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DMCVB - Jumpstart Your Social Media


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Go beyond Facebook with these practical and useful social media tips. Learn more about blogging, Twitter, Google+, facebook, Pinterest, and Foursquare

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DMCVB - Jumpstart Your Social Media

  2. 2. BLOGGINGWhy Blogging WorksOpportunity to share whyyour business is specialStarts a conversation withprospects and customersTrusted place for discreetmarketing
  3. 3. BLOGGINGBEST PRACTICESStart with with content that is:relevant, customer focused, andinterestingSet a regular scheduleOnce a week minimumAlways encourage readers totake actionEvaluate after 12 months
  4. 4. GOOGLE+Why Google+ WorksThe “Professional” FacebookCan say more and createcloser connectionsGoogle is paying attention andeven rewarding G+ UsersNot a “must-have” socialplatform – still growing
  5. 5. GOOGLE+BEST PRACTICESMake sure your audience is onGoogle+Set-up the right “Circles”Customers, Prospects, EmployeesCreate unique content for G+usersPhotos, links, and videodrastically improves engagementUse “Hangouts” for customerservice
  6. 6. TWITTERWhy Twitter Works:Influencers and the press useTwitter to find news andresourcesEasy way to establish positionas an authorityRelatively low time investmentrequiredHigh chance of catching “viral”lightening
  7. 7. TWITTER BESTPRACTICESFocus on publishing 3rd partyresources regularly12:1 ratio – twelve 3rd partyshares for every one of yoursEngage with audience. Thankretweeters. Respond toquestionsThe “Frequent Tweet” myth
  8. 8. FACEBOOK+Why Facebook WorksStill the most popular socialmedia network (850 million+)250 million photos uploadeddaily425 million mobile usersFacebook’s new Offers
  9. 9. FACEBOOKBEST PRACTICESKeep it visual, keep itengagingManage your communityPost regularly when youraudience is onlineReview your analytics
  10. 10. PINTERESTWhy Pinterest WorksThe third most popular socialnetwork by trafficAverage American spends 98minutes per week on PinterestPurchase conversion ratehigher than Twitter andFacebook80% of pins are repins
  11. 11. PINTERESTBEST PRACTICESIt’s not all about you – focuson the audienceLinks with pinsMore boards, not more pinsRights issues
  12. 12. FOURSQUAREWhy foursquare Works20 million users, 2,000 check-ins per minuteYelpification - menus, tips, listsand photosMobile expected to overtakePC for local search by 2015Foursquare Radar
  13. 13. FOURSQUAREBEST PRACTICESClaim your venueAnalyze the dataLeave helpful tips for yourbusiness and in yourneighborhoodConsider a special
  14. 14. STOP THE SOCIAL GUILT You Don’t Have to Be Active OnEvery Single Social Media Platform. Pick the Social Site That Works and Master It.
  15. 15. CONNECT WITH USStan Smith Retyi