Intro to Google Places - Getting Started with Google Places


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Google Places listings are becoming more and more important as they gain valuable real estate in Search Engine Results. This presentation discusses how to get started with Google Places, including how to claim your Google Places listings, how to optimize your Google Places listing, and some FAQs around Google Places.

From Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

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Intro to Google Places - Getting Started with Google Places

  1. 1. Intro to Google Places Jennie Lane @owlflurry Search Engine Marketing Team Schipul – The Web Marketing Company
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. 20-50% - or 2+ Billion
  4. 4. B2B
  5. 5. 1. Crawl: Claim your Listing2. Walk: Handle the Basics – Make sure everything is correct – Link back to your website3. Run: Be a Places Pro – Fill out all fields – Add rich media – photos & videos Photo credit:
  6. 6. Step 1: Claim Your ListingPhoto credit:
  7. 7. Find Your Listing:
  8. 8. Step 2: Verify the BasicsPhoto credit:
  9. 9. Basics• Make sure the information is accurate – One & only one listing for your location – Address & phone number are correct• Use the exact business name• Report Issues you Can’t Fix – “Problem with this listing?” – Google Map Maker
  10. 10. Categories1. Use All 5 Categories2. Use as many Google Categories as possible >> Google knows that Dentists clean teeth & Plumbers fix faucets3. For custom categories, base on profitability – Tip: Use terms that trigger a “7 pack” – Tip: Look at your competitors
  11. 11. Step 3: AdvancedPhoto credit:
  12. 12. Rich Media
  13. 13. Add StatusOpportunity to link back to your site!
  14. 14. Step 4: ReportingPhoto credit:
  15. 15. Step 5: Advanced StuffPhoto credit:
  16. 16. Encourage Reviews• Link customers to review sites• Quality over Quantity• Bad reviews are ok - Respond publicly & take it offline
  17. 17. surveyed top 20 categories in top 20 US cities and came up with this list of most popular sites: 1. Yelp• Google pulls 2. CitySearch different rating sites 3. InsiderPages 4. Yahoo Local depending on the 5. DealerRater industry 6. JudysBook 7. TripAdvisor• For insight on your 8. Edmunds industry, view 9. 10. OpenTable competitor pages
  18. 18. In SummaryPhoto credit:
  19. 19. Dos & Don’ts• DO have one and only one listing• DO make sure your name is consistent throughout• DO link back to your site• DO include frequent updates• DO use as many Google Categories as possible• DON’T forget to look at the stats!• DON’T forget to optimize your website for local searches!
  20. 20. Google Places is Not Enough!• Remember that you have to optimize your site for location as well – Use City/State Keywords – Location Pages for each Location – Display address and phone in text throughout• Make sure site is consistent with Google Places – Reinforce Categories – Ensure name, address, phone match
  21. 21. Bing Local Listings
  22. 22. Questions? Jennie Lane SEM Team, Schipul TheSEMBlog.comPhoto credit: