveillance coverage and enable mobility, protecting property and ensuring employee safety.
  22. 22. NASA Dryden – Asset Protection AgileMesh ™ Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance StarSight International Ltd 22Officials at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards Air Force Base, CA, were told they had 60 days to find a way to protect multi-million dollargovernment research aircraft in a satellite hanger in Palmdale, CA. Because NASA moved the planes into the hanger much sooner than the security teamhad anticipated, they didn’t have the typical time needed to specify, procure and install a fixed surveillance system.The cameras around the perimeter transmit evidence-grade video from the hanger to the operations center. The video is monitored by staffers in theoperations center who can, if necessary, contact patrol units within seconds. The video is stored for 30 days for incident review and investigation. Officialssay it has already helped improve enforcement of safety procedures.NASA officials can now maintain stringent government security standards without installing a bulky, expensive security system that is tough to use andtougher to maintain. The Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility has an easy way protect multi-million dollar research aircraft, while providing valuableevidence for security and safety investigations.
  23. 23. Dubai Tower – Construction Site Security StarSight International Ltd 23Samsung Corp. recently deployed a StarSight - Firetide mesh network at the construction site of the tallest free-standing structure in the world, the BurjDubai (Dubai Tower), in United Arab Emirates. The newly installed StarSight - Firetide network is being used for video surveillance, VoIP (voice over IP),and RoIP (radio over IP) applications at the worksite.The Burj Dubai is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008 and will rise over 2,275 feet high. Initially, communication in and around the site wasaccomplished using traditional walkie-talkies - easily transportable, battery-powered radio handsets. However, as the building grew taller, this means ofconnection became less and less reliable.
  24. 24. Critical Success FactorsStarSight International Ltd 24
  25. 25. Critical Success Factors  Draw from multiple sources of funding  Departmental budgets, government funding, private grants  Address privacy concerns head-on  Written guideline or court orders, where necessary  Anticipate staffing and training needs  Learning curves for installations and monitoring  Partner for success  Municipal departments, constituents, suppliers  Consider the total infrastructure  Backhaul options (wired or wireless); cameras; monitoring software StarSight International Ltd 25Draw From Multiple Sources of FundingInvestigate various sources of funding, which may be available from departmental budgets, homeland security grants, and even private grants.Additionally, a public safety network can be securely augmented to provide more services such as public Internet access and voice over IP.Address Privacy Concerns Head-onFor overt surveillance, adopt written surveillance guidelines and ensure personnel are properly trained. Inform affected constituencies – residents,businesses, and media – ahead of time; open communications and public demos are well received. For covert surveillance, reassure the public and themedia that the surveillance is conducted strictly within the law.Anticipate Staffing and Training NeedsPolice personnel need training on the new monitoring technology, for example remote camera management or mastering the video managementsoftware. Learning curves may vary; allow for this in the training process. For large surveillance projects, a creative approach is to hire retired policepersonnel who may be interested in working part-time in the monitoring room.Partner for SuccessSeek out system integrators and suppliers who are comfortable with wireless and IP technologies and who will support you. Interagency cooperation isalso essential for rapid deployment.Consider the Total InfrastructureIdentify the backhaul options (how you will connect the wireless mesh to the monitoring station) early in the planning stages. Wired and wireless are bothviable options; backhaul can be dedicated or shared with other local government applications.
  26. 26. Walkthrough and Site Survey  Start with feasibility walkthrough  Obstructions  Access to mounting locations  Backhaul and power availability  Formal site survey is NOT optional  Rule of thumb: 10-20 camera locations/day  Include: RF environment, path profiles, path calculations, projected performance per node, site information, antennae, cabling, power, backhaul, enclosures, bill of materials, deployment schedule, site photos  Require written documentation StarSight International Ltd 26Start with Feasibility WalkthroughVisit potential surveillance sites and note any obstructions: trees, buildings, pedestrian and vehicular traffic.Also consider access to mounting locations and availability of power and backhaul.Ensure that a Formal Site Survey is PerformedA formal site survey provides a solid “roadmap” for your deployment.Include RF environment, path profiles, projected performance per node, antennae, cabling, power, backhaul, enclosures, bill of materials, deploymentschedule, and site photos.A written document makes sure that expectations and timeframes are properly set.
