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Location-Based Marketing & Social Media



A presentation for 3CMA's 2011 annual conference on Location-Based Marketing Tools & Social Media.

A presentation for 3CMA's 2011 annual conference on Location-Based Marketing Tools & Social Media.



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  • How many of you are familiar with Foursquare and what it does? How many of you have ever “checked-in” on a social networking site?
  • As you can see it can become competitive.
  • So…is it “just a game?” Let’s take a look at some stats and see if you think so.
  • Not just for DMOs – across many industries. Many have predicted that mobile usage with trump desktop usage by 2014. Foursquare users – 38% more likely to be asked for their opinions on places, etc.
  • www.foursquare.com/businesses Claim your own venue. Update or correct information, give extra data and provide offers.
  • Once we had it figured out – then we could socialize. Tell our partners, tell our followers. Cross promote between IRL and social media sites.
  • Another thing we recently did…
  • EXAMPLES! Always help me.
  • Colorado State Patrol and Boston PD were found to be using Foursquare primarily for the Tips. Town Hall Meetings, DUI Checkpoints, reminders of safety.
  • Even The White House is on Foursquare! They post tips and even have some lists created regarding places the president has visited on his tours – and additional ways to learn historical information about the White House. A brief portion of their social media policy can be seen in the Bio section. They talk about comments that are posted are subject to the Presidential Records Act.
  • Foursquare is designed to bring people together. Be cordial and alert others to what is important at that spot.
  • But overall, my best advice will always be…something that I tweeted a few conferences ago…With social media and work environments – it’s always great to be flexible. Be willing to change. Be willing to be realistic and adapt.
  • Where can you get a copy of these slides? Feel free to scan the QR code on the screen or visit my SlideShare account.
  • My contact information – I am always willing to help out with questions!
  • Sources.

Location-Based Marketing & Social Media Location-Based Marketing & Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Location-Based Tools & Social Media
  • Keep in mind…
    Materials will be available
    Slides on SlideShare.net
    Put down the pen & tweet!
  • Foursquare? Isn’t that a game?
    Let’s review…
  • Facts about Foursquare
    Earn Badges
  • Facts about Foursquare
    Become Mayor
    Get Specials & Deals
  • Who is using Foursquare? Mobile?
  • Venue Ownership & Management
    Thousands of venues are being created daily. Managing these venues and creating consistency across all channels can be a challenge.
  • Access to Specials & Badges
    Venue ownership must be established to create specials. Custom badges can not be created without the help of Foursquare directly.
  • Our Approach
    1. Strategize
    2. Build
    3. Incentivize
    4. Socialize
  • Blog & Social Media Directory
  • Shotwell Stadium – Champions Classic
    • Added tips to the venue
    • Cross-promoted on Facebook and Twitter often
    • Posted a screen shot of the venue on Foursquare
    • Reminded ticket winners about an extra chance to win
    • “Shouted” once we arrived on site – to remind fans “checked-in” to retrieve their prize
  • Social media is constantly changing.
    Be flexible!
  • Still some challenges…
    Cannot keep two accounts open in the iPhone app.
    Foursquare’s mobile website helps.
    Tips aren’t automatically switched over.
    Lists cannot be seen yet on your app.
    Items from a list added as individual “To-Do’s”
    This update is coming
  • New! Foursquare Events.
  • That’s great…how can I apply it?
    Time for examples!
  • Additional Tools
    Facebook Places?!
  • Check-in Safety & Etiquette
    Don’t check-in to a place if you’re not there.
    No ‘drive-by’ check-ins.
    Don’t check-in at home.
    Be wary of who you accept as a friend on Foursquare.
    Be selective when you ‘broadcast.’
    Add tips and photos.
  • Best Advice?
  • Where can I get the presentation?
    Scan the QR code.
    OR visit www.slideshare.net/shannasmithsnyder
  • Contact Information
    Shanna Smith Snyder
    Director of Communication
    Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau
    325.676.2556 (Office)
  • Sources
    Abilene CVB social media sites (screenshots)
    The White House, Seminole County, Colorado State Patrol, Bucks County, Explore Chicago, ACU social media sites & websites (screenshots)
    Flickr Commons (Photos & graphics)
    Foursquare.com & iPhone app (info & screenshots)
    Twitter.com (screenshots)