WDM PON Forum Workshop


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ADVA Optical Networking's Stephan Neidlinger presented this slide set at a WDM-PON Forum Workshop this week in Nice, France

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WDM PON Forum Workshop

  1. 1. WDM-PON Forum Workshop NG Optical Networking Nice, France June 23rd 2014
  2. 2. Who are the WDM-PON Forum?  Industry body formed to promote WDM-PON in access networks  System vendors, component vendors and system integrators  LinkedIn Group with 4000+ members  Regular workshops at APAC/Americas/EMEA industry events
  3. 3. Who are the WDM-PON Forum? Fiber ® inFiber ® inFiber ® in
  4. 4. Introducing WDM-PON – generic WDM-PON architecture ONT ONT ONU WDM-PON Network Separate wavelength per ONT, provides high security Feeder Fibre WDM- PON OLT WDM MX/DX Distribution Fibre
  5. 5. Today’s WDM-PON Applications Backhaul of…..  Residential Services  Fiber to the Curb, FTTC-VDSL  Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point, FTTdp-G.fast (upcoming)  Fiber to the Building, FTTB-VDSL  Fiber to the Home, FTTH-G/EPON  Business/Enterprise Services  Fiber to the Office, FTTO  Mobile Services  Fiber to the Cell Tower, Mobile Back-/Fronthaul
  6. 6. CPCurbLXCO Passive WDM Mx/Dx L2 aggregation VDSL DSLAM optional VDSL DSLAM in basement of building optional Passive WDM Mx/Dx L2 aggregation Passive optical splitter Passive WDM Mx/Dx FTTC FTTB FTTH <50 Mbps (down) 10 Mbps (up) <100 Mbps (down/up) 100+ Mbps (down) 50+ Mbps (up)G/EPON OLT Residential Service Backhaul Fiber to the Curb, Building, Home
  7. 7. CPCurbLXCO Passive WDM Mx/Dx FTTO FTTCT 1…10 Gbps (down/up) 1…10 Gbps (down/up) Remote Radio Head Passive WDM Mx/Dx Base Band Units Business and Mobile Service Back-/Fronthaul Fiber to the Office and Cell Tower
  8. 8. What is happening in the standards bodies?  C/DWDM o ITU-T G.694.1 (DWDM) o ITU-T G.694.2 (CWDM)  Access Networks o ITU-T SG 15 Q2 (based on FSAN, Full Service Access Network) o NG-PON2: o TWDM-PON o Tuneable WDM overlay o Detailed specifications in progress o G.989.1 (requirements): Editors are VZ and NTT. Consented in Sept 2012. Approved in Mar 2013. o G.989.2 (physical layer): Include both TWDM and PtP WDM. Editors are Coriant, ALU, and Huawei. Target approval in August 2014. o G.989.3 (transmission convergence, protocol layer): Editors are Vodafone, China Telecom, ALU, and ZTE. Target consent in December 2014. o IEEE 802.3 o EPON (2004) o 10G-EPON (802.3av, 2009)  Passive Metro WDM o ITU-T SG 15 Q6 o work on new Recommendation G.metro (with wavelength agnostic interfaces) o Applications: Access backhaul, mobile backhaul, mobile fronthaul, business access o Up to 10 Gbit/s down-/upstream; 40 to 80 channels per band; 20 to 80 km reach
  9. 9. What can WDM-PON offer?  Massive bandwidth per user  Application agnostic access  Business Ethernet Services  Residential Broadband Backhaul – FTTC/FTTB/FTTH  Mobile Backhaul  Mobile Fronthaul – CPRI/OBSAI  High security  Separate wavelength per user  No sharing  Highly automated optical access  Simple commissioning - Low OPEX  Simple sparing
  10. 10. The workshop’s agenda  10:30am - Welcome and Introduction  10:40 to 12:00pm – Vendor panel, Innovation in WDM-PON  ADVA – Stephan Neidlinger  Transmode – Ola Wikstrom  Coriant – Zeljko Bulut  Applied Optoelectronics Inc – Stefan Murry  12:00 to 12:20pm – Coffee break  12:20 to 13:30pm – Operator panel, WDM-PON in action  Orange – Fabienne Saliou  Three – Mark Gilmour  Group Q‘n‘A Panel Discussion
  11. 11. for converged metro access networks