heritability correlation nigeria yield grain yield ethiopia farmers attitude maize environment bangladesh production climate change variability genetic advance smallholder farmers profitability turkey bangladesh. varieties agriculture knowledge poverty sorghum food security motivation efficiency determinants diversity water quality economic growth technical efficiency assessment organic matter prevalence development heavy metals soil marketing students genetic diversity eritrea perception ethiopia. practices genotype x environment interaction genotypes adoption recycling phytochemicals shale productivity nigeria. farmer training salinity ghana learning temperature pesticides perceptions stability trend analysis sub-saharan africa constraints genetic variability quality rural households teaching wheat livelihood cluster analysis groundnut management dairy solid waste management hybrid heterosis path analysis adaptation diversification faba bean ict information sustainable development willingness to pay waste management tanzania india value chain organic fertilizer heavy metal coffee trade selection effectiveness wastewater biodegradation secondary schools growth genotype phenotypic coefficient of variation antibiotic resistance niğde province achievement urbanization challenges lime pest coal general combining ability path coefficient analysis breast cancer urhobo sustainable cobb-douglas technology tea community irish potatoes proximate drought body weight carcass fermentation principal component analysis impact alternanthera philoxeroides descriptive statistics land use vermicompost zimbabwe inorganic fertilizer palestine ethiopian mustard seed yield phytochemical wild blueberry depositional environment groundwater antioxidant zea mays sustainability solid waste utilization tobit model combining ability sesame pastoralists stemi market access. agricultural education density irrigation. onion yield components value chain analysis growth performance resource use efficiency potato landfill mortality governance disposal livestock policy forest composition biomass seed quality vegetables hararghe coffee gender quality protein maize simulation africa water use efficiency hot pepper oil content tolerant lines. water deficit mutant lines of amaranth irrigation frequencies amaranthus cruentus postharvest handling seed storage period storage bioaccumulation rural access genotypic coefficients of variation interview schedule weight loss pseudomonas aeruginosa helicobacter pylori borassus aethiopum total hydrocarbon content antibiogram performance storage period stochastic frontier. cobb-douglass genotypic variation multivariate probit water productivity deficit irrigation pregnancy value addition attitudes youth planning land conversion contract law land policy arable land logit model global warming decentralization location feedback sub-saharan soil acidity sensitivity predictors pedagogy computer university students disease severity screening farming households hypertension diabetes length-weight relationship children cancer non–carcinogenic dermal inhalation ingestiÓn biomarkers heart failure hybrid composite distance specific combining ability sedimentation librarians willingness cervical cancer secondary metabolites fertilizer rate fertilization termites pathogens gas chromatography smallholders adaptability soil fertility income women health insurance working capital management honey rice marketing margin urban dwellers profit fertilizer correlation. quantitative traits characterization project method of teaching nutritional status drug feasibility cost benefit analysis money supply vigna unguiculata entrepreneurial skills left ventricle verb reflexive responsiveness risk forensic accounting participation improved varieties myocardial ischemia acute coronary syndrome empowerment highway teff women empowerment soybean phenotypic correlation communication farmers. shea butter processors and shea butter marketers) value chain interventions sitophilus zeamais role extension market participation trade balance elemental tuber yield namwala climate variability environmental factors dry matter morphological diversity unemployment inflation renewable energy academic performance pwm ics pv system isolation ibc auxin togo binary logit survival participatory varietal selection recruitment skills mubi water cretaceous kerogen market outlet choice strategy entrepreneur market integration market structure extraction ph small and medium enterprises iodine deficiency processing analysis type ii diabetes mellitus blood glucose kaolinite cu-oxide ethylene salt tolerance rhizobial strains value to volume ratio infrastructure oil palm medicinal plants phenotypic correlations antibacterial activity probiotics innovation linkage determinant microbial load. minerals plastic waste landfills waste recovery petrography basement complex older granite afikpo basin hydrogen index total organic carbon job satisfaction seedling growth limestone pathway coffee berry disease coffea arabica toxicity rural livelihood ecology contamination total organic carbon content nutrient management cointegration pollution antimicrobial vaccinium angustifolium source rock maturity anambra basin sandstone commercialization improved variety nutrient weather forecast indigenous knowledge performance analysis transesterification pakistan resilience multivariate probit model technologies vegetable public health gc-ms analysis antifungal bioremediation poverty alleviation risk management stakeholders urinary tract infection agricultural development legumes rats beta regression sodium chloride traits physics education resistance clones tolerance globalization practice fibrinolysis yield gap coffee disease farmers` indigenous knowledge coffee landrace sme tree height returns epidemiology hiv kenya rural development bacteria intercropping cowpea spacing nitrogen cowdung malaria sem diseases sierra leone sensitivity analysis market outlet margins swot gis fuzzy communities rainfall furrow irrigation allium cepa review cbr incineration pathogenicity bayesian estimation policy. marketing efficiency milk production domestication corrosion inhibitor waste concentration adsorption vigor index chickpea cluster university private university staff staff retention public university poems literature occurrence colletotrichum kahawae workplace mercury path coefficients province climate indigenous implementation hyphomycetes mycotaxonomy matlab art growth and yield earliness volatility equilibrium price dry branches leaves height pandemic rural women livelihood interventions social capital fraud data court proceeding data mining litigation support corporate fraud forensic investigation forensic audit ratio estimator conditions optimality global estimator existing estimators efficiency comparison region liveability coastal region transcript level steviol glycosides stevia rebaudiana rebaudioside a mep pathway allowable depletion irrigation regime principal morphological eigenvalue divergence juvenile delinquency crime asmara stigma mental health mental illness discrimination dry matter accumulation percentage effective nodule yield characters nodulation glycine max (l.) merrill vine yield tuberous root leaf number harvest stage upland rice (oryza sativa l.) southwestern ethiopia evaluation medical expenditure health care organic waste market biogas biodegradable waste library staff job productivity job rotation conferences geriatric dog scanning electron microscope urinary calculi crystalluria displacement community activism social housing property price increase inequality minorities gentrification fatty acid analysis in-patients ulcers wounds staphylococcus aureus informal sector state failure squatter settlement emergence urban area spatio-temporal dynamics - meteorological variable experts’ opinion climate smart agriculture assessement inter-industry trade coefficient gini coefficient trade liberalization postharvest loss supply-chain banana vitamin a deficiency food products flour beta-carotene rural infrastructure land fragmentation irrigation-drainage systems in-field services pretest. flower farmers postharvest practices disease incidence fusarium head blight roselle electrical resistivity imaging supergene mineral weathered zone lateritic bauxite remote sensing orin ekiti red chittagong cattle milk yield lactation length breeding conception rate fitness for purpose curriculum review occupational english secretarial student the english language course english language skills school going children prevention and control of superficial fungal infec knowledge and attitude yield losses ipm coffee berry borer coffee berries root and tubers perishable losses genotypic coefficient of variation tomato genotype vegetative growth indeterminate cytokinin biofuel apical dominance transformation building morphology urban form town high mountain interpolation geo-statistics rural structure rural components parcel numbers land tenure system agricultural enterprises sokoto state change precipitation trend phenotypic genotypic self-regulation self-awareness short-run marginal changes fractional response agro-food waste value chain and benatsemay and hamer margin goat production students. kisumu east sub-county high school illicit substance demographic abuse mulching materials irrigation methods. kırsehir province gis mapping spatial analysis soil depth slope large soil groups current land use professional efficacy gross enrolment ratio granger causality co-integration test crosses line by tester analyses shoat opportunities predictive values. specificity rapid diagnostic test malaria diagnosis genetic advance as the percent of mean seed quality. common bean varieties co-efficient of variance phenotypic variation potato variability tuber quality trichostrongylus axei sheep jimma hemonchus abomasam scheme related factors informal sector workers national health insurance fund survival. local control cholangiocarcinoma hepatic metastases hepatocellular carcinoma cyberknife microfinance loan amount double hurdle model organochlorine pesticides cage aquaculture poverty eradication dry fodder yield green fodder yield correlation coefficient oat avena sativa l. fiber morpho-phenological cotton tertiary institutions preservice teachers numeracy skills literacy skills fertilizer acidic soil nedjo phaseolus vulgaris l nodule and seed quality plant population seed vigor transportation respondents postharvest deterioration agricultural technology generation agricultural research rain fed kabuli chickpea local conditions. assessment of sustainability infrastructure projects sustainability indicators genetic advanceand resistant arabica coffee blast resistant recombinants variance components nitrogen fertilizer dispersed settlement social services villager imipenem. amikacin enterobacteriaceae beta-lactamase bivalve-anadara health risk donka. hypochromic microcytic anemia f-distribution chi-square distribution t-distribution normal distribution law of large number central limit theorem otm lecturers instructional delivery e-learning resources anticancer. antibacterial betacyanin alkaloids flavonoids ormocarpum cochinchinense taxation nedjo mse slaughter feeding desmodium upland rice weeds herbicides economic benefits conservation agriculture weed control hermetic bag bulk density commercialization index risk assessment toxpi toxcast/tox21 ice/ivive/pbpk computational tools physical disability healthcare related factors gem sub-county barrier ulukışla district soil temperature river. zing metropolitan surface trend. chepang conakry dry eye work ankesha guagusa. adaptation strategy dried fish (croaker) dermestes marculatus itc. social audit ethics corporate social responsibility gge-biplot ammi model leaf traits high school biological experiments mendel’s law of independent assortment lettuce dihybrid cross weed relative density weed competition dry matter yield specific combining ability. line × tester financial system rbi banking sector indian economy non-performing assets urban development cities zowla lake growth performance indices population dynamics cassostrea gasar genetic advance and clustering oil triticum durum phenotype competency health service provider universal health coverage organogenesis somatic embryogenesis regeneration in vitro propagation bap urban and peri-urban valve in-ring implantation. mitral valve transcatheter resettlement land reclamation sea defence coastal erosion sustainable livelihood sca gca diallel social protection economic development hunger malnutrition food insecurity evapotranspiration crop stand phenology mulching marketing outlet choices. unimpaired. deaf translation sign language (sl) pakistan sign language (psl) equitability and ponds evenness distribution macrophytes karnataka. gadag schist belt hosur village ore mineral phases ore microscopy gold gge biplot particle size and color pasting properties blending ratio anchote flour seed priming uganda. mbale sodium valproate sertraline polycystic ovarian syndrome bipolar affective disorder maize and water productivity. irrigation level alternate furrow irrigation municipality legal functions federalization constitution perspectives and q-methodology gm crops melia dubia. modulus of rupture (mor) modulus of elasticity (moe) phenol formaldehyde resin block board plantain fruit parthenocarpy genes (pfp) linear correlation and regression analysis repeatability progenies kaduna state. improved agricultural technologies soil testing. bbv 152 icmr growth factor janata curfew sars-cov2 public health information journalists covid-19 seed yield. leaf relative water content seed setting efficiency stress levels cowpea varieties ict in education comparative study tpack socio-cultural influences policy borrowing education technology non-allelic interaction of genes-+ genetic variances components gene effects infertility vigor homozygosity depression inbreeding inhibitory effects kununzaki lactic acid bacteria teleological thinking. positivism nature of the sciences mechanisms evolutionary history organic fertilizer and recommended fertilizer rate high blood pressure. diastolic systolic intestine testes bursa of fabricius spleen kidney white leghorn cockerels fipronil histopathological parameters gross parameters insecticides mysuru taluk. liss-iii image irs-1d lu/lc classification geospatial technology gene expression. antioxidants developmental toxicity pharmaceuticals zebrafish economic efficiency tamale uterotonics labor traditional medicine administrative strategy academic achievement and agriculture cooperatives. impact analysis and risk management. vegetable production risk risk analysis uncertainty eigen vector communality maximum likelihood estimation mode reliability inverse maxwell distribution weighted distribution paclitaxel. doxorubicin theranostic apoptosis exosomes carbon nanotube magnesium oxide nanoflakes quantum dots zinc oxide nanoparticles gold nanoparticles firm performance monitoring intensity mediation board composition mine tunnel. scaling exponent fracture orientation fracture density mine-operation northern côte d'ivoire traditional goats seroprevalence ppr socio-economic determinants equity urban toilets sanitation facilities south western. double-hurdle bio-fortified vitamin a garri preferences nigerian youths veritable tool supervised agricultural experience programme genotypic and phenotypic variance dominance per cent protein functional literacy. older adults successful ageing educational gerontology adult education rice (oryza sativa) genotypic variance phenotypic variance multivariate analysis autoregressive distributed lag. gdp imports exports international trade nosocomial infection mobile hygiene health care workers histopathology serum electrolytes albino rats emulsion paint exposure renal toxicity stepwise multiple regression strawberry pretest post-paid metering prepayment metering electricity consumption segmentation consumer behavior customers field test durability polyculture and water quality surplus production models mullets ceda aspic carbapenemase stenotrophomonas maltophilia acinetobacter baumannii & maize extension service delivery temperature changes poor transaction price appreciation housing demand determinant factors condominium proximate composition composite flour complementary food anti-nutrients ikot udoata bacteriological borehole cowpea varieties nodulation watering regime mesorhizobia inoculation teacher educators. student survey students’ rating students’ feedback professional standards colleges of education reactor functional parameters operating variables plug flow reactor ammonia synthesis tilapia zillii sarotherodon galilaeus amino acid mineral nutritional value spearman’s rho mann-kendall open surface evaporation upland cotton indirect effect direct effect electricity distribution sector capital investments creditors investors external financing debt financing liquidity transitory food shortage over-cultivation alternative livelihoods sh2 sweet corn pcv gcv ga iraq sbdd antiadhesive compounds baba maize endosperm genotype × environment interaction families full-sib organic wastes inhibition rate ecotoxicity suppression oviposition deterrent egg hatching callosobruchus maculatus alchornea cordifolia uganda panel logistic regression child stunting bio-fortification eriophyoidea trombidiformes taxonomy mites phytophagous acari learning aspects positive thinking peripheries moisture permeability cores chemical composition stem height potato varieties planting density tilapia mono-sex cage culture coping strategies out of pocket expenditure national sample survey organization non-communicable diseases economic burden oil spill delta state nevsehir province global climate change clinical effectiveness non valvular atrial fibrillation (nvaf) apixaban dabigatran constructivist. conceptualization experimentation imaginative unlock potentials leaning cycle 4mat calcined kaolin clay/al2o3/mgo heterogeneous catalyst luffa aegyptiaca biodiesel cassava production cassava tenure land cows mastitis coliform network theory guduru district kendall’s coefficient of concordance teff commercialization crop private extension rhinoceros beetle compost soil electrical conductivity available p soil ph tax collection tax structure national economy revenue income-tax direct tax talent management micro financing institutions online banking severity index poverty gap index headcount index pronunciation silent sounds language exposure phonological variations scientometrics. fungal diseases plant pathology cocoa culture theobroma cacao antibiotics identification pond fish school education dwarf tomato gibberellic acid plant physiology mendel’s law layer substitution soybean meal mung bean protein concentrate building evaluation design considerations challenges and opportunities customer satisfaction performance attributes mall emergence and development shopping malls cassava hybrids tme 419 adopters and non-adopters technology adoption net present value discount cash flow hamama gold project economic potential storage environment radioactivity radon emission bottled water radon activity library service and parents information resources early childhood sustainable development goals sdg dibatie light exposure leaf area plant growth mathematical model fermented aqueous bio-carbonate potash ash vertical jump test. squats test leg strength energy intake basketballers sustainability. sugarcane utilisation availability teaching resources oral english afrocentric engagements foreign policy regional hegemony soil acidity. phosphorus lime requirement barley gewata mortality and infestation oviposition bioinsecticides aframomum melegueta piper guineense capsicum frutescens conventional furrow irrigation system active phase labour yoga job performance job competencies organizational commitment agricultural extension kindergarten teachers play activities smallholder factors forest fires livelihood opportunities manual briquetting machine pine needles western himalaya systolic heart failure anaesthesia acute heart failure cardiomyopathy arc gis east gojjam zone hepatosomatic index gonadosomatic index condition factor pomfret scientific innovations food insecurities agro-food systems nanotechnology extension education animal production inflammatory statement ipob agitation separatist practical work influence competency level biology teachers west shewa jeldu district use of irrigation senior high school individualised-learning hybridisation cooperative learning computerised molecular modeling computer simulation intervention. student perceptions pollination animation visual aids biochemical markers quantitative trait loci marker assisted selection molecular markers time of nitrogen application rate of nitrogen fertilizer social media nigerian democratic process hate speech fake news disinformation earth construction housing bamboo building material technology package malt barley multiple linear regressions micro and small enterprises (mses) migration sub-bituminous. non-coking low quality igaliwo olokwu coals peritoneal dialysis hemodialysis left ventricular hypertrophy brain natriuretic peptide veticillium wilt. mycorrhiza paraglomus olea europaea glomus single-sex schools. co-educational schools academic success students’ attitudes practical agriculture cold climate rural settlement constructed wetland models village renovation rural settlements imrt technique carcinoma cervix radiation proctitis radiation cystitis non formal education innovative attitude children and teenagers education benin midwest geographical concentration hog production agglomeration economies u.s. hog industry n’djamena. dromedary rape seed linear regression agronomic traits flexural modulus flexural strength concrete raffia palm fibres akaike information criterion diameter at breast height model horro and abbay chomen woredas loan repayment performance illuminance high intensity discharge led light efficiency linear algebra data science data anthropogenic co2 emission green house effect green house gases amendments purposes unsuitable suitable indices guide metals. path way accountability capsicum variety pepper collective action natural resources leadership style charismatic leadership dictatorial leadership residence time kinetics model volatile matters heating rate chad actor indigenous chicken low n. diallel mating design derudieb red sea hills felsic volcanic mafic volcanic meta- volcano sedimentary plant performance ornamentals culture teachers’ opinions. 4th grade science lesson 3rd grade science lesson science course curriculum practicum teacher preparation student teachers cooperating teacher university of guyana (ug). educational institution high-quality education quality education leadership practice(s) leadership educational leadership shannon's theory of information. quantum information theory market volatility the third law of thermodynamics / entropy cholinesterase spraying poisoning okene. spatial-distribution heavy-metals urban-soil geo-environmental pathogen sokoto states kebbi agricultural transformation agenda factors militating affirmative action procurement entrepreneurship disability chlorophyll contents spad meter chlorophyll mutations gamma rays research academic writing boosters hedges interactional(s) interactive(s) metadiscourse markers auditor compliance financial reporting financial statement phenomenology sensory impaired five senses architecture diet drugs bioactive bark citrullus lanatus elements economic taraba ussa water supply water related diseases. water born pollutants sustainable utilization river kaduna mechanical properties. alkali treatment particulates raffia palm fibre levers. brakes valorization strategies tomato byproducts chemoradiation laparoscopic blood loss