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September Newsletter

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Newsletter september ver 1(final edition)

  1. 1. Indah Elite Resident & Owners Association (IEROA) EDITORIAL | Sept 2011| Issue No.2 QUICK FACTS We Are On The Right Track Shah Alam Taking a leaf from an old Buddhist quotes dents and owners to come forward and help that says “If we are facing in the right direc- us in building a better and safer community. tion, all we have to do is keep on walking. “ We have always held the view that IEORA is Nevertheless, when we first got together to the platform to unite the residents and the form some kind of resident committee, we owner‟s vis-à-vis to build a better community were not so sure if we are facing the right and neighborhood. Nevertheless, despite all direction but our notion told us to keep on of these good efforts, there are still some mi-Motto: “Indah , Bestari” walking. After two years of walking, we real- norities that have failed to understand the ize that we are on the right track. As a testa- concept of living in a community. Despite ourArea : 290.3 Km2 ment to this, our Resident Association was repeated communications and warnings, formed in May this year, subsequently we these handful of owners and residents havePopulation : 671,282 held our first EGM ( Extraordinary General undermined the essence of community livingMayor: Mohd Jaafar Atan Meeting) , accelerated our presence on Social by not paying their maintenance fees. We Network namely facebook ,launched our own strongly urge them to have a change of heartCity Status On: 10-10-2000 Newsletter and successfully carried several and be a part of community by paying their key events and activities e.g the recycling maintenance fees.Total Sections: 56 campaign.Sister City: Tangerang, Last but not least, we would like to wish all of Although, we have fared well in the last two our Muslim readers “Selamat Hari Raya Indonesia years but we understand that the destination Aidilfithri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin” is still some distance away and the obstaclesState Capital On: 7-12-1978 are abundant. All this while, we have man- aged to do what we have done with less than 20 volunteers. Now imagine if we can achieve all this with less than 20 volunteers what can we achieve together with hundreds of volun- teers. In view of this, we strongly urge resi- Your role as a Resident.  Be active and par- ticipate in discus- ―Do unto others as what you want others to do unto you‖.– Quote of the month sions/meetings  Give constructive comments and ideas  Take responsibility and report any incidents /faults  Join in the activi- ties and events and get to know your neighbors
  2. 2. Bits & BytesBuilding Your Own Wireless Entertainment SystemBy Sashi Kumar Sivam ( Remember those good old days physically hooked to one of the UNIFI ports. when you have your CDs, DVDs, Once you are done with your NAS and got it all VHS Tapes scattered all over the up and running, all you need next is some con- floor and to add to all those mess tents. These contents can either be downloaded you have your cables dangling all from the internet or ripped from your favorite over the place. Well with the ad- DVDs. vancement in the field of digital and wireless technology you can at Once you are done with the contents. The last least clear the mess by going media piece of the puzzle is the player. Ideally, you can and cable free. go out and buy yourself a BD player but never- theless, feel free to grab any device that could You might have had your first taste of digital play MKV, AVI, WMV, RMVB, MPEG file for- technology from Astro Byond and Unifi mats. Hook the player to one of your network HyppTV. As a matter of fact, it doesn‟t take port and you are now ready to sit back and enjoy much to build your own digital and wireless all your favorite movies and music digitally and media system nowadays. For a start, you cable free. The best part is that it doesn‟t cost would need a decent bandwidth, Unifi would you an arm and a leg plus with DLNA (Digital do the trick. Next, you would need to get some Living Network Alliance) technology you can be form of Network Acess Storage (NAS) , luckily rest assured that you can access your contents at for us there are a handful of them in the mar- anywhere and anytime. ket today. As for me, I went out and bought a Buffalo NAS since it is the cheapest but you can literally choose anything from Apple to WD. The NAS need to be configured and NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH 24-Hrs Call Centre 03-3373 3994 03-3374 3994 016-301 1689USEFUL CONTACTS Some part of the playgrounds are over grown by weeds and Police Station mimosa plants. If left uncheck Sri Muda: 03-5121 6872 this would turn out to be a real Bukit Aman: 03-2262 7555 eyesore, unless we do some-Kota Kemuning: 03-5124 6222 The monsoon drains thing about it. around Indah Elite are IEORA Committee clogged due to rubbish President (Jag): 012-251 8249 dumping. These has beenSecurity (Mega): 013-626 1111 mosquito breeding ground in our commu- MBSA nity. Now to make things Main: 03-5510 5133 worse it has attracted Bilik Gerakan: 03-5510 5811 rats and even snakes. We Some of the bins around the play- recently lost two dogs Others ground have been overflowing due to snake bites. What Bomba: 994 with litters for weeks now. It Telekom: 100 shall we do about it? seems MBSA has not cleared them Tenaga Nasional: 15454 for ages now. What can we do toShah Alam Taxi: 03-5519 1740 get MBSA to get the litters? For Circulation To Members Only
