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Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
Human cloning
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Human cloning


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Human cloning by Jake Henry
  • 2. Basic Principles of Genetics
    • The recessive allele shows when only the recessive alleles is there.
    • The dominant allele is present when there is a dominant allele and a recessive allele are there or there is only two dominant allele present.
    • Each parent gives half of its DNA to its offspring.
  • 3. Human Genome Project
    • It started in 1990. the main goal of the human of the Human Genome Project is to identify the DNA sequence of every human Gene.
  • 4. Human cloning
    • Human cloning started in became a hot issue in this year's presidential race after.
    • Human cloning can be therapeutic.
    • It can get rid of dieses.
    • President Bush say “the research is grossly unethical because it destroys human embryos”.
  • 5.
    • therapeutic cloning and embryonic stem-cell research. Some scientists think embryonic stem-cell research could someday produce cures for Parkinson's disease, diabetes and other maladies that afflict millions of people, including Alzheimer's disease, which killed President Ronald Reagan.
    • GINA project would not allow insurance companies to discriminate agent patients they have a genet project.
  • 6. Argument 1 (pro)
    • People say that human cloning is therapeutic.
    • They sat that therapeutic cloning could lead to human cloning and even the creation of human clones as organ sources.
  • 7. Argument 2 (pro)
    • The scientists goal is not to clone humans, but to understand the causes of diseases.
    • I think that a good thing to do if need.
  • 8. Argument 3 (con)
    • Human cloning is bad because the clone can have a dieses or they can be something wrong with them.
    • They argue that so called reproductive cloning would undermine the fundamental concept of humanness.
    • Human cloning can be good use but you should not use it.
  • 9. Argument 4(con)
    • But the scientists pursuing therapeutic cloning are quick to point out that they oppose reproductive cloning. They want to ask every country or nation to have a law to prohibit reproductive cloning.
    • I think that you should only have reproductive cloning when some one need it or is very sick that they have life or death to have reproductive cloning.
  • 10. Conclusion
    • I am for human cloning because human cloning can help people that are sick or going to die.
    • You should be for human cloning.
  • 11. Pictures, charts, graphs
  • 12. Work Cited
    • Masci, D. (1997, May 9). The cloning controversy. CQ Researcher , 7 , 409-432. Retrieved from
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  • 13. Project by Jake Henry