pelvic surgeries lentils automobile repair artisans serum alanine aminotransferase blood lead levels estimated glomerular filtration rate (egfr) occupational lead exposure seed and oil solvent physiochemical phosphorus fertilizer chiro probit online media north-eastern nigeria ict and health communication hiv/aids media awareness kap almajiri pupils adolescents debre markos efficiency and effectiveness institutional capacity swm arbuscular mycorrhiza committee reports parliamentary textual metadiscourse metadiscourse communicative purpose internet student teacher in-service teacher training pre-service teacher training technology enhanced learning educational technology information and communication technology (ict) transparency corruption perception corruption anti-corruption subterranean. termite pesticide extract botanical learner(s) learning and teaching second language. writing skills language errors english language summative evaluation formative assessment audpc genotypes/hybrids proportions mandapa indian temple architecture ashapuri temples improved maize varieties sunyani catfish (clarias gariepinus) tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) path model hydrographic factors aquaculture ponds air quality anthropogenic activities environmental agents airborne multidimensional poverty index group formation waste disposal sanitation attitudes open dumping toilet facility sanitation refuse disposal hygienic conditions drinking water farmers’ participation acceptability dissemination technology development improved sugarcane varieties two-line hybrid majority panicles completely exserted homozygous tcms-wa heterozygous cms-wa parents nuclear genes control panicle exsertion fertility-sterility alteration bmi maximum age fulton’s condition factor relative condition factor malta mediterranean sparidae communication channels mrts modern reproductive technologies adult nkporo transformation ratios thermal maturity sterane hopane sensor-based control. range sensing mechanism design detection algorithm climbing robot environment of formation organic matter. fatty acids benue trough alkanones tolvaptan urinary osmolality urinary sodium hyponatremia political economy of public broadcasting political economy of communication nigerian broadcast media deregulation commercialisation es-sagd – expanded solvent steam assisted gravity sagd- steam assisted gravity drainage mucuna urens artocarpus camansi telfairia occidentalis bioactive component clo (clove oil) clotted cream free radicals scavenging functional dairy product cinnamomum verum syzygium aromaticum postmortem. organ condemnation cattle bahir dar antemortem abattoir wistar rat nephrotoxicity hepatotoxicity zidovudine fagara zanthoxyloide annona muricata southern kebbi returns on investment net farm income pig price benefit and cost ratio supply chain production system livestock records feedlot enterprise cash-flow budget provider attitudes quality of services waiting time means of transport health system factors antenatal care uptake survival time proportional hazard hypertabastic survival survival data analysis solute – solvent interactions liquid mixtures 2-(ethoxy) ethanol tetra alkyl ammonium salts molar volumes of electrolytes depositional environment. stratigraphy permeability porosity petrophysical properties reservoir afikpo clay mineralization tropical soil cantilever boundary condition natural frequency modal analysis roles of cooperatives price-taking market regulation agricultural cooperatives opportunity theory agricultural production rural policing rural crime agricultural crime rock-eval pyrolysis oxygen index pyrolysable hydrocarbon temperature geohelminthiasis 212 reunion movement engagement graduation appraisal system mass spectrometry agro-ecologies regional wall motion abnormalities. culprit artery territorial longitudinal strain 2d speckle tracking nstemi wet colostomy sepsis pelvic exenteration hypokalaemia complications pfs (progression free survival). gefitinib egfr (epidermal growth factor receptor) radiotherapy chemotherapy stir casting. metal matrix composites boron carbide alumina aluminum alloy yola song depth variation blood donation pbsa protein carbonyl malondialdehyde oxidative stress lipoprotein lipid ratio syntax score zero lower bound bank of japan unconventional monetary policy new keynesian model shadow rate tuta absoluta pest exclusion net solanum lycopersicum miller invasive inbreed lines congestive heart failure diastolic blood pressure systolic blood pressure respiratory rate pulse rate linear mixed model longitudinal data analysis joint modeling seed cotton yield. inbreed lines performance gossypium hirsutum fiber traits two-phase sampling monte carlo simulation auxiliary variables organic food price sensitivity eco-labels eco-knowledge health consciousness religion purchase intention fluctuations high stand prograding parasequences regressive university libraries notice boards selective dissemination of information current awareness services library publications utilization of information resources southeast nigeria oil and raphia palm wines cumulative curve. beach cusps ripples skewness kurtosis beach grain size analysis hydrochemical assessment drinking purpose groundwater potential electrical resistivity digestibility washera sheep oat straw birint atella late mature early mature castor levels of decision-making support and infill open building autoconstruction brazilian social housing solvent concentration quantification anthocyanin banana bracts staple food glycaemic index carcass traits. broiler chickens black pepper ginger seed cotton yield lint yield line x tester hybrids root pruning pythium irregulare spring wheat root damage imo state academic libraries reward system sucking pests insecticidal activity marine extracts bui hydroelectric dam dry lands coping mechanism space and region regional planning locational theories spatial planning socio-economic development spearman rank bivariate cross sectional approach children aged 4-5 years gross motor development yield traits. phenotypic coefficient correlation analysis rice genotypes unit root. eswatini granger-causality sugar exports anget mewgia eucalyptus capacity development food systems qualitative inquiry design thinking vaccine uptake. parents’ support a. gossypii. cladosporium cladosporioides neoadjuvant chemotherapy trastuzumab predictive biomarker her2 score 3+ nigerseed market margin multiple linear regression market channel biomass yield sharpe ratio risk and return analysis investment style investment portfolio management services mutual fund truck. generator flask shaker otdr signal loss optical fibre cable vibration computer network army worm organic extracts heliotropium indicum costing unit value health agricultural extension education climate zones rainfalls validity indices clustering techniques potassium. human rights. labour force economic and social development health and nutrition women and children benzoylation acetylation wood cellulose minimum inhibition concentration. starchyterpheta cayennensis waste characteristics plastic waste management craftsmanship in waste m. varians b. licheniformis b. subtilis roselle seeds soya bean libya public organization financial report user system internet financial reports sorghum production. konso stochastic frontier production occupational preference and secondary schools self-concept : relationship hazard ratio weibull regression model cox proportional hazard regression model survival analysis employee resilience proactiveness interpersonal competence talent retention tuber yield. integrated nutrient management combined application small-scale mining adansi north district practical-oriented training postgraduate programme oil and gas programme bamenda health district. unwareness socio-demographic/cultural/economic factors environments end-of-season survival rate stress score recovery rate leaf shed drought tolerance marginal value product pakistan. common myna sturnidoecus new species myrsidea bugis tribe. residential building local wisdom architecture design porosity and permeability genetic unit lithofacies association post depositional texture upland rice and yield related traits. repellency and oviposition deterrency. contact toxicity essential oils bemisia tabaci beekeeping yield. pag (peripheral angiography) ms [mitral stenosis] cdt catheter directed thrombolysis pvt (prosthetic valve thrombosis) mvr (mitral valve replacement) profitability. market conduct and performance poultry egg thiobacillus. sulfur-oxidizing bacteria sulfide sodium alginate cell immobilization left ventricular mass index left ventricular relative wall thickness non cardioembolic stroke stochastic frontier approach cricket action research skills acquisition nursery practices agricultural practical maiduguri. walkways beautification street interlocking yield improvement hormone principal component open-pollinated maize stochastic frontier analysis jamma district social network theory curriculum enactment history teachers subject department social component vicia vetch jordan ardl interest rate industrial output stock returns toxic substances hemoglobin level water natural resources south west hebron hebron e-waste burning lead concentration electronic waste compact dimension. higgs’ boson space-time four-vectors elementary particles photons special relativity lorentz’s group wick’s rotation broad-sense heritability adverse pregnancy outcomes neonatal and obstetric risks cohort profile nutritional diet. edible mushrooms morphology kano state. food security determinants agricultural students and awe shs teaching and learning agricultural skills nursery practice sokoto. primary school fornol-ether ascaris lumbricoides wamakko helminthiasis dam. social acceptance environmental justice hydropower curbing substance counselling guidance sugarcane peels ruminants proximate compositions crude fiber fractions anti-nutritional factors lemongrass sage-1 production employees unrest unrest/crisis internal communication channels cardiac biomarkers troponin myocardial infarction copeptin paleo-current heterolithic bioturbation swaley cross-stratification calcareous sandstone fácies kageyo sector imboni sacco socio economic development agronomic characters north western ethiopia catechin (-)-mesquitol flavonoid radical scavenging heartwood prosopis juliflora spectrum reserve price call service quality mobile telephony network infrastructure investment spectrum allocation structural equation model binary regression relationship sustainability organic fruits & vegetables supply chains forecasting validation sarima chronic stable angina. coronary artery disease coronary tortuosity magnesium oxide. densification nano-particle graphite metal matrix composite aluminium alloy ardl model macroeconomic environment domestic private investment orality return revival language revitalizing poison regression male farmers female farmers comparison agriculture extension southern tigray crop combination rank correlation crop concentration simpson’s index crop diversification pupils. immediate environment foreign language urhoboland interpolation parameter. miscibility capillary desaturation capillary number critical capillary number degradation lithogenic trace element geoaccumulation index intake of micronutrients consumption of vegetables and fruits students nutrition knowledge language. grammar fluvial system cross bedding mudstone facies petroleum potentials coffee leaf rust higher education institution quality management system organization performance and self –reliance. nigerian universities students of chemistry preconceptions depletion ozone stratospheric ozone ozone left ventricular function. echocardiography aortic stenosis stability. weather small-holder cameroon. fishpond farming hexachlorocyclohexane (hch) dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (ddt) organochlorine diabetes mellitus strain longitudinal function speckle tracking equivalent. french consevation fishpond ompok hypopthalmus palaeosalinity palaeobathymetry niger delta fisher diversity tau index palaeowater depth palaeoenvironment foraminifera and south-east nigerian women. gender-based advertisements attitude and indigenous chicken autonomy commons collective innovation labs design digital construction instructions concepts misconceptions chemistry multimodal instructional approaches (mia) oceanic anoxia event. calabar flank turonian cenomanian qualitative research public sector corruption investigation complexity fraud prevention auditing compulsory acquisition compensation valuation land occupiers peri-urban transcendental. translog saudi arabia producer tomato awareness linkages finger millet scaling up mobile services. télécommunications end users belarús georgia online consumer survey mobile number portability fasting caloric restriction insulin resistance insulin glucose metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes thermo-neutral condition hot climate poultry house insulated iron sheets sand-crete blocks bricks cooling efficiency hydroxysafflor yellow a salvianolic acid livelihood strategies assets reperfusión ejection fraction left ventricle dysfunction equal wages. gender equality public work programmes mgnrega water management lake urmia totalitarianism “aralism” aral sea problem-based learning (pbl) approach computer-aided drawing (cad) tools information and communication technologies architectural education micro and small enterprises financial capital woman entrepreneurs human capital labour markets imperfections semi-log regression model total malonic acid in serum total superoxide disambiguation in serum jerusalem artichoke compound granule particles semiconducting glasses annealing temperature dc conductivity dsc xrd non-crisis-oriented shocks crisis-oriented shocks international shocks kelantan flood management agricultural losses floods disaster subjective norms (sn) and perceived behavioral con attitude (a) rhizobium inoculant intention to use shea actors (shea nut pickers/collectors nitrate reductase light intensity led lighting environmental control immunoradiometric assay glypican-3 chloramines-t radio-iodination hcc gombi plants ricardian model net revenue phytoplankton productivity floodplain lakes anomalous vertical gradient. free-air vertical gradient underground gravity gravimetry multivariate probit model. market outlet choices nanoencapsulation maltodedextrin arabic gum coacervation kaffir lime oil gge-biplot analysis ammi analysis farmer preferred traits elite cassava integrated area development. regional disparities development potential nepal insurance climate associated risks cooperative contribution rwanda and soil ph gatumba mining area base saturation acid saturation vulnerability social-ecological typologies characters path coefficient genotypic correlation researchers extension field officers linguistic carrier of knowledge and communication language accommodation extra-linguistic factors manipulative rhetoric wooden language syndrome morphological markers. plant resistance legume pod borers (m. vitrata and h. armigera) dolichos lablab social support job strategy job progression employability social networks uptake of rhizobia inoculant communication media usage shea actors (shea pickers/collectors business performance esthetic gingival prosthesis black triangles interdental papilla gingival recession aggressive periodontitis panel data regression share prices dividend payout corporate earnings medicinal plant antagonistic effect synergistic effects adiantum capillus-veneris nontraditional learners learning environment military higher education veterans genetic diversity. upgma ssr markers sorghum landraces storage insect pests resistance varieties maize varieties total uptake. grain straw p concentration n concentration rcbd released varieties high yielding common bean adaptable challenge post-harvest practices tomatoes oil and protein content row spacing determinants of credit demand farmer cooperatives credit demand credit herbal drugs amadori products glycation hyperglycemia ages negs marketing performance retailing wholesaling yam non-governmental organizations (ngos) community based organizations (cbos) private sector community education southern highlands cragg’s two step model weather stations theissen polygon import and export thailand exchange rate asymmetric adjustment gombe. kashere senna siamea sweetpotato biplot analysis urine. stool salmonella spp. blood eye drops. siddha external therapy presbyopia anjanam elaneer kulambu kafue flats flux flow floods central java. total goiter rate tuber. β-carotene orange-fleshed sweet potato (ofsp) microsatellite loci inbreeding level genetic improvement cavia porcellus antimicrobial activity tobit stochastic frontier cobb-dougals sustainable city artificial streams. hydrophytes epiphytic algae el-salam canal infestation parasitic infection helminthes soil salinity glomeromycetes autoregressive distributed lag phillips curve smart extension farm radio international foundation grameen foundation ict enabled extension agro-tech model wind energy conversion system. neodymium maglev ac induction motor permanent magnet synchronous moto vehicle design evs bldc motor pid controller design small-signal modeliing dc to dc converter load factor winding losses eddy current losses all day efficiency energy efficiency essential oil calamintha stachys sage origanum thymus mentha decision making image analysis feature extraction classification technique precision agriculture protective capacity vertical electrical sounding resistivity aquifer grain yield reduction double intercropping simultaneously students teacher memory mnemonic disease. software hardware pressure eye glaucoma real time digital simulator (rtdstm). overreach current inversion voltage inversion mov (metal oxide varistor) series capacitor distance relay alert system using raspberry pi wireless sensor node load cell flex sensor accelerometer programmable logic controller (plc). supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) energy gain. cost analysis solar photovoltaic systems sun tracking systems plant load factor operation and maintenance capacity enhancement preventive maintenance zero crossing distortion. high efficiency inverter spraying mechanism. robot movement image processing algorithm agricultural robot soft switching. conventional boost interharmonics. energy transfer mechanism adjustable speed drive (asd) active dc-link capacitor htzs. mppt pv panel micro-controller pre-demential analysis case studies people with developmental disabilities early symptoms of unspecified dementias systematic assessment β-cyclodextrin lily growth hormones micropropagation cardiac adverse effects deep venous thrombosis intensive care unit critically ill patients atrial fibrillation sieve analysis. soil compaction optimum moisture content maximum dry density atterberg limit biplot analysis. three-way cross hybrid maize markets asymmetric price transmission market information system environmental effects packaging material local food antioxidant activity phenols rhododendron tradition wheat farms. fractional regression model slacks-based measure model male-headed female-headed crop and livestock extension packages hounkpamin traditional convents oral proficiency traditional pedagogy efl teaching power. water boiling test energy audit institutional cookstoves landfill. composting perennial napier forage eastern hararghe waste segregation. sekondi–takoradi accra household waste hydrocarbon organic matters eze-aku madina cement urmi group villages rice yield flood ploidy level. gonad tissue (ovotestis) bulinus truncatus/tropicus complex bivalent chromosome number integrated basic science adamawa determination contamination and sokoto quality assessment fungi anambra basin. petroleum system geochemistry sedimentology fertilizers tomatoes seedlings foam trays plastic trays floating system cowpea. meloidogyne incognita trichoderma spp. pseudomonas fluorescens bacillus spp. biological control natural vegetable dye mordant flower extract fastness properties color strength vegetables. study areas smallholder farmers’ multinomial logit plasma processing. plasma diagnostic bohm velocity dote method plasma densities plasma frequency debye length electron density electron temperature langmuir probes rotylenchulus reniformis meloidogyne incognita eggplant chemical components compost tea association risk factors cardiovascular diseases acer saccharinum l. morphological and anatomical a polluted air industrial pollution leave blade structure online digital communications church age press. media gatewatching gatekeeping waste generation forecasting continuous wavelet transform autoregressive moving averages artificial neural networks yield and yield components inbred lines early maturing central rift valley classification of pesticides. pesticides’ persistence toxicity of pesticides agrochemicals rajasthan state cereal crops nerlovian model response acreage linguistic and cultural diversity. multilingual society consensus integrative instrumental descriptive and inferential data language attitudes southern nigeria. marketers policy incentives competitiveness cocoa 26s rdna pcr-rflp lipophilic dandruff malassezia market linkage mechanization and technology socioeconomic benefits barley production trends personality and security expectations orientation trainers’ conception mbozi and momba districts maize smallholder farmers ntbs costs loan uds afar region marketing margins livestock marketing ftir. degree of substitution cellulose acetate cellulose removal kinetics reactivity contact time micro managerial finance growth of business triiodothyronine and thyroxine iodine thyroid stimulating hormones system design traffic intensity traffic congestion fifo queuing theory bioplastics carbon source wood hydrolysate wood biomass polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha) gas deflation shoulder tip pain gynaecologic laparoscopy post laparoscopy pain gas aspiration zone wad goats sex heart girth histo-morphology maxigrainr enzyme visceral organs sows fermented cassava peels cassava peels ensiling sun-drying boiling diversify. government expenditure non-stressed yield drought indices drought resistance rapeseed. stressed yield financial performance interest free banking islamic banking al-arafah islamic bank limited (aibl) ethanol extract. alternanthera bettzickiana phytoconstituents fruit wastes lipid hydrolysates vegetable wastes microalgae wheat growth science education content concept cartoons indigenizing ict and nigeria 6e)-2 anti-tuberculosis drug 6-bis(4-nitrobenzylidene) cyclohexanone cross-aldol condensation. modified fluorapatite mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra (2e nigeria standard organization nigerian water resources federal ministry of water resources potable water water resources water policy nigeria river basin type i diabetes mellitus inulin jerusalem artichoke mycotoxins agro-ecological zones aspergillus penicillium toxigenicity fusarium muhammadu buhari ideologies personal pronouns discursive structures junta initial metal concentration particle concentration ageing pgpr acc deaminaze rice growth and yield ‘evwo’. french urhobo expressions ‘avoir’ study rhamnus prinoid gesho administration selection. case study. mushroom entrepreneurship pleurotus sp. relative genetic gain genetic progress plastic tunnel marigold cultivars kavre district multivariate analysis. junk food obesity snacking. cognitive health corporate adults limpopo province inflammation fabaceae additive effect dea input slacks performance. micro and small-scale enterprises doppler ultrasound renovascular hypertension renal artery stenosis senegal. tube well crops aliero domestic