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Spring day
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Spring Day

Spring Day

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  • 1. SPRING DAY Primary School nr 5 Bielsk Podlaski, Poland
    • Spring is the season between winter and summer. It's the time of year when life begins again in nature. Spring begins on March 21st. The sun is higher and higher. Its rays strike our countries more directly each day. Spring lasts until June 21.
  • 3. Marzanna
    • Marzanna , Murava or Morena is a Slavic goddess. On the first day of spring, straw effigies are made, symbolizing the winter, and burned and sometimes drowned effigy. Drowning of Marzanna is a folk tradition in Poland.
  • 4. Drowning of Marzanna
    • Drowning of Marzanna is a traditional folk fest still surviving in some parts of Poland. It's sense is to symbolically welcome the spring and bury the winter. The ritual involves burning and drowning of a straw effigy representing Marzanna. It has no more any religious meaning, it is only a tradition and good fun for children.
  • 5.  
  • 6. It is a good opportunity to share great poems with our school friends to celebrate springtime. SPRING DAY
  • 7. I is for INSECTS that flit through the air, And the grasshoppers, beetles, and ants everywhere. N is for NOISES I hear when I wake, The chirping of birds and the laughs children make. G is for GROWTH that I see around me. The plants and the animals- SPRING is lovely! Unknown S is for SUNSHINE to brighten the spring, Warming the water, the earth, everything! P is for POSIES with colors so bright- Reds, yellows, purples, Oh! what a sight! R is for RAINDROPS that splash all about, Wetting the earth so that new life can sprout.
  • 8. Spring day activities include: sports, arts and crafts, board games, movies, and group games. We create a colorful spring bulletin board using fun and easy-to-do art project.
  • 9. The Spring Day is packed with nature activities for exploring spring and enjoy dozens of other spring activities that teach us to love the world of nature .
  • 10. Let's celebrate spring. This year we have a day filled with adventure and all of pupils’ favorite things.
  • 11. Hello spring, Hello spring, Hello spring, We hope you're here to stay.
  • 12. Everyone can dress up this day!
  • 13. Spring Day is a good opportunity to invite pupils to write about nature on pages , create arts projects such as spring costumes.
  • 14. Then we have Spring Fashion Show .
  • 15. T he winner is … a boy from 6th grade called Maciek!
  • 16. Everyone can test your super powers with a number of fun and exciting games and adventures.
  • 17. All kinds of activities in the gym re-charge our batteries.
  • 18. Produced by pupils from Primary School Bielsk Podlaski, Poland under the supervision of Beata Lenartowicz and Alicja Krystosiuk