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World's Healthiest Oil

World's Healthiest Oil

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  • 1. RBO
  • 2. World Healthiest all-purpose edible oil
  • 3. RBO
    Rice Bran Oil
  • 4. Reason for world healthiest oil
    The reason for world healthiest oil status is due to rich tocotrienols and tocopherols contents;
    A balanced fatty acid profiles;
    Presence of minor and natural components such as gamma oryzanol and squalene;
    That linked with nutritional and heart health benefits, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and so on.
    High oxidative /oil stability index (shelf-life).
    Hence it plays a significant role in human nutrition.
  • 5. Rice Bran Oil
    Also known as ‘Heart Oil’
    - Which keeps the cholesterol levels in serum relatively low besides being rich in beneficial micro-nutrients.
  • 6. Rice Bran Oil
    RBO is extracted from the bran of rice (by-product of milling process and polishing of rice) using solvent and further refining by physical process (widely used)
    Rice bran contained the most oil (20.1%)
    RBO has a typical rice taste and odor.
    RBO is produced by solvent extraction of rice bran followed by physical / enzyme / chemical refining.
    Better quality of RBO with high amount of valuable and desired minor constituents enhance stability & nutritive values.
  • 7. Rice Bran Oil
    Balanced fatty acids
    • essential fatty acids
    • 8. essential nutrients
    • 9. powerful antioxidants
    • 10. natural elements
    “Several studies have shown that the hypocholesterolenic action of a dietary fats depends upon the fatty acid contents and few on the micronutrients like oryzanol, phytosterols/ tocotrienols and tocopherols.”
  • 11. Rice Bran Oil
    Saturated fatty acids varies from 15 – 20%
    Unsaturated fatty acids varies from 80-85%
    (of which Mono 43% & Poly 40%)
    The optimal balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids make an ideal oil.
    Crude RBO contains 1.5 – 2.4% oryzanol.
    RBO contains Natural Antioxidants- Tocols (tocotrienols & tocopherols) & Oryzanol.
    Tocotrienols are the precursors of Vitamin E, which is potent antioxidant
    Tocopherols are very important for the stability of oil.
  • 12. Fatty acid composition of various fats & oils
    Rice bran oil is closer to recommended
  • 13. The human body needs oil for growth and energy and to synthesize hormones and other substances for the body's activities such as prostaglandins.
    Rich source of phytosterols, health-enhance agent.
    Rice bran oil contained 2 unique sterols which were more non-polar
    Rice bran is a good source of sterols with the highest oil content and high concentration of sterols.
    Rice Bran Oil
  • 14. Rice Bran Oil
    It is easily digestible
    It accelerates growth in children
    It is re-usable and it is safe to re-cycle.
    Significant reduction in total cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • 15. The role of Vitamin E in RBO
    It helps against skin damage from oxidative stress.
    Help against skin damage or sunburn (redness of the skin)
    Help against immediate effect of UV-radiation exposure is to suppress cellular-mediated immune function of the skin.
    Prevents from skin cancer and skin aging (photo-aging)
  • 16. Rice Bran Oil
    Research found that RBO is reported to lower plasma cholesterol levels in human studies, presumably by blocking cholesterol absorption via its γ-oryzanol component.
    RBO lowered LDL by 12% in 2 weeks and LDL/HDL cholesterol by 15% in 4 weeks and raised HDL by 12% in 4 weeks.
  • 17. Rice Bran Oil
    Oryzanol accelerates human growth, helps hormonal secretion and lowers serum cholesterol levels.
    Oryzanol has hypocholesterolenic activity and it is used in the treatment of autonomic asynegia of the nervous system.
    Tocotrienols, a vitamin E analogue of tocopherols, are proven for their cholesterol-lowering effects in various in vitro, in vivo studies and small, case-controlled clinical trials.
  • 18. Rice Bran Oil
    Almost 10 years effort to find the best cooking oil on earth.
    Searched all-over the world since 2000 to 2010, visited 24 countries of 5 continents, met new people discussed and shared the knowledge of RBO.
    Agreed by everyone but the 1 question arises – Where we can find, the source & availability?
  • 19. Rice Bran Oil
    Popularly consumed in different parts of the world:
  • Applications / Usage
    Excellent frying medium for all frying applications.
    As a salad oil for salad dressing.
    Superiority as a cooking oil.
    For the making of mayonnaise.
    For the making of Shortening, vegetable ghee and Hard-stock
    For the making of Margarine and Spreads
  • 24. Applications / Usage
    As a feed and food preparation.
    As a medicine in pharmaceuticals
    As an ingredient in cosmetic applications.
    As a food additive.
    As an anti-foaming agent for fruit and vegetable preparation.
    As a source of fatty acid preparation and bio-diesel
    Continued …
  • 25. Note from the author
    The purpose and inclusion of RBO in your diet is to maintain a healthy life and to ameliorate diseases.
    Read also My ‘Top 10’ healthy fats & oil choices:
    Visit Frequently Asked Questions to know more about fats & oils
  • 26. Specialties of person behind
    Known as “Specialist in Fats and Oils” and its allied products. (try & see results on ‘google’ search)
    Strong network of > 1,000 food professionals.
    Is a founder of Healthy Food Management and Knowledge Bank Groups– (where professionals discuss & share their experiences & exchange ideas).
    Trained & Expert Sensory Panelist, Evaluation and Tasting of food products.