domestic solid waste solid waste collectors solid waste composition solid waste impact waste management. genotypic path coefficient analysis : direct effect phenotypic path coefficient analysis residual effect indirect effects minimax distribution structural properties and maximum likelihood estim exponentiated minimax distribution genetic agromorphological characters. goat milk bile salts bacteriocin inductive reasoning. learning difficulties secondary technical and vocational education learner-centered teaching and learning dialectical constructivism curricula rwanda. vsla rubengera sector adplac linkage mechanisms akis bank rural people livelihoods lemon production phytochemical constituents structures. gneiss waste segregation source separation. sekondi – takoradi student performance student centered tiered lessons projects teaching strategy small scale irrigation extension service banana cultivation precambrian structural styles. lithologic units urban air temperature percentage of built up area urban heat island vegetation cover communication pathways green environment compound cascade heat pump sustainable heat source cop optimization sea cucumber biological properties pearsonothuria graeffei cuvierian tubule vlei amendment shoot cucumber (cucumis sativus) weight root asu river group hydrocarbon potential refuse bosepa private employees public organizations government water hyacinth vermicompost quality eisenia fetida paddy straw sawdust vermicomposting paper mill wastes market information extension services agricultural produce bead geometry laser transformation hardening response surface methodology full factorial design analysis of variance agriculture insurance binary logistic regression sediments sedimentary structures igneous activity process control quality of compost segregation chemical characteristics binary logistic regression. farmer to farmer extension zea mays. npk cattle manure manure emission enteric fermentation methane quality control biosecurity biosafety biosafety level rate. asymptomatic 940 nm diode laser smear layer root canal irrigants green coffee bean raw quality attributes harvesting and postharvest practices public administration path analysis. euphorbia heterophylla enteric bacteria in vivo activity in vitro activity land degradation environmental management climate variability and upper songwe reasoning logical thinking creative thinking analyzing gmat test creativity esp critical thinking linda hutcheon biblical story of noah noah (2014) adaptation theory omparative literature material choice posterior restoration composite resin cross-sectional study dentists technical problems behavioral problems structural problems likert scale factor analysis. aquaculture production agricultural management practices foodborne pathogens low bush blueberry food safety salmonella insect exclusion netting attract and kill spotted wing drosophila mass trapping north america drosophila suzukii lowbush blueberry margin protection program-dairy 2014 farm bill agricultural policy (rwc%) proline content (lil%) photosynthetic pigments soluble proteins hplc aflatoxin groundnut oil and agricultural zones. termite meal clarias gariepinus food utilization. coppens feed maggot meal supplementary feed thermal alteration index vitrinite reflectance overview fisheries sector export trend diluted seawater bermudagrass turfgrass seashore paspalum cereal-legumes soil degradation traditional knowledge sustainable farming refuse equipment maize market error correction model international market price transmission. maize price seed extract tetrapleura tetraptera free radical copper zinc. germination umuahia streptococcus pyogenes eportfolio interdisciplinary science education. integrative learning reflection broad adaptation gge ammi line flowering pattern nodes pinching fruit yield. butternuts aqueous and ethanolic extracts azadirachta indica bees pollen deposition pollination efficiency foraging pattern flower handling time oil generation kerogen type ihube okigwe grain-sizes structures marketing services cost variations marketing facilities date marketing comparative advantage gravity profiles bouguer anomaly keywords: free-air anomalies bulk density. basement complex rocks marketing cooperatives subsistence tube-well water contamination. microbiological bacterial pathogens physicochemical maximum acceptable weight of lift physical work manual materials handling progressive isoinertial lifting evaluation lifting capacity habro and oda bultum district kuncho variety local check triticum aestivum bread wheat trait association. soil bulk density. cation exchange capacity human alteration william james’ concept of mysticism individual practices theme of love and mysticism wordsworth and shinwari’s poetry climate change and variability pgpr azotobacter gfp root colonization confocal pseudomonas laser scanning microscope waste cooking oil ci engine rope brake dynamometer counterfeit adulterants chemical drugs herbal medicines hegemonic political agenda and news media failed state concept adaptation and livelihood strategies coping climate risk cerebral lipid peroxidation hepatic free radicals. pro-oxidants tannic acid resilient oyo state. management practices livestock wastes eucalyptus globulus rosmarinus officinalis colletotrichum sp salinization bioremediation technologies sodic soils india. delhi municipal solid waste management environmental conservation island char area chilli knowledge index constraint analysis adoption index natural enemies biological invasion biological control agents predators exotic species coccinellidae fisheries crop production agricultural credit uncertainties agro-ecosystem biodiversity penang construction industries development high sensitivity c-reactive protein carotid intima-media thickness coronary artery ectasia atherosclerosis. kano. akth escherichia coli delayed leaf senescence growth recovery tolerance grain filling index and stress tolerance index kano non-detectable tsh thyroid hyperthyroidism in vivo cultivar protein poultry diet metabolizable energy automobile auto-mechanic repair heart rate work-impulse. posture biological insecticide bacillus baculo virus larvicide entomopathogen usages of icts e-agriculture problem prolonged drought middle east mena drought climate hyperactivity khuzestan urea dap fertilizer agricultural transformation organic traditional agriculture borgu mashegu small-scale gold mining lead nigerian english morpho-syntax mutual intelligibility lexemes standard english physico-chemical effluent palm oil farmers training center pentylenetetrazole seizures antiepileptic activity thevetia peruviana crude oil soil quality crops. exploration delta state. dumpsite extension agents accessibility. rivalry national cultural pluralism initial bid maximum willingness to pay for irrigation water power robust heteroskedasticity systematic char dwellers monga seasonal food insecurity muds drills environmental impacts oil drilling mud oil drilling mud stabilization mud eco-indicators. potential impacts lca environmental impacts assessment co-indicators didactic agriculturist demonstrations radio agricultural information integrated pest management coastal bangladesh speed of germination monascus ruber yellow pigment gc/ms analysis malt medium bioactive metabolites demand elasticities multi-stage budgeting system south africa marketing volume transaction date loss. marketing channels cocoa pod husk population. frequency neem nematodes yield components. https://www.facebook.com/premierpublisher/posts/10 sesamumindicum time count bch codes reed muller codes generalised foldover scheme linear codes positive negative high school. teaching profession second degree hawaii acacia koa tropical tree legumes leucaena leucocephala rna extraction ppci reperfusion ischemia. pluralism conflict of interest autonomy-based liberalism church-state partnership religious education participatory rural