Lenmana Island Travel Special


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What is Lenmana Island? Where is Lenmana? How is life on Lenmana? watch this special Travel episode and you will find out!

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Lenmana Island Travel Special

  2. 2. SG: Was that loud enough for you? I hope so! Well anyways now that I’m back working on mylegacy(cheers all around)SG: I figured I would give you a long overdue travel introduction to Lenmana Island, it’sculture and it’s way of life. I really should have done this so much sooner.Ryan: Didn’t you used to have one?SG: (sighs) don’t remind me… I did but I can’t access my old hard drive at all so I have to startanew
  3. 3. SG: Anyways welcome to Lenmana Island, I am the resident Simself: Shadow Gem and I will beyour Hostess of this program. Behind the camera is Ryan my husband, he says hi. (breathes inhappily) Now where should I start?(Pause)Ryan: how about the location?SG: YES! Lenmana Island is located in the middle of the ocean off the coast of SimAmerica.It’s not extremely tropical since Lenmana has all four seasons. It has influences from severaldifferent cultures. The most known influence is that of the Native Americans.
  4. 4. SG: Lenmana Island also has influences from SimJapan culture and most nature basedreligions. The Lenmanans from the Lenmanan tribe are raised to respect nature and everythingit gives them. From a young age children are taught gardening, fishing, and even the respectfor their elders. The culture is passed down verbally from the elders of the tribe to the youngchildren. The story of the beginning is always taught and a lot of the most popular storiesrevolve around twin sisters Niehisa and Ketchakaila: two of those stories had been introducedthrough the Second legaversery chapter. (pauses a moment to think) Now that you mention itI’m pretty sure my third legaversery just passed as well. (Back to reality) anyways back to theshow.
  5. 5. SG: The most important thing for all Lenmanans is the land they live off of. The land is part ofthe magic of the Island. The Lenmanans are told to protect their land and the naturesurrounding the Island. When they build shelters they thank the Island for giving them theresources they need as well as accepting a lot of the new technology the island has comeacross since the beginning of time. The fact that they are close to SimAmerica is what helpsthem. Although Technology is pretty new to Lenmana they still try to preserve their land.
  6. 6. SG: Respecting those who came before them is also important, while the Lenmanan Nativeancestors had their hardships the Natives believe that their souls still live on. Either throughreincarnation of a sort or just the spirits that chose to keep watch over their descendents.The Lenmanans are actually Matrilinial, meaning the line passes through the female line of thefamily. Usually it’s the eldest daughter who inherits the family house, although if there are anyother daughters the oldest could pass it onto her younger sister if she chooses.**see “passing the torch” chapter 3.4 for more information on that
  7. 7. SG: but that doesn’t mean sons are loved any less. Lenmanans are big on family as well the areall grateful for any children they are given. Sons usually go off to live on their own when theychose to or move into their wife’s house once they marry. In some cases unmarried andchildless sons will continue to live with their mothers or sisters, Lenmanan natives aren’t onesto kick their children out of the house after they graduate. In the past large families wouldlive under one roof, although that has changed since then.
  8. 8. SG: Lenmanans also believe their children should all have a good education. The earlyLenmanans used to home school their children, or have one school that would educate thechildren in one village. Then the next village would have another school and so on. In recentyears the Lenmanans have developed schools for the island. The school year is also a bitdifferent than the SimAmerican school year: actually Lenmana’s school year is based more onthe SimJapan school year. The School year starts in April because it goes with the seasonsthat the Lenmanans pay a lot of attention to. Spring was always thought to be the season ofnew beginnings the Lenmanans figured it would be best to start school in the season as one ofthose beginnings.
  9. 9. SG: the school year ends in early March of the next year, the end of winter. But that doesn’tmean the children are in school that whole time; children have holidays and breaks throughoutthe year. The first week in May is a spring break, they have off for three days in late June for the summer solstice. Summer Vacation begins the last week of July through August and the first week of September, this also depends on the Weather. School starts up again inSeptember, and at the Autumn Equinox children get another three days off. Their next break is in December starts right before the winter solstice and ends a couple weeks into January. School is back in session until right before the spring Equinox. If a student is graduating thegraduation day would be the Saturday before the Equinox of that year. The children then get several weeks to relax before they have to start school again in Mid-April.
  10. 10. SG: There are several different schools on Lenmana and each school has a set uniform. Thereis the optional Nursery school where students can enroll if they are 3 years old before the newschool year begins or within the first week of school. Children will attend nursery school for 3years if their parents chose to send them there, for the most part parents send their childrento nursery school. The Elementary school is required for all students, children who turn 6before the new school year (or within the first week of classes) will start attending Elementaryschool. Children will attend this school for six years.
  11. 11. SG: Middle school is the next school children will attend. They start attending Middle schoolafter Elementary school graduation, children would be 12 years old or 12 years within the firstweek of classes to attend. Middle School is another three years, Middle school graduation willlead to high school, children would be 15 or 15 within the first week of classes. This is another3 years of attendance. Then students could chose to attend University or stay home and workinstead. University is optional and can be attended at any age. Most Lenmanans go on toUniversity if they can afford it. There you have the Lenmanan school system.
  12. 12. SG: I mentioned all the holidays the school children have from school now maybe I should go more intowhat Lenmanans celebrate. I have previously mentioned that Lenmanans pay close attention to the seasonsso lets star with the spring celebrations.*There is the spring Equinox which usually occurs in late March when children are in between schoolyears. It’s a three day festival filled with food, parades, shows, games, arts and souvenirs. Usually takingplace indoors if it’s too cold.*Then next is the start of the school year which is always something to celebrate, all schools have anentrance ceremony for their children parents may attend if they choose/are able to, the ceremony usuallywelcomes new students to the school, welcomes back returning students a school song is sang and theteachers make speeches. From there students are separated into homerooms where they meet theirhomeroom teachers, receive their other schedules and meet other teachers and classmates.*The next holidays take place the first week of May which has the fertility festivals. This usually celebratesthe beginning of planting and growing new crops and the natives thank the island for the past years harvestand pray for a good harvest this year.*It has a day to respect the arts of the Lenmanan Natives there are usually bonfires, native dances, artshows and selling artistic efforts.*There’s also a day to celebrate children, it’s more of a boys’ day than anything where families celebratetheir sons and thank the universe for giving them. (Since girls have their day in the Winter).
  13. 13. *Summer starts making its appearance in late June when the Summer Solstice Festival is celebrated.Just like the spring equinox there is a three day festival filled with food, parades, shows, games, artsand souvenirs. Children always have off from school and this festival always takes place outside.*In early July there is a Stargazer’s day where the Natives show their respects to the sun, moon, starsand planets; basically celebrating and thanking the universe for letting them live. This is only for about24 hours starting the night before where families will go out look at the night sky and watch fireworks.The next day is usually filled with fortunetellers and other things to do with the Lenmanan nativemagic. The next night is another night willed with fireworks and stargazing. The Stargazer’s 24 hoursusually takes place on the weekends where children don’t have to be in school.*In late July right before Summer vacation there is a Ocean day, thanking the waters for quenchingtheir thirst and helping crops grow.*Mid-August has a festival where families respect their ancestors. There is a parade in the morningwhich is followed by families coming together to share stories, pass down traditions and more whilethey thank their ancestors for paving the way for them.*In early September shortly after school starts up again there is a school holiday where students willvisit Nursing homes and spend a day working, entertaining, and keeping the elders there company.
  14. 14. * The Autumn Equinox is in Late September. It is another 3 day festival filled with food,parades, shows, games, arts and souvenirs. Children always have off from school and thisfestival usually takes place outside. This is to celebrate the season of Autumn and there areparties that watch the leaves change colors. This is also another Harvest of the crops.* The Monday before Halloween there is a school Holiday called “Health and Sports day”. It’s aday where the homerooms of each grade form teams and go up against other homerooms inthe school. There is often a variety of sports and relays while students cheer their friends andclassmates on.•* Halloween is celebrated on Lenmana Island as a day of magic, candy, trick or treating andparties.•* The first Monday in November is a school holiday where Students decorate their school andhomerooms to show it off to their families, friends and even children who plan on attendingthe school the next year. Projects that had been worked on through the year are usuallyshown off as well as a portfolio of a child’s best grades.•* Mid-November has a day where parents celebrate their children. And thank the universe forgiving them children whether biological or adopted.•* Late November also has a last harvest of which the families stock up for the oncomingwinter season as they finish gathering up their last crops.
  15. 15. * The winter Solstice occurs in Mid December. This is what usually starts the Winter break forstudents. There is actually a whole week dedicated to this the first three days celebrate like theother start of season festivals. Although the vendors and food for the Winter Solstice festivaltake place inside with certain events and games that take place outside. The festival ends afterthree days but then the next two days are to celebrate families and give thanks by decorating,eating a feast and gift giving.•* New years eve and New years day are also celebrated like every other place around the world.With a parade, fireworks, 24 hour special events as the Lenmanans let go of the old year and beready to start the new one.•* February comes with a “Day of Love” pretty much a Valentines day usually where couples willcelebrate the time they have with each other. Children and teens give out candy and cards totheir friends in school.•* In early March there is a day that celebrates the daughters the families have had given to themthrough the years. This is the same as boys day but for girls. This also Celebrates that winter willsoon come to an end as spring approaches.
  16. 16. SG: Well that was quite the list an explanations of the Holidays here on Lenmana. Lenmanaloves celebrating their culture, spending time with family and friends, being creative with theirart, respecting everything nature has given them, respecting their ancestors for paving the wayfor future generations and also thanking for what has been given to them. Lenmanan Nativesare also big on magic they believe that the land is what gives them their magic. Which is thebiggest reason they respect the island as well as the universe surrounding them. They also arevery welcoming when new people are willing to discover their Island and culture deeper.
  17. 17. SG: There are a few other beliefs of the Lenmanans: for one thing every new Lenmanan is agift. And when a child is born they receive a special animal spirit as part of their soul. It ismore of a subtle belief of the Lenmanans although some claim to have seen or been able tocommunicate fluently with the spirit. The Lenmanan natives believe that anyone born on thisIsland, whether a direct descendant of the Natives or a child who’s family has lived on andaccepted the culture has an animal spirit. It is also common belief that the magic can go muchfurther than that, but not even I have discovered all the possibilities of this.
  18. 18. SG: Lenmana Island is a culture of deep roots from ancient times. The Island itself has somuch to discover. It is actually separated into sections there is Lena (where our main Azureline resides), Eyota (where Lenmana U is located), Huata, Taregon, and Adahy. Most of whichis undiscovered forests and mountains. Lenmanans are welcoming and treat new people whodecide to live here with friendliness and helpfulness. Lenmanans are also willing to learn andask questions about new and different things. They are also willing to give answers about theirIsland and culture.
  19. 19. SG: Lenmana Island is also a beautiful place the wide oceans the mountains the trees, naturesurrounds you wherever you are. It is the way the Lenmanans want to keep everything, natural.
  20. 20. SG: The people are wonderful and welcoming, they are known to help not just their ownfamilies but others as well, like their ancestors, you will most likely see a parent not justbandage the knee of her own child but clean and bandage her child’s friend’s elbow as well.This comes from the early Lenmanans where everyone in one village would help take care of achild, because it is a new generation. And besides; it does take a village to raise a child.
  21. 21. SG: So if you are unsure about something just ask a Lenmanan Native, enjoy celebrating theculture with music, arts, food and fun. Look around at how the Lenmanans have preservedthe nature from their earliest days and how they evolved with the new technology and thingsthat occur all the time. Just remember Lenmanans are friendly but will protectthemselves, their family and friends if threatened.
  22. 22. SG: This again is Shadow Gem giving you information on the wonderful Lenmana Island.