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AET/520 Instructional Module Snapshot PPT

  1. 1. Instructional Module Snapshot Yesennia Rodriguez AET/520 October 28, 2013 Melanie Latin
  2. 2. Introduction The instructional module snapshot presentation contains a brief description about the course, “Computer 101” based in the design, performance based in objective, the content with the teaching strategy, and the formative assessment.
  3. 3. Computer 101 Learning setting  Computer lab. and online setup in a community college. Period (Hybrid class)  Computer Lab. - 2 times per week– (Mondays and Wednesdays) - 2 hrs.  Regular Classroom – (Fridays) - 2hrs.  Online – (Tuesdays and Thursdays) - 2 hrs.  10 hrs. per week  200 hrs. per semester Classroom setting  12 students - Males = 7 - Females = 5
  4. 4. Goal The computer students will be able to learn and develop skills, techniques, and methods that are in alignment with the computer curriculum and the standards education creating an interactive blog for students purposes.
  5. 5. Performance Based Objectives At the end of the course Literacy Computer 101, the learner will be able to: o describe the interactive blog parts for the preparation of education courses with at least 90% accuracy. o identify knowledge of creating a blog using technological resources like computer, achieving interaction by identifying different tabs as VCITA, Buddy press, Qualroo, Disqus, and Speakpipe for virtual access with at least 90% accuracy.
  6. 6. Content Based Instructional Strategy The academic students counselor start a conversation and ask them the following questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. What the students know about the institution blog? What is the blog main function? If it works for you? Provide examples of the blog execution. How many times a week do you connect with the university or suffer to your web site? 5. Do you know well about the resources offer? What are those? 6. What kind of information do you could find in the university web page?
  7. 7. Instructional Strategies The group of students from the class of “Computer 101” will have the opportunity to watch a video related to the creation of a blog and interactions between student and instructor. All will sit for 30 minutes watching video content. From there we will begin with the following questions that will be placed on their computers.
  8. 8. Formative Assessment Every test or quiz will be able in the blog page two weeks before for discussion.  Interactive test  Quizzes  One individual project will assess application of knowledge.  The creation of the student blog with all tabs included.  Completed detailed student information that includes a student mission, vision, final goal, and educational philosophy, name, phone number, student card, brochures, students presentations, and a final presentation about the student blog.
  9. 9. Closing The students from Computer 101 will be able to finish their course making a final presentation about what they learned in class using the resources taught and they could introduce new technological trends for the college career. Will understand the importance of an interactive blog in order to maintain an online direct communication with the instructor and their fellow classes. They will know how to create an account and how can its usefulness for future student work.