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Hannah Skidmore

  1. 1.  Just War – The leaders of the state/country must control any war, no civil wars. - Those fought against must deserve to be attacked. - There must be a good outcome from the war.  Holy Wars – A war that is fought for religious purposes because of religious differences.  Civil wars – A war within a country between two or more groups within the country.  Nuclear War – A war in which nuclear weapons are used.
  2. 2.  Attacks must be limited to combatants and military targets  Attacks or weapons which indiscriminately strike civilian and military objects and persons, and which cause excessive injury or suffering, are prohibited  Civilians, wounded combatants, and prisoners should be spared, protected and treated humanely  Military and civilian medical personnel and facilities (hospitals, clinics, ambulances, etc.) must be respected and protected and must be granted all available help for the performance of their duties.
  3. 3. Pacifism is where you don’t believe in war, violence or fighting of any kind for any reason. Pacifists are people that believe in this, they do not go to war as they don’t believe in killing people. Christian Pacifists refuse to take part in any action that promotes or creates conflict or violence. Quakers are a group of Christian pacifists that began in the seventeenth century after the English civil war.
  4. 4. Capital punishment is when you kill criminals as a punishment. This can be considered both right and wrong. It could be a good thing as the severity of the punishment could prevent other people from committing the same crimes. However, it could be a bad thing as the person being punished could end up being innocent and so they would have been killed for no reason. Most Christians do not believe in Capital Punishment as they believe in the ‘Sanctity of life’, this is the belief that all life is sacred. They believe that it is wrong to kill another human and that only God has the choice over who lives and who dies. Also, killing someone for a crime does not give them a chance to repent and reform.
  5. 5. We need punishments as a way to keep people in line and to create a safe society. If we didn’t have punishments, then criminals would continue to commit crimes as there would be nothing to stop them. Punishments cab be given for a number of reasons, these are: Protection, Deterrence, Reform and Reparation.
  6. 6. Amnesty International is a company that works all over the world to protect humanity and human rights. Their purpose is to protect people wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.