Non religious beliefs
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Non religious beliefs






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Non religious beliefs Non religious beliefs Presentation Transcript

  • Tuesday, 06 December 2011 Why do non-religious people believe in life after death? Aims: Explain why some non-religious people believe in life after death Explain why dome religious people reject the belief in life after death Describe one a film that show belief in the afterlife Evaluate whether the film was fair to religious beliefs or people
  • Why some non-religious people do not believe in life after death?• If death is the end, then • Mediums and other people how can there be more? If who attempt to prove there there is more, then it is not is an afterlife by tricking the end and therefore not people death • In an age where science• There is no evidence for an explain the world, we afterlife should not believe in things• Religion offers no good that are unscientific. reasons to believe in an • When a person dies their afterlife body decays so how can• Religious ideas may be they live again? harmful • Life after death is simply• Ideas about heaven and hell impossible – we are either might be made up alive or dead
  • GhostGhost is a film that essentially coversthe theme of life after death and isabout Sam (Patrick Swayze), hisgirlfriend Molly (Demi Moore) andtheir lives after Sam is murdered.Sams spirit tries to contact Molly andreassure her he is all right but Mollyhas no belief in the afterlife. As far asshe is concerned Sam is dead. WhenSam realises who is behind his deathhis concern for Molly grows and hebecomes desperate to get through toher. By chance he comes across OdaMae, a charlatan medium who is asshocked as Sam is when she realisesin fact she can hear him and she doeshave psychic abilities
  • Activities:1. In the film Ghost, the way death is presented is similar to that of immortality of the soul, although religious beliefs about death are not mentioned at all in the film. How could the film directors have included these themes?2. The medium explains that ghosts are trapped souls who have unfinished business. In this film, the afterlife is a reward or punishment for the actions committed during a life. Can this take place without a God?3. Write a list of other films, TV dramas or storylines in soap operas that explore the issue of life after death. Does the media represent the beliefs of religious people fairly?4. In your own words, outline why some people do not believe in life after death.