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this is a work in progress - PLEASE send commentary to me on it (I mainly posted it to share!)

this is a work in progress - PLEASE send commentary to me on it (I mainly posted it to share!)

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  • 1. CITABILITY making government accessible, reliable, and transparent with advanced permalinks
  • 2. Citation permanence abbreviated atomic open
  • 3. Accountability date time stamp hashes (on longer term fix else we monitor) link rot
  • 4. Accessibility standard makes it parseable anything a computer reads and understands -> blind can too!
  • 5. Easy of Use human readable Example: Http:// 20030318093016#S1b1Bii The example would point to section 1, subsection b, chapter 1, paragraph B, clause ii in SB 1234 on Mar 18, 2003 at 09:30:16 am UTC
  • 6. Degradable Http:// 20030318233035#S1b1Bii as you chop off the ends... The link becomes more general Http:// - > points to Section 1 Http:// -> points to current copy of Bill
  • 7. Unique Unique ID makes the internet into a database Verifiable Searchable on identifier
  • 8. Date Time Stamp makes citations VALID fights link rot makes the internet into Database for a Versioning System
  • 9. Atomic Several hundred page documents that change frequently documentation requires things be citable on a paragraph level just like BOOKS
  • 10. intellectual honesty public can watch changes
  • 11. Reputation the website becomes accountable for what it publishes
  • 12. Open WestLaw problem Lexus nexus problem Open to Everyone - anyone w a free blog account can converse
  • 13. Websites alpha-numeric in background table of contents Purple numbers doesn’t matter just needs to be on paragraph basis (even just count <p> tags!)
  • 14. How drupal -> already does pretty URLs (most CMS do) quickfix -> 2 lines of javascript one DNS redirect for archive server scrapes and formats
  • 15. Next step Drupal Codeathon in Paris fundraise 25K to have archive server software created for