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Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE Deployment Stories


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Parallel Wireless is reimagining LTE for public safety to provide control, coverage, and resilience for first responders. Learn more about our public safety LTE deployments at

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Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE Deployment Stories

  1. 1. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Deploying at the speed of dispatch. Reimagine LTE for Public Safety Deployments, Demos, and Trials Overview
  2. 2. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE Real-world tested and deployed Demonstrated to US DoD and DHS and at JIFX military exercise. Satellite/ LTE at 45 MPH! Demonstrate interop and resilience between Canada and US at CAUSE II Sheriff installs RAN on flagpole - 15 min. Part of the public safety LTE ecosystem for US FirstNet Demonstrated as an integral component of Cisco’s Public Safety LTE architecture @ APCO 2015 Demonstrated in Disaster City and Winter Institute exercises and outside US territorial waters. Demonstrated to Indian Military at DEFCOM: Delhi 2015 Trialed by public safety network in Europe Live public safety LTE Band 14 network at Super Bowl 50 20 days from invitation to coverage Deployed at MACC base to demonstrate interop, ease of deployment, and rural / in-building / mobile coverage LTE North America Awards nominee
  3. 3. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Band 14 Permanent Deployments and Trials Q2 2016 MACC Base Band 14 trials Logos – permanent deployments
  4. 4. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Feb 2014: JIFX/Military Exercise Self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing Self-configuration of the network: under an hour. PTT, video, FDX voice, talker ID, group call, audio quality over LTE. 4
  5. 5. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Aug 14 JIFX Military Exercise Self-configuring, easy to install resilient network for voice and data 5 • An instant Band 14 cellular network to solve interoperability problems presented by current network infrastructures. • Equipment is setup with no technical background and very little training in a matter of minutes • Demonstrate network resilience for to run uninterrupted when the primary backhaul link was severed • Network on demand: can be deployed in a tight space such as backpack/car to provide a mission-critical ad hoc network in minutes. • Ruggedized Equipment exposed to the extreme weather all day and overnight NPS Cadets attaching equipment to tripod. Also visible here is the variety of antennas used to provide network coverage.
  6. 6. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary SON: Installation Simplicity with Self-Configuration Havre, MT 6 • Easy install and set up multi-node Band 14 network. • HNG • configuring the modes and optimizing access and backhaul • managing traffic prioritization and security. • Multi location Band 14 network deployed in 45 minutes. • Ease of install  • The county sheriff and the local ISP installed PW gear with no manual no training. • Network becomes operational under 10 min: hands-free and plug-n- play • Configuration monitoring real-time on a smartphone
  7. 7. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Summer 2015 – Ongoing Milford Area Communications Center (MACC) Base Providing Band 14 LTE for public safety in rural NH 7 Shortlisted for LTE North America Awards for Most Innovative LTE service. • Live Public Safety LTE network trial over 6 months (fixed nodes + mobile nodes)
  8. 8. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless - In The News: MACC base 8 Parallel Wireless trials ‘self-configuring’ public safety network in New Hampshire Parallel Wireless is deploying a band 14 public safety network in rural NH that will demonstrate interoperability and ease of deployment, as well as automation of configuration and maintenance. In addition to demonstrating interoperability, this trial network will also address the requirements of FirstNet to provide voice and data coverage from rural, to in-buildings, to in-vehicles. Interoperability is one key aspect of the deployment. … sometimes first responders are deployed to an area with no cellular coverage. In that situation, the company's CWS- 200, a ruggedized in-vehicle eNodeB and Wi-Fi Access point, could be a solution. The CWS-200 is a compact, self-configuring mesh solution. The device can provide its own backhaul via LTE or satellite.
  9. 9. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary August 2015: APCO Ecosystem Cisco’s Booth • A complete public safety LTE solution of different vendors to form an interoperable ecosystem to deliver on the promise of resilient and reliable LTE for public safety, • Parallel Wireless, RAN components • in-vehicle • deployable form factors • RAN orchestrator to manage the network 9
  10. 10. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless – APCO Ecosystem APCO 2015 – Parallel Wireless 10 The most interesting new entrant in the wireless base-station market is a New Hampshire startup with a penchant for thinking differently. Although Parallel Wireless did not have a dedicated stand at APCO 2015, the company appeared in Cisco's exhibit ... By including Parallel Wireless – which brings a proven platform for outdoor or vehicle-mounted deployment to the Cisco story ... But the move was also striking in that it spotlighted Cisco's inability to leverage the small-cell investment it made in 2013 with its acquisition of Ubiquisys, a small-cell specialist.
  11. 11. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Winter Institute (WI) November 2-6, 2015 Live Band 14 Exercise • Live LTE Band 14 network to support rescue exercises at two sites: • On land at the EOC at Disaster City at Texas A&M in College Station • 15 miles offshore in the Gulf by Galveston on Coast Guard and Houston PD vessels. 11
  12. 12. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Winter Institute Demonstrations Band 14 Interoperability, Resilience 12 • Demonstrations: • Parallel Wireless’ CWS connected into the EPC at Parallel Wireless headquarters in Nashua to showcase its cloud-based capabilities
  13. 13. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Fall 2015 – Ongoing: Sprint ERT Permanent Deployment Band 14 eNodeB on top of the COW for coverage Local HetNet Gateway to self-organize network 13
  14. 14. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Dec 2015: FirstNet Board Meeting Indoor Coverage Support • Band 14 indoor coverage extending Harris County network to cover FirstNet meeting room at the Hyatt. • Parallel Wireless Band 14 eNodeB with flexible backhaul  using Ethernet • Carrier LTE backhaul as a back up in case of failure • Parallel Wireless HetNet gateway between the eNodeB and the Ericsson EPC • Interoperable with any EPC • Can drive many eNodeB with no additional port requirement/cost at the EPC. 14
