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Transit score for israel v1
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Transit score for israel v1


A first and simple version of transitscore for Israel using GTFS...

A first and simple version of transitscore for Israel using GTFS...

Published in Design , Business
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  • 1. Transit Score for Israel Nachman Shelef +972544566016
  • 2. Transit Score USA
  • 3. Revision 1.0 TRANSIT SCORE FOR ISRAEL
  • 4. Transit Score uses GTFS • Transit Score is computed by processing the transit database provided in GTFS format • I used Python to process the GTFS files and to create the Transit Score files
  • 5. As of 1May2012 GTFS is Available in IL GTFS = General Transit Feed Specification • Enables many transit related indicators and tools including Transit Score Transit Agency New Transit New Transit Applications New Transit Applications Applications Other Other Transit Other Transit Agencies Transit Agencies Agencies Transit Transit Application Transit Application Developers Application Developers Developers Transit Score General Public
  • 6. GTFS Files
  • 7. Fields Linking GTFS Files
  • 8. Transit Score for Israel Revision 1.0 • • • • A 100mx100m grid is overlaid on the entire area of Israel A GTFS file is created by geo-filtering any part of Israel from the GTFS file of all of Israel. Geo-filtering is based on a polygon that surrounds the area of interest. This could be a region, a single city, a neighborhood, or the entire area of Israel. A Grid Score is computed for each grid element using the filtered GTFS file (as described in the next slide) The Transit Score (between 0 and 100) for each grid element is calculated by normalizing the Grid Score – Transit Score(i,j) = 100 * Grid Score(i,j) / Max Grid Score of IL • • • The Transit Score for each grid element is mapped to a color spectrum from red through orange then yellow to green. So that 100 is bright green and 0 is dark red. The color spectrum is adjusted so that green is good, yellow is ok, orange is bad and red is terrible. (sounds easy – it turns out to be difficult) A KML file is generated that includes a polygon of each grid element (that is not zero. i.e there is at least one bus station within a 900m square around the grid element where at least one bus stops) with the color corresponding to its Transit Score. The KML file can be viewed by running GoogleEarth. – Note that for large files you need to install the GoogleEarth application. The pug-in for GoogleMaps only works with small files. – Note too that the large files cause GoogleMaps to work very slowly. • I captured screen shots from GoogleMaps and copied them into this presentation in the following slides.
  • 9. Grid Score • • 100m 100m • • 50% 50% 80% 80% 100% 500m 900m s_size = 1 • 100m square grid element • weight_s = 1.0 m_size = 5 • 500m square around grid element • weight_m = 0.8 l_size = 9 • 900m square around grid element • weight_l = 0.5 Grid_Score for each grid element = 1.0 * number of trips that stop in grid element + 0.8 * number of trips that stop in 500m square around grid element (but not in grid element) + 0.5 * number of trips that stop in 900m square around grid element (but not in grid element nor in 500m around grid element))
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. resources • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Transit Score links GTFS related links:
  • 15. GTFS Tutorials / projects • OTP 2min intro demo (Portland) – • OTP 5min detailed dive-in (Portland) – • GTFS feed validator (Portland) GTFS feed validator (IL) OSM download (IL) – • Download the Transit Feed Python tools – • • • Download GTFS for IL – • GTFS schedule viewer (IL) – – – Run using windows executable Run using python source • • OTP 5min detailed dive-in (IL) –
  • 16. ‫תחבורה בת קיימא במרחב‬ ‫הגדלת השימוש בתחבורה ציבורית ע"י הנגשת מידע לציבור‬ ‫/‪‬‬ ‫לארגוני תחבורה:‬ ‫אפליקציה לניתוח תחבורה מקבצי ‪GTFS‬‬ ‫הסבר על השימוש באפליקציה‬ ‫למפתחים ולארגוני תחבורה, קבצי ‪GTFS‬להורדה:‬ ‫של כל ישראל‬ ‫של גוש דן‬ ‫של ירושליים‬ ‫של הצפון‬ ‫של הדרום‬ ‫של רמת אביב ג – קובץ קטן לניסיונות‬ ‫למפתחים ולארגוני תחבורה:‬ ‫כלי השובר את קובץ ה- ‪GTFS‬של כל ישראל לקבצים קטנים יותר‬ ‫של גוש דן, ירושליים, הצפון, והדרום, וגם יוצר קובץ קטן לניסיונות‬ ‫של רמת אביב ג.‬ ‫להורדת הכלי לחץ כאן‬ ‫להסבר על השימוש לחץ כאן‬ ‫אתר לתכנון מסלול בתחבורה הציבורית באמצעות מפה!‬ ‫הגדלת השימוש בתחבורה ציבורית‬ ‫ע"י הנגשת מידע לציבור‬
  • 17. Transit Score for Israel Nachman Shelef +972544566016