agriculture journal ijoear agriculture irrigation soil phosphorus yield. climate change water quality rice heavy metals growth food security silver nanoparticles acheta domesticus inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectr tenebrio molitor sorghum vulgare soil. yield sustainability biomass production pollution salinity moisture mulch gis water organic farmers fertilizer vermicompost germination percentage cowpea fermentation gc-ms fungicides research diversity productivity environment compost wheat nitrogen profile sporulation efficacy solid media broth media alternaria alternata industrial area helminthosporium oryzae wastewater. crop diversification physico-chemical parameters essential oil egg quality performance organic matter livelihood ammonium solid waste management morocco quality trace elements. bacteriological physicochemical pollution liquid effluent wastewater protected crop rosa spp. lettuce climate technical efficiency desalination post-harvest loss nigeria. watershed. helianthus annuus helianthus annus waste management goats pesticide toxicity. plant growth biofertilizer epidemiology carbon stock quality. farmer soil microorganisms maize vermicompost. water pollutants nigeria bacteria conventional gene expression post-transcriptional gene silencing antioxidant poultry manure mitotic index botswana soil bacteria phyllosphere temperature adaptation genetic diversity effect principal component analysis agriculture wastes biosorption variability oil spilled site fluoride tomato. pesticides malathion glomus sp. storage biopesticides biocontrol plant biomass soil fertility degradation products amendment malaysian natural rubber market waste water pollution tunisia arsenic methane decolorization marketing consumption irradiation mulching reproduction forage production adoption innovation groundwater microalgae pyrolysis fadama vermicomposting cotton organic fertilizer soybean ph variation biochar phytoremediation organic farming agroforestry homegarden antibacterial activity semi-arid minerals drying plants. fly ash aroma marketing efficiency economics sorghum nutrient management peroxidase aerosols photosynthesis shelf life mango colletotrichum gloeosporioides host resistance. chemical cultural methods disease management barley net blotch boron. saline irrigation water irrigation water quality fungal diseases. disease index brown spot tube wells. canals irrigation sources net sown area gross sown area irrigated area pulses cereals crops meerut potassium. quality of dates date palm dates streptomyces. sponge kien giang sea bacillus cereus antimicrobial activity adoption. rice farmers soil management smallholders pharmaceutical. model solutions lc-ms/ms biodegradation sequestered. carbon agricultural green plants sweetpotato. pest root yield intensities regimes leaf harvest incubator. biomass of fungus phialides filamentous fungus paecilomyces lilacinus agronomy. crop specialization crop combination crop calendar water shortage. water management crop pattern relationship. tribal families food consumption pattern flavor. fatty acid amino acid eriocheir sinensis chinese mitten crab human health. environmental pollution flower farm ginkgo biloba extract. enzymolysis ginkgo biloba fusarium. pathogen symptoms pokkah boeng sugarcane led lamps. bacterial strains selection criteria hibiscus sabdariffa l plant growth-promoting bacteria strains rootstock-scion. hevea species bud-grafted internal fixation plate. internal fixation tibia and fibula fracture hydrodistillation. enfleurage method lemongrass perfumes etc. fertility suspended particles urbanization industrialization pseudomonas fluorescens plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) mesquite bacterial strain arid and semi-arid areas per cent disease incidence index. inhibition radial growth mycelium mat tribal families. who standards. huluka river hora spring water bacteriological & chemical characteristics ambo town pollution load index (pli). contamination index (ci) malvaceae souss-massa region. logit model technology adoption precision agriculture deforestation. natural forests population growth biocontrol agents. mycelium linear growth blight disease forage. soil amendment malting sludge rubber. genetic base inbreeding depression côte d’ivoire. risk factors rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus ticks xerosols soil. mesquite tree lithosols soil earthworms burkina faso. kou valley system sweet potato profitability. broiler chickens norms bobo-dioulasso-burkina faso consumer acceptability. sensory evaluation fish balls seaweed processing water quality. ground water manipur. botanicals neem seeds powder. soil ph sewage