  3. 3. SafetyFor Circulation To Members Only
  4. 4. Hot From The PotWhite Coffee Cheese Jelly MooncakesBy Elaine Ngan ( For Filling Method B. 1tsp agar-agar powder 1.Combine ingredients into a pot. Bring it to a boil. Strain solution. Pour into small ice- 20g caster sugar cube moulds. Cool then keep chilled till set. 125ml water 2.Except the whipping cream, mix all ingredi- ent (B) to a boil. Turn off heat, add-in whip- 20g Cheddar cheese ping cream. Mix thoroughly and strain. 1 tsp lemon juice 3. Spoon a little of no. 2 into small moulds. 75g non-dairy fresh whipping Let it set a little, Gently , place in mock Jelly cream egg yolk. Spoon more of no.2 to cover mock egg yolk. Set jelly, unmold, trim edges and set aside. For SkinIngredients for mock jelly egg yolks 4.Bring ingredients (C) to a boil. Turn off C: ½ tbsp agar-agar powder heat, add in ingredient (D), mix well.ScoopA: 1 tsp agar-agar powder 70g caster sugar 100ml of this white colour solution, sepa- 40g caster sugar rately. Next add in ingredient (E), stir well. 250ml water Strain solution, set aside. 1/8 tsp salt D: 100g non-dairy fresh 4.spoon a little coffee mixture of no (4) into 150ml water moulds. Set a little, place in no (3).Spoon a whipping cream little of white colour solution in. Set and fill in 100g carrot (diced, boiled till coffee mixture of no (4).Set before chilling cooked, pureed) E: 20g (3-in-1) white coffee moulds in the refrigerator. Household Tips  Crayon marks on wall: use a blow-drier to heat the crayon so it can easily be wiped off  Marks on Walls: Try using bread to remove marks on walls and surfaces .  Chewing gum: To remove chewing gum from clothes freeze, or cover the gum with ice, then crack and scrape off. For Circulation To Members Only
  5. 5. FitnessInterval Training Principle behind Interval TrainingBy Shawn Chan( hour for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes he It is not the amount of calories burned increases his pace to 10 km per hour and during the workout but the amount of does it for a duration of 15 minutes. After calories burned after the workout. performance of 15 minutes of 10 km per hour pace, he then slows down to 3 km per hour jogging pace. He repeats the Exercises or activities that can in- intervals according to his goal. corporate interval training In another term, interval training is a 1. Jogging or running cardiovascular workout that involves brief bouts at near maximum exertion 2. Cycling interspersed with periods of lower inten- sity activity. 3. Aerobics exercise Interval training is any physical training Benefits of Interval Training 4. Rope jumping that involves burst of high intensity work or exercise. The high intensity work or 1. It boosts metabolism rate. 5. Swimming exercise is alternated with periods of recovery (which may involve complete 2. It burns off extra fat. 6. Brisk Walking rest and/or lower intensity activity). It is the quickest and the best way to burn fat. Example:- Tay was jogging at the pace of 3km per HEALTH TIPS 1. Do not eat heavy food after 8pm. 2. Do not sleep after a heavy meal. 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. 4. Do regular exercises every day. 5. Have a smiling face everyday. 6. Maintain a healthy weight. 7. Cut down the intake of sugar. For Circulation To Members Only
  6. 6. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Community LivingPart 1By Shawn Chan( guest not to double park their cars at areas that would obstruct or intrude the neighbour‟s space. As neighbours, all ofThe meaning of “ Am I my us must be sensitive towards each other. authorities. Minding one‟s own businessbrother’s keeper?” is having the Courtesy is very important. A smiling in this scenario (which is typical of to-responsibility to watch out for and face does not mean consent in most day‟s society that we live in) would causecare for one another. It is relevant in cases. People are just being polite and do further harm and injustice to the victimstoday‟s social settings. Social crimes is not want to be rude. However if courtesy in the stated scenario.on the rise. Security and safety of indi- is taken for granted, it could build up tovidual well being has been compro- resentment and eventually disputes. However this philosphy does not meanmised.Trust on the ability of local en- Hence it is paramount that simple cour- being “Keh Poh Chi” or busy-body to ourforcement to protect and to care for our tesy such as informing or asking for con- neighbours. Such behavior would resultsafety and security have diminished. sent from our neighbour is being prac- in conflicts , resentments and arguments tised to ensure that harmony and peace (maybe possible boxing contest). WeHence it is very important that all of us within the community are maintained. must be pragmatic in adopting the aboveliving in a gated community to adopt and philosophy. We ought to intervene intopractice the above philosophy. Such phi- It would ensure that the commu- matters that would ensure harmony andlosophy would ensure the following posi- nity intervene into matters that are peace for the community as a whole.tive outcomes. crucial to one’s well being or rectifying a wrong being done.It would ensure that