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Social Media for Hospitality


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Learn how to use social media to market your restaurant or venue and generate buzz through onsite events.
Presented by Rob Marlbrough to Hospitality, Financial, Technology Professionals (HFTP) in May 2012.

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Social Media for Hospitality

  1. 1. Social Media for Venue and Event Promotion Growing Brands With FansPresented byRob Marlbrough, Co-Founder, CTO
  2. 2. Social MediaIntroduction Growing Brands With FansA San Diego Magazine Top Tech Exec Award nominee, started Web Wizards Hosting in 1997, and co-founded Fandom Marketing and Minglestream tweetwall in 2011.We focus on social media marketing, WordPress, andthrowing awesome social media powered events.Say hi on twitter: @DowntownRobFollow the brands: @FandomMarketing, @WebWizards, @Minglestream
  3. 3. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansA love story... starring socialmedia, and your venue.Meet Joe.Hes on his lunch, planning adinner date with a girl hesmeeting for the first time, and doesnt knowwhere to go.
  4. 4. Social Media Venue and Events Growing Brands With FansJoe asks his twitter followers forsuggestions...He takes a few of those, checks out Yelpreviews, and decides on one that looksgreat.He checks out the restaurant web site,the online menu, and prices, making sureits both date-worthy and budget-friendly.He uses OpenTable to make areservation, and Google Maps fordirections, sending the info to his date.
  5. 5. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansWhen he arrives, he checks in onFoursquare, and sees he unlocked a check-in special for a free appetizer with thepurchase of two cocktails. Score!The date arrives, and they are seated, andhe shows the Foursquare special to theserver. His date is enjoying theresourcefulness, hes enjoying the discount,and they both enjoy the VIP treatment over aromantic meal and cocktails.He asks if shes on Facebook, and they connect during dessert.
  6. 6. Social Media Venue and Events Growing Brands With FansLater that night, he posts about theFoursquare special on Facebook andTwitter, clueing his friends in. Therestaurant retweets his post, sharing thegreat words with their followers.She sees his post, and comments onwhat a great night she had. Their friendsask about the amazing restaurant, andwant to try it too.The restaurant becomes theiranniversary destination, where theyhave friendly battles over FoursquareMayorship, both enjoying the rewards.
  7. 7. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansThey share their Instagram photos oftheir celebration, tag their location,with the restaurant congratulatingthem with a free dessert on their nextvisit.Without social media, this type ofrelationship between you and yourvarious love birds isnt as easy, maybeimpossible.Love your lifetime customers, andtheyll love you right back.
  8. 8. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansSoLoMo... WTH? OMG.Its simply... Social - Local - MobileBut its hard to do well, strategy is the key.Why SoLoMo is important to your business: • 28% of young adults use SoLoMo of some kind • Loyalty • Testimonials • Getting Discovered!
  9. 9. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansSix things you can do today to SoLoMo your business:1. Be where your customers are online2. Claim your locations on Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places3. Listen to feedback from these services, plus twitter and blogs4. Have conversations with customers, be thankful, look for trends in service issues, give recognition5. Test offers on Foursquare, Yelp, focus on loyalty, not one-time foot traffic6. Get rid of Flash web sites, not mobile or search engine friendly.
  10. 10. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansEvent Promotion via social mediaTake the three-tiered approach...Pre-Event (The Head) The Event (The Body) Post-Event (The Tail)
  11. 11. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansPre-event Promotion• Facebook event pages, encourage sharing• Unique Twitter hashtag, use in contests and giveaways• Influencer outreach, invitations• Celebrity tie-ins• Charity tie-ins• Make food and beverage packages available• Partner with transportation services like Uber, Car2Go
  12. 12. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansDuring the Event• Use a live tweetwall to bring social media into the space• Have your mobile photographers post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter• Retweet attendees photos and tweets• Run contests or giveaways live during the event• Use projectors and displays in multiple areas to tie rooms or locations together• Webcams for live streaming
  13. 13. Social MediaVenue and Events Growing Brands With FansAfter the Event• Schedule the sharing of event content throughout the next days or weeks, create a long tail of awareness• Use event photos and tweets to promote the amazing time everyone had• Promote your next event online with photos from the previous event• Use services like Animoto to create branded sharable video slideshows• Create a YouTube channel and post event videos
  14. 14. Any questions? Growing Brands With Fans @FandomMarketing