treatment plant receiving environment bacteriological parameters agricultural advice. advisory service access to agricultural advice gamma-aminobutyric acid-enriched white rice. sprouting gaba gbr rsm rccd trees benefit scoring. homestead system agroforestry practices socio-economic studies rwanda. karongi district local community land local knowledge crop suitability okra informal settlements. clean energy socio-economic factors inceptisols jatinangor. ultisols kentrong exchangeable aluminum soil reaction lusaka. egg shape index indigenous chickens pcb. persistent organic pollutants (pops) nitrate head lettuce soil suitability and tolerant crops sustainable agriculture socio-cultural-economic factors. ecological-edaphic on-farm tree farming enterprise physiology and yield. water deficiency maize genotype makassar strait. gastric contents zooplankton phitoplankton abundance plankton and bishya wetland. agricultural practices weights and measures. local market ghana indian agriculture. kheri district zone of inhibition. antibiotics activity simplex lattice design shynergism synthetic antibiotics the southern vietnam. cooperative tuong-mango environmental protection. ghana. ashanti region market center fruit farmers training need. farmers’ upliftment farmers education capacity training agricultural extension service resolutions. conflict kordofan nomads resources distribution. myxocyprinus asiaticus chinese sucker drippers pathogenicity. plant diseases defense system animal diseases epigenetic instability. cognitive tremor cgg repeat hypomethylation decitabine transporter. nramp mn content yerba mate eastern paraguay ilex paraguayensis rhizopus stolonifer antifungal lippia multiflora chitosan rural schemes. community water use efficiency. drip water pollution. seasonal analysis and culture medium. average germination time heavy metal firewood and sediments. forage provision and regulation services woody species. forest altitude cytokinins and plant growth regulator. gibbcrellins auxins (iaa) paclobutrazol (pbz) southern rainforest pennisetum purpureum cutting interval water and ostreiculture. quality indicators hepatitis a virus cata. sensory analysis artichoques underground stream seawater. reuse desertification ethylene production acc oxidase activity ornamental penicillium oxalicum partial least square (pls) metabolomics protein targeting mitochondria chlororplast atp synthesis root and shoot length sunflower neem medicinal plant chlorophyll chrysanthenyl acetate citronellol umbelliferae ducrosia assadi hot spot and prioritization usle soil loss zonation. evaluation flood disaster risk information entropy whitening function — improved gray clustering method rabat odors impacts physicochemistry leachates oum azza discharge cooperation competition food industry theory neutral niche theory cluster sub-saharan africa. social protection cash transfers bone traits. quail morocco. skhirat biodegradability wastewaters artisanal fisheries sector post-harvest fish losses natural preservative razakı and siyah gemre antimicrobial grape seed powder and extract protected species bird diversity nanjing struvite precipitation. piggery wastewater orthophosphate nutritional quality antinutritional factors attiéké cashew kernel kutai kartanegara. beef cattle data base. civilservice drugs pathologies animal safe awareness waste minimization turkey. satsuma mandarin traps trimedlure medfly lowland. highland goat farming efficiency of production cost envelopment analysis sewage treatment. estimate emissions agricultural acarology phytoseiulus macropilis neoseiulus californicus kariat bamohamed hydrochemistry waters sebou river png. mastixiodendronpachyclados anthribidae coleoptera araecerus land uses. hydrogeochemistry bacterial contamination antibiotics food safe. clonal propagation. survivality environmental condition market and participation. factors cattle ga3. jasmonic acid two-phase medium in vitro microtuberization potato analysis. extraction of starch taro ectopic expression. snd1 transcription factor hawthorn agricultural acarology. two-spotted spider mite biological control common wheat (triticum aestivum). pseudomonas bacillus plant growth promoting bacteria (pgpb) anaerobic digestate remazol brilliant blue r. pleurotuspulmonarius tree species. mistletoe infestation avian-dispersers avian biodiversity qingliang mountain. bhilawan shell liquid. karanjseed oil neemseed oil termiticides cashew nut shell cattle. micro minerals macro minerals boron peptides. proteolysis free-¬amino acids dry-cured duck transmission electron microscopy. parapoxvirus tandem repeats. intergenic region complete genome sequencing experimental challenge african