appraisal contingency planning community-based disaster risk reduction hyogo framework for action (hfa) natural disaster and cacao susceptible amaz 15-15 t12/11 ics1 t65/7 t101/15 nematode genera lcteen mxc67 pa150 t86/2 t53/5 marketing chains profit margins kilosa district. career imbalance marriage africa. wind speed inversion horizontal visibility fog singular point region blocking pattern zoonotic. lassa fever intermediate stenosis. fractional flow reserve intravascular ultrasonography lipids serum lageneria sphaerica liver enzymes. soils dumpsites metropolis kampung place space locality kota paddy rice costs kaduna primary pci ivabradine acs community capacity community development willingness to pay taxes. coproduction intensification cereal-legume production good agronomic practices lycodon mackinnoni lower himalaya colubridae new locality record jammu and kashmir. morocco internet advertising experiential tourism consumer research fes. jatropha curcas blight fungal fusarium. foliar diseases forest carbon stock climate change mitigation stem density. tree diameter tilapia fish cost load count analysis douala municipality per capita generation rate. municipal solid waste material flow analysis cameroon tuberculosis tb/hiv refining unit. transformer oils breakdown voltage dry sludge rural employment government non-governmental organizations. re-engineering global trade and agroforestry. water availability mitigation canada economics of education philosophical orientation of university education religious influence in education informal training practices fungi and cellulose. degrading microbiology ruminant ler gmv time of planting plant breeding planting pattern côte d’ivoire pollution awareness peri-urban agriculture pollutant skeleton fractions isomorphic substitution avd angular velocity unification of kinematics discrete locations deterministic chaos theorems local implosion logos lena’s lemma for riemenn z-function cosmos intra-row profit margin sweet potato postpartum 25 oh vitamin d osteopenia bone mineral density (bmd) bone turnover markers (btm) osteoporosis roasted soybean seed nutrient intake sweet potato leaf cobb-500 broiler chicken partial substitution native bee pollination ccd colony collapse disorder conjoint economic analysis bee pasture costs blueberry waste and pollution industries cleaner production lecture food health video projector simulium kwa-falls rhoko morphotaxonomy savanna. amniotic fluid fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) chromosome karyotype chromosomal abnormalities prenatal detection date syrup fermentation optimization microbial cultivation bacillus megaterium. poultry manure phosphorus mineralization incubation bioslurry capacity cation exchangeable complex nutrients fertility macro-anatomical bones forelimb grasscutter antimalarial drugs metabolization pharmacogenomics population genetics adsorption isotherm eis hydralazine hydrochloride mild steel integrated disease management major crops j-t equation korteweg-de vries wave velocity tidal effects oscillation solitonial roche limit simpson index livelihood diversification rural bangladesh basic education policies in sierra leone cost-effectiveness sweet potato production self-life dairy business profitable value chains inhibitors ethanol locus bean banana sap hydrochloric acid. carney complex regorafenib. upper gi bleed imatinib gist multi-criteria weighted linear combination intervention welfare nomads beneficiaries non-participating participating debt capital debt equity ratio boot rdf waste to energy firr. washing seaweed wastewater cod and nitrite bod biosystem poetry middlemen tomato supply chain key words: kilolo accelerating universe space energy cosmological constant dark energy red shift productivity. output drip irrigation tubers chemical fertilizer poverty. poor states agriculture production normal approximation t-k approximation. prior distribution breaking of biliary stents. biliary stent in gallbladder complication of biliary stent biliary stent biliary stent migration transfusion reaction oh blood group h antigen rare blood type bombay phenotype post-newtonian approximation pioneer anomaly cosmological expansion celestial mechanics two-body system rectoanal inhibitory reflex duhamel. coloanal anastomosis intestinal obstruction hirschsprung mutagenic potential bioassays organophosphate insecticides. cao elastic constants ultrasonic attenuation ultrasonic velocity teaching hospital faculty journal club industrial bi products and waste materials ductility of bitumen flexible pavements repairing and maintenance. staff retention strategy germplasm dulong’s equation solid wastes potato dextrose agar beauveria bassiana fungal growth prices saro 5 rice constructed wetlands alternative irrigation irrigated rice fisher information matrix. lomax distribution loss functions priors food-firms packaging-waste community-based seed production seed traders. agrovets marketing chain meat yield grazing land bihar boundary conservation botanicals endangered polarization method ac-impedance inhibition efficiency health’s recycle chemical waste generation rate phnom penh recyclables commercial solid waste ranitidine. corrosion inhibitor polarization inhibitor efficiency rotation forest management clear-cutting thinning harvest event analysis continuous cover forestry yeast growth glucose concentrations wild yeast alcohol malt extract fruit fermentation hydropriming emergence index osmopriming mexico. intermediaries contractual arrangements aromatic rice m2 and m3 generations gamma irradiation micromutation ruprecht 147 characteristics convergent point error controlled method staff retention strategies returnee lecturers thermo converters thin films chromium oxides sensors procedures discipline expulsion district teachers contact eclipsing binaries period variation orbital solution evolutionary status raw silk and regression analysis mulberry cultivation traditional and non-traditional states public health. escherichia coli o157:h7 surgery jehovah’s witness pancreaticoduodenectomy inferior pancreatoduodenal artery first approach; enzymes azo dye microbes decolorization dyestuff landrace sporulation capacity coffee trees harassment experiences sexual differences mycological study schleichera oleosa. gyrothrix schleicherae detection perihelion l-frequency kepler laws inertia refinement eccentricity planetary orbit mars linearization correlation coefficients organisational development school improvement decision-making staff motivation axisymmetric magnetic fields nonlinear polytropes rotating stellar atmospheres eigenvalue equations crowd behaviour. pedestrian model group dynamics cumulants anharmonic xafs thermodynamic parameters gsm mq-6 sensors sms alert microcontroller gas leaks microring resonator (mrr) soliton transmission chaotic signals finesse ultra-short solitons landsat8; crop evapotranspiration (etc) normalized deference vegetation index (ndvi) egypt and arid region. conflict management conflict resolution yoruba proverbs peace schizontocidal. chemosuppression salacia senegalensis antiplasmodial plasmodium berghei talent management strategy strategic knowledge management higher education examination council (hexco) district technical vocational and education training (tvet) vocational education technical education gyrothrix caesalpiniacearum leaves fungi bauhinia rufescens lam reaction-diffusion symmetry. consistency pdes finite difference hermite-hadamard inequality and hölder's inequali convex function riemann-liouville fractional integral some in vitro irvingia wombolu (bush mango) regulation commercial animal viability probiotic comb generation microring resonator gaussian laser beam add-drop system soliton signal oxidation factorial design ni-n stainless high temperature hypocycloid parametric curves complex mapping calculus voronoi mapping finance budget nonprofit
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