Thesis Presentation - Progress of Work


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Thesis Presentation - Progress of Work

  1. 1. Sinead Rafferty Work in ProgressThesis Presentation 7th February 2011 Sinead Rafferty
  2. 2. Research JourneyFrom Band to Brand; The value Branding & identity has formusic artistsIs there value in branding and identity for music artists?• Branding• The role of music artists within the music industry and understand how they market themselves• Case Study: Local band see how they brand themselves• The benefits & values of branding for musicians such as the impact on awareness and sales Sinead Rafferty
  3. 3. Research Journey“Music branding is communication through emotions.Music engages people in conversations, and createsmemorable experiences. This helps companies buildan exclusive position in the mind of their audience,turning customers into fans of the brand.”Jakob Lusensky 2010Sounds Like Branding: How to use the power of music to turn customers to fans (beta Version). Sweden:HeartbeatsInternational. Sinead Rafferty
  4. 4. Research JourneyBranding; Sounds like fun? Is music the way forward forbranding?Is there validity in branding through music?• Branding• Explore how the music can be used as a marketing tool to engage consumers.• Discover all aspects where music and brands are linked, look at the effects and benefits of musicians supporting brands, and also look at brands that use sound logo types.• Identify the value and benefits of music branding but to also highlight the barriers and costs involved. Sinead Rafferty
  5. 5. Research JourneyCustomer Engagement“Repeated – and satisfying – interactions that strengthen the emotionalconnection a consumer has with a brand (product, or company).”(Ron Shevlin, analyst at Aite Group, LLC)“The actual experience of the brand is more powerful than the overallperception of the brand.”(Jevons, Gabbott and de Chernatony 2000)Social Media“Social Media is a new means of marketing, we need to adapt and find anew way to distribute the message”(Gerd Leonhard 2010: Media Futurist, Digital Media Entrepreneur) Sinead Rafferty
  6. 6. Research JourneyMessage: The brand has a message to communicate to the consumerPlatform: The brand uses social media’s as the platform to reach theconsumerEngagement Tool: The brand can use music an engagement tool toconnect with the consumer and create a memorable experience.“Music can create a bond between consumers and brands”(Fulberg 2003) Sinead Rafferty
  7. 7. Research Topic TodayNew and more effective ways of creating customerengagement through social media using music.• Define brand and consumer and explore their relationship in todays market.• Explore and define customer engagement - why is it important today• Discover if social media’s are the correct platform for engagement• Identify if music is the best engagement tool• Identify the value and benefits of creating customer engagement through social media using music, but to also highlight the barriers and costs involved.• Create a formula in achieving customer engagement through social media using music. Sinead Rafferty
  8. 8. Thank YouAny Questions? Sinead Rafferty