swine fever (asf) cellulolytic. pectinolytic cell wall-degrading enzymes colletotrichumtruncatum chilli anthracnose seven-row bed horse manure mulch grass windrow mulch teat end shape. teat end hyperkeratosis udder health helminthes children bonny estuary. meiofauna community structure brain and behavior of lgbt. grey zone. cgg repeat biophysics psycho forensic psycho-social west bengal. rice (oryza sativa l.) infiltration. dry spell ridge-tie polythene. grain store cob water supply service gresik city community. rain-fed maize inefficiency parameters random sampling. data farmers. strategies risk management hazardous waste hospital waste management environmental problems waste generation. medical waste persian lime plant growth regulators shoot multiplication. yields. tillage germination water quality control. biomonitoring protist heliozoa polyamines. paclobutrazol mango flowering ethylene biosynthesis land and crop management biotic and abiotic stresses organells plant defense. histopathology herpesvirus. transmission electron microscopy disease odiyalflour nutritional. pinattu boiled odiyal flour humidification electrodialysis solvents. ro kingdom of saudi arabia date palms harvest time. integrated nutrient management soil properties long-term effect. sewage spinach. soya beans production adamawa state mubi north brazil. market food fruits plant growth. ethephon marginal soil zea mays l. saccharata pineapple preservatives cashew apple drink anaerobic digestion energy efficiency microwave biogas sludge. no- neemseed oil cnsl- cashew nut shell liquid bsl- bhilawan shell liquid. ko- karanj oil fruit growing. traveling to developing countries. allergy fmt industrial medicine autoimmune diseases hygiene hypothesis complementarity joint estimation adoption intensity responsible factors. saprolegniasis usnic acid. antifungal activity oomycota lichen estrogen endocrine disrupters (mcf7) bioassay: e-screen assay breast cancer cells chervil (anthriscus cerefolium) purslane (portulaca oleracea) pigweed (amaranthus retroflexus) coriander (coriandrum sativum). sand elements higher crop production. seed color improvement of viability higher germination integrated approach co-management control/eradication lume and bora districts. behshahr. consolidate the tendency toward admission mycoplasma hyopneumoniae immunochistochemistry and hybridization. porcine enzootic pneumonia seaweed extract bleed of grape fig trees. amino acids polymorphism. principal component genotypes dendogram biomarkers sublittoral zone. biological monitoring red algae (rhodophyta) regression analysis. land use conversion factor commercial area settlement surveillance. triatomine bugs serology chagas disease environment. fossil fuel sri lanka renewable energy humus. soil organic matter phosphate-solubilizing bacteria endophytes soybean. rhizobia ferralsols insecticide aktara 25 bg ag and au nanostructures fungicide dithane dg. sers laser deposition and annealing fecal microbiota transplantation (fmt). hygiene hypothesis-autoimmune diseases bacteria and worm cell wall epitope mapping aptamers hms silicon. stress cells defense mechanism mycotoxin production quantitative analysis. conidiobolus native vegetation berry composition terroir tannat interaction. acacia mangium radial variation microfibril angle pith to bark polyvinylpyrrolidine musa production cycle banana ap2/erf kiwifruit waterlogging stress. market dominance vertical price linkage. limpopo province price flow tomato markets marketing margins ebonyi agriculture. trend somaclonal variation. fusarium sesame cation exchange capacity. weighted hydrogen reduced nitrogen pollution. oxides of nitrogen algae isotherm pesticide. pdda cdte quantum dots qdmf. gaseous sensor agriculture residues biogás. ash dap. urea manure grazing land improvement sponge gourd. lignocellulosic fibers papaya pseudstem peach palm tree whole cottonseed. noug seed cake cotton seed cake blood serum parameters ß-cyfluthrin abamectin jericho. shallow aquifer imidacloprid jericho area immunity enterocin rabbit. microbiota abundance soil ecology. payments for ecosystem services multiple cropping systems eco system services soil organisms cotton fabric mordanting agents environmental friendly. peanut pod natural dyes b-class gene gene cloning expression pattern taxus chinensis var. mairei functional analysis. cypermethrin protein dna synthetic pyrethroids rna phosphate solubilizing bacteria field trial. chemical fertilizer curry leaf. bdl dissipation pattern curry leaf kriging total nitrogen. spectroradiometer panax notoginseng antitumor activity. biotransformation ripening. carica papaya color change 1-mcp dipping treatment ground. starch propagation marantha arundinacea l. portugal management. decontamination 137cs removal efficiency. electrokinetic equipment shade colour landscaping purpose. coleus storage root development. plant protection. leaves diggers liriomyzasativae population density university of baghdad column experiment solute transport model. marble dust reactive material blue crab waste astaxanthin protein. alcalase chitin chalkbrood pathogen´s virulence. host´s resistance honeybees aphidicidal activity biological control agent simplicillium lanosoniveum antifungal activity. simulated erosion manipulation experiment soc pattern. bulk density wheat stems carbonation central europe. beetroot uv-b radiation anthocyanin radish carrot onion seconary pigment. predictors general health questionnaire -12. psychological health farmworkers antioxidants convection drying freeze-drying bilberry limiting factors properties degradation. microbiological poultry akure physicochemical zfn. crispr-cas9 agrocbacterium talens direct gene transfer pesticide exposure. health impact of pesticides estrogens. ahr dioxins information technology and communications optimization strategy simantri program. quality traits. genotype oat pollen season bi-hourly distribution. aerobiology tcs230 colour sensor. colour sorting stepper motor arduino uno auto cad crop yield and tropical environment. soil health production practices osmotic dehydration. firefly algorithm process parameter optimization mushrooms non-linear goal programming detection sensitive. aclsv quantitative rt-pcr taqman formation. foundation inbred lines china building environment indoor comfort microbial analysis. heating systems oregano magnetized water water salinity. organic production piglets laboratory monitoring isospora suis propolis. apti stress enduring metabolites soil moisture. machine learning conserwater™ cluster analysis heterotrophic bacteria water microbiology 16s fungí. its mineral uptake soil depletion. ratio k/ca maralfafa nutrient concentration phaeosphaeria leaf spot physoderma brown spot northern leaf blight rust. gray leaf spot shoot micrornas embryo development. leave root cell differentiation microstructure gamma-aminobutyric acid fermented foods oligonychus perseae. avocado oligonychus punicae bioneem chick embryo protein carbonyl blood biochemistry. tuberose. flower yield bulb size fertilizer application cultivation cost crop production pest incidence. clay minerals sediment bioleaching. phytotoxicity root length. hplc-pad germination indexes indoor temperature. indoor air quality indoor humidity hygiene and health baccharis trimera small farmer insecticidal activity repellency activity baccharis articulata dairy industry food safety. sanitary conditions nodulation. common bean cadmium cow manure water balance swat. forest decomposition cocoa productivity shade trees. shade percentage photosynthetically active radiation the conceptual model experiment primary wave height. integral landslide orthogonal experiment dry weight nutrient amendment protein yield chlorophyll. electrospinning active packaging dma pva. nanofibers single nucleotide polymorphism mismatch repair genes. breast cancer hmsh2 eggs per household poultry products traders. marketing of poultry radiance spectral curve hydromorphism absorption band. wine yeasts india. cabernetsauvignon phenolics aging saccharomyces cerevisiae autochthonous peat west and central kalimantan. ft-ir spectroscopy chemical properties chromosome aberration micronuclei mutagenicity. agriculture research acephate. acephate disease resistance. genetic relationships microsatellites olive venturia oleaginea ghgs. ict green computing optimization technique. linear programming model cropping pattern small-scale irrigation ouda rams. pergonal blood profile body conformation semen quality diclair® turkeys. hormones external egg traits internal egg traits tswana chickens intensive system the energy-growth nexus the brics countries panel cointegration methods. western saudi arabia water quality. wadi fatimah european union (eu) blood and urine samples gas –chromatography – mass spectrometry (gc organochlorine pesticides (ocps) vegf. genetic polymorphisms endometriosis ndvi diatraea saccharalis spectroradiometry remote sensing saccharum officinarum adoption behaviour indian agriculture flowers growers. nhm economic inspiration plant growth promoters. indole acetic acid hydrocarbons well water tomatoes carposphere agricultural water sources bacterial microbiota pond water 16srrna gene. sago recycle. uasb textile dyeing atrazine degradation kinetics metabolism pathways primary host plant. pest management embryonic and larval development c. maculatus secondary host