  27. 27. Network Design  Thorough network design and bandwidth planning are crucial  Ensure clear line of sight between nodes  Use multi-mesh topology  Use high-gain, directional antennas  Specify high-quality encoder if analog cameras are used Sector antennae Patch antenna StarSight International Ltd 27Thorough Network Design and Bandwidth Planning are CrucialWhen designing the mesh network, ensure that the network provides sufficient throughput and low latency.To maintain high-performance, establish clear line of site between nodes.Specify high-gain, directional antennas;Can use omnis, but only in very specific circumstances – when nodes are close together and at the same elevation, with clear RF line of sightUse a multi-mesh topology – meshes interconnected by wired or wireless backhaul – to provide maximum bandwidth for each camera.
  28. 28. Network Tuning  Optimize mesh configuration after installation  Strong link quality required (1.5 ms latency per hop optimal)  Eliminate weak RF links  Manually set the link speed for best video performance  Keep HotView Pro running continuously  24/7 monitoring of link performance  Investigate intermittent outages or interference problems StarSight International Ltd 28Optimize Mesh Configuration After InstallationIn any RF installation, there will be node-pairs with weak RF connections.You will improve performance, if you manually eliminate weak links, leaving only the strongest ones.We also recommend you manually set the link speed, rather than leaving all links to auto-negotiate the speed.You will avoid “link flapping” (intermittent connectivity), which is detrimental to video performance.
  29. 29. Camera Settings  Consider camera settings  Is full-motion and full-resolution video really required?  What compression is acceptable?  What are the camera defaults?  Unicast vs multicast traffic (Fewer cameras per mesh with multicast)  Bandwidth per camera  Manage requirements to “right-size” the network StarSight International Ltd 29Consider Camera SettingsAs you embark on the video surveillance project, be clear about performance requirements.Is full-motion and full-resolution video required?What compression is acceptable?Realistic performance requirements will help you avoid over-engineering the network.Instead, you can achieve greater coverage for the same project cost.
  30. 30. Setting the Right Expectations  Critical steps  Conduct a formal site survey  Design mesh network for reliable performance  Specify proper equipment  Optimize as you go StarSight International Ltd 30At the end of the day, it’s all about setting proper expectations and creative use of technology.StarSight - Firetide wireless mesh enables deployment of IP video surveillance where it was previously cost-prohibitive or impractical.StarSight - Firetide eliminates performance and security concerns attributed to wireless networksOur technology enables real-time video streaming equal in quality to wired networksStarSight - Firetide provides multiple levels of security, including support for 4.9 GHz licensed public safety band.
  31. 31. StarSight Firetide Snapshot  Leading provider of mesh networking and access products portfolio enabling concurrent transmission of real-time video, voice and data over wireless Ethernet  Technology leader with 18 key patent cases filed  Complete wireless ecosystem • Multi-Service Wireless, Wi-Fi Access, CPE, Network Management  Over 1,000 installations in 30 countries StarSight International Ltd 31SPEAKER NOTES:What we have done for many customers around the world, we can do for you in your business.StarSight - Firetide is the industry leader in delivering concurrent real-time vide, voice and data, and that’s why customers throughout the world haveturned to StarSight - Firetide. In fact, 30% of our current business is replacing wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and other mesh products that failas soon as a customer tries to add real-time video or other bandwidth-intensive applications to their networks.
  32. 32. Leader in Wireless Video Surveillance Rockford, IL Phoenix, AZ Downtown Chicago MBTA – Boston Dallas, TX Dubai Tower, UAE NASA Dryden Yuma Intl Airport StarSight International Ltd 32Thank You!
  33. 33. Thank You! Your Name Your contact informationStarSight International Ltd 33