  15. 15. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary February 2016: Super Bowl 50 FBI: Can Parallel build Super Bowl City network? 15 • NFL proposed radios in north and south scoreboards - then shifted to Super Bowl City • 3 weeks to plan • Flexible EPC: Houston EPC (with local backup too) • Flexible power including vehicle power • Software from Parallel Wireless (not field staff) does self network optimizations • Interoperable between agencies
  16. 16. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Data and Voice with Solid Throughput Streaming video, Data between Different Agencies 16
  17. 17. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless – Super Bowl 50 17 … a group of vendors came together to rapidly deploy a Band 14 LTE network to support about three dozen devices plus a sensor network for video feeds. Super Bowl gives public safety a glimpse of FirstNet Parallel Wireless and partners put public safety LTE network to the test during Super Bowl 50 Gigantic events like the Super Bowl are providing opportunities for FirstNet partners to demonstrate their technology.
  18. 18. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary March 2016: Live Band 14 Demo @IWCE: FirstNet Gains Momentum Parallel Wireless IWCE Booth 18 infrastructure/lte/firstnet-gains-momentum-tag6 • HNG auto-configures and self- optimizes the network to ensure optimal coverage • HNG interworks with local Cisco EPC • Enabled PTT, voice and data, • LMR to LTE interoperability capabilities
  19. 19. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Cisco Partners with Parallel Wireless on Deploy-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit to Help Mission Critical Public Safety agencies to Deploy Band 14 tactical operations “Solution as a whole” to address the entire FirstNet system • These LTE solution kits can be used for • temporary coverage • indoor coverage • during disasters to help fill in tactical FirstNet coverage • A solution to provide control, coverage, and resilience • By enabling interoperability, using cost-effective equipment, and enabling flexible backhaul this enables FirstNet to successfully rollout a nationwide public safety network. • Self-configuring/easy to install, self-optimizing • Cisco’s digital platform brings together our expertise in virtualization, mobile Internet protocol, and instant group communications. 19 parallel-wireless-on-deploy-it-yourself-diy-kit-to-help-mission- critical-public-safety-agencies-to-deploy-band-14-tactical- operations
  20. 20. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless - In The News Cisco partners with Parallel Wireless on DIY kit for Band 14 Cisco is partnering with Parallel Wireless on a deploy-it-yourself kit to help mission-critical public safety agencies deploy Band 14 tactical operations. First Plug-N-Play emergency Services Cellular Network Introduced Parallel Wireless and Ecosystem Partners Announce General Availability of FirstNet-Ready Band 14-in-a-Box. Vendors Introduce New Products at IWCE Parallel Wireless announced an easy-to-deploy 700 MHz band 14 public-safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) network kit that can deploy in minutes and is compliant with Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards. The kit supports both mission-critical voice and data and is self configuring and self optimizing, company officials said. The kit includes components from Parallel, Sonim Technologies, Athonet, Mutualink and BEC Technologies. 20
  21. 21. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Parallel Wireless - In The News Parallel Wireless, Mutualink: Steve Kropper, Joe Boucher explain companies’ Super Bowl collaboration with Sonim Joe Boucher of Mutualink and Steve Kropper of Parallel Wireless explain how their companies (along with rugged handset maker Sonim Technologies) quickly deployed a Band 14 LTE network to support first responders assigned to securing an activities area in conjunction with Super Bowl 50. Cisco Demonstrates Unified Instant Connect Solutions at IWCE 2016 Mission and business critical organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting and using secure broadband networks, supporting open standards and multivendor technologies, and using new public safety applications, while adopting new policies for bring your own device (BYOD) using Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets for their personnel. Now they are bringing their own coverage (BYOC). 21
  22. 22. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary XPLTE – FirstNet Colorado Voice and Data Communications on band 14 22
  23. 23. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Spring 2016 – Ongoing: Band 14 LTE Permanent Deployment Permanent fixed deployment: Band 14 CWS in-vehicle (with embedded EPC) HetNet Gateway to self- configure/self-optimize network 23
  24. 24. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary June 2016: Indy Vintage Car Racing • Indy challenge: spotty wireless coverage, network congestion • Network delivers Public Safety LTE for voice and data to enable First Net vision of interoperable multimedia network 24
  25. 25. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary July 2016-- Republican National Convention (RNC) Ease of Install 25 All in one base station, no cabinet, flexible backhaul and power Crew with no technical background/ previous experience completed install Repossession company, not installers
  26. 26. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary July 2016 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza Event Overview • Band 14 network at Lollapalooza with TourTech. • “Lolla” is a popular two- day music festival in the US that hosts thousands of music fans every year –over 400,000 visitors over four days! • Challenges to address: • voice communications • access to live video and image sharing. 26
  27. 27. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary September 2016 - Grand Canyon West Public Safety Exercise Location: South rim of the grand canyon of the Hualapai reservation Hetnet Gateway EPC Band 14 LTE elements: • Push to talk voice • LMR radios connected to any tribal police or fire radio • Real time video • Broadcasting from any Band 14 handset or any carrier device 27
  28. 28. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Nov 2016: NYC Marathon Network Set up Radio incompatibility in New York City on 9/11 between NYPD and FDNY provided public awareness for Congress to pass the legislation for FirstNet • Parallel Wireless Network components: • CWS light-weighed node • HetNet Gateway to optimize the network • Local EPC 28
  29. 29. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Nov 2016: NYC Marathon End User Experience 29
  30. 30. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Making public safety LTE as easy and cost-effective as Wi-Fi.