plants oil yield seed yield yield components. carthamus tinctorius l. safflower m. ciliaris m. intertexta natural introgressive hybridisation pollen fertility. pollen viability fertility parameters oreochromisniloticus hepatoprotective stress-reducing supplementation moringaoleifera yeast extract sucrose currants ochratoxin a aspergillus section nigri resettlement and socio-economic akko gombe maiganga clonal seed orchard genetic distance shannon’s information index masson pine tomato physical -chemical parameters temple floral waste sweet corn drought soil moisture annual mean increase (ami) annual periodic increase (api) volume. intensities of thinning forestry practice basal area (ba) embryogenic calli sesame. adventitious shoots central composite design pics bags safety quality. nitrogen fixation diazotrophs azotobacter. microbial population kirkuk hydrochemical characteristics. groundwater quality urban area testicular tissue. steroidal saponins broiler performance coriander turmeric. thyme gut two stages least squares (2sls) cointegration test econometric analysis unit root test gelatin alginate alginic acid dsc tsd. kabba/bunu. yam-based farming poverty status ems alternaria brassicae (berk.) sacc. mutation culture filtrate brassica carinata a. braun. resistance social optimum. common resource non-cooperative utilization renewable resource overdraft germplasm quantitative traits guinea grass. hyperkalemia. high silicon vegetables kidney disease pseudomonas sp 1. electroplating effluents nickel sediment transport. teton mountains discharge alpine streams osmotic stress rehabilitation seed germination germination recovery acacia species plant breeding salt tolerance salt areas. perionyxexcavatus artificial nutrient compound spent mushroom compost rhizosphere. bacterial consortia rabbit value chain. nutritive compounds. moringa meal palmyra new shoots tubers plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) bacillus thuringiensis fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici total sugars inoculation kinetin phorate and waste tea powder. adsorption honey bees lactic acid bacteria carrying media sugar syrup arbuscular mycorrhiza dark septate endophytes deep soil layers ectomycorrhiza leucaena. rhizobium polluted soil copper speciation pen farming age subalpine birch forest pinus sylvestris tree line forest line room temperature. pleurotus micronutrients the calibration curve was linear (r2=0.9995) and t abstract— oxidative dna damage is involved in th non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma microbial inactivation fresh food plasma processed water health risk traditional and improved granaries intake of aflatoxins stored maize health. air pollution solar musa spp growth regulators yangambi km-5 micropropagation streptomyces bambergiensis. bacterial wilt of potatoes streptomyces diastatochromogenes r. solanacearum retrotansposons evolution long terminal repeats indicator taxa. macrobenthic invertebrate oil distribution toxicity chtomatography rye s. cereale l. phytoextraction leached water edta marigold unconfined aquifer time step recharge organic carbon. carbon management index carbon stratification ratio antioxidant system water stress. osmoprotectants pgpr basil proline anatomy ecophysiological yield components p deficiency stability yield components fruit yoghurt syneresis water holding capacity (whc). sensory quality phytochemicals pigment content. textile mill effluent cow pea sustainable residential complexes bonab. village rural housing copper borgu. zinc atrazine residue ultra performance liquid chromatography‒mass spe egg parasitism intercropping bruchid egg laying dynamic parasitoid releases. immobilization translocation factor. phytostabilizer palm oil market. conceptual framework renewable fuel mandate river ala domestic purposes. domestic resources costs export produce competitive performance. straight breeding. cross breeding breeding scheme milk soils accumulation uptake global. mesocarnivores qbr index habitat quality riparian systems conservation management. local farmers zanzibar. vegetables fungicides and botanicals. anthracnose garudan samba phytochemical screening flooded paddy fields. greenhouse gas plant extracts. organic agriculture alternative insecticides natural defensive 1-hydroxybenzotriazole zingiber officinale aphis gossypii ricinuscommunis lirimoyzatrifolii stocking density heterobranchus bidorsalis larvae fasting survival forage quality forage yield alley cropping. jujube tree elastic modulus of subgrade rigid pavement thickness of pavement. design chart finite element analysis receiver stadia horizontal measurements distances vertical measurements distances