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Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
Use of tech pp
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Use of tech pp


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stage?
  • 2. Intro.
    Media technologies where key to all stages of developing our teaser trailer from planning to developing the full product. Though sites such as Youtube and Vimeo we viewed teaser trailers for analysis and inspiration (such as me analyzing 1 day, and us taking inspiration from Noel Clarke’s "Adulthood" and Guy Richies "Snatch"). Also though social networking sites such Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter we were able to gage audience reactions and see how some companies used them to promote their movies. 
  • 3. Youtube
    Youtube As a group we used Youtube to view the trailers that we all analysedindependantly. By analysing different trailers we were each able to pick out codes and conventions found in different genres and as a group brainstorm what we wanted to add to our own film. Youtube was also a good tool to promote our film - we where able to upload our film to the site where our audience was able to view the trailer and post comments.
  • 4. IMDB
     IMDB was an effective tool in the reseach stage. We where able to see the box office audience numbers of the trailers we analysised so we saw how audiences reacted to them. As we where able to see what film campaigns where more successful than others we could choose what parts to imitate and not.
  • 5. Final Cut Pro
    Final Cut pro was used review the footage we had. After Ms Knight showed us, we where able to use the colour correction tool which made the trailer overall look more professional, i.ecolours where looked better and more vivid
  • 6. Garage band
    Garage band Garage band was used in the earlier stages of the making of our trailer, before we choose to use the music from the artist "Multi". I also used it to record the voiceover for my character which with final cut pro was added to our trailer. 
  • 7. Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Photoshop Photoshop was a vital part of the construction of our film campaign. We developed the photos we took of our characters and added titles and backgrounds. 
  • 8. Slideshare
    Slideshare We used slideshare in conjunction final cut pro. We choose our typeography from the list, we choose a graffiti style font as it is iconagraphic of the inner city and urban decay. It also appeals to our target audience (teenagers)