theodolite total station surveying techniques institutionalization smallholder farmer dairy cattle free spi-data download. global gridded data-sets of spi objective drought assessment kcs1 and myb 96. myb transcription factors very long chain fatty acids cuticular wax biosynthesis datasets comparison. satellite observation snow water equivalent globsnow product regcm simulation tractor programming computer prediction fuel hd grains sink capacity hi white light test weight ppfd red light low light carbohydrates dormancy dormancy breaking agents stem cuttings. pyrus pyrifolia post-harvest treatments. acrocomia aculeata macauba pulp oil orange melon carotenoids hplc heavy metal levels. network water-supply tabuk city tied ridges dairy cows production. italian autochthonous cattle breeds ketone bodies milk yield productivity. weight gain fodder production wood stems. planting density local chickens. traditional breeding biometric characterization dabakala 6- trinitrophenol bivo4 4- dinitrophenol photocatalysis 4 2 picric acid physiological characters response. cultivars uv-b marginal rate of substitution efficiency borders nonparametric approach elasticities of substitution farmer group dairy goat farmer. brassica juncea allyl isothiocyanate cover crops raphanus sativus var. sativus. n2o emission jombang regency. chemical characteristics composition. biofuels bioethanol aerobic fitness. birth weight small for gestational age agriculture export co-integration. economic growth oil export ftir freshwater algae bio-oil root and stalk rot strawberry. biocontrol agents pla industrial composting (bio)degradation sugar beet fertilization digestion effluent sugar beet technological value. impact project and socioeconomic. jalingo grain legume. nodulation glycine max seed management flood irrigation. evapotranspiration partitioning stables isotopes ribes taxonomy ssrs eastern himalaya apatani tribe resource conservation indigenous systems traditional ecological knowledge. eco-cultural landscape soil amendment. alumina refinery residue cotton farming worm castings beekeeping (apiculture) indian sundarban alternate livelihood. satjalia island resistance. biostimulant uchkun crop yields humic acid paddy rice cow blood and bone powder acid sulfate soil southern brazil agricultural climatology rainfall variability côte d’ivoire farming traditional poultry h2o2 naoh. kinetics delignification cellulose pso turbidity cod optimization rsm. domestic wastewater treatment seed protein capparis genetic resources. irap surface and groundwater climatic changes evaporation calculation maize yield soil productivity co2 emissions contaminated land indigenous plants heave metal cd parkland chemical property elevation woodlot. oxidative stress led houttuynia cordata thunb light spectrum phyto accumulation mirabilis jalapa canna indica western ghats. nutrient litter combining ability gca gene action maize and sca. career pinus halepensis organic plant extracts staphylococcus aureus slime imazapic weeds burkina faso agrochemical properties imazapyr cultural history arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi doukkala irrigated areas biodiversity arbuscular mycotrophic mycorrhiza glomeromycetes preference socio-economic consumer fish economic status and policy recommendation determinants food security status premature deaths. agribusiness fertiliser dry zone ckdu agrochemicals phosphate regeneration explants vacuum. growth and growth rate chickpea priming pre sowing irrigation c/n rati. mud cake trichoderma viride roto till seed drill phalaris minor zero tillage conventional tillage vitamin curry leaves dryer. sulphur dioxide roadside garden traffic density nitrogen dioxide heat of hydration concrete setting time metakaolin silica fume shear test. ggbfs aflatoxin survey. soil population aspergillus flavus seed infection groundnut survey aflatoxin gelatinization temperature head rice yield milling recovery hybrids lampito mauritii microorganisms bedding materials eudrilus eugeniae municipal solid waste per-capita income family daily life standard migration rural labour perillus bioculatus first record of two spotted stink bug cost and return adamawa state. mubi angrau/drr practice farmers practice hybrid rice paddy on farm testing effective tillers water productivity allocative and economic efficiency maharashtra technical aerobic rice pre-kharif and eco-safety system irrigated condition nitrite atmospheric pollution membrane permeability ammonia cations precooling temperature. quality loss post harvest varietal screening anthracnose. acid lime water stress growth regulators and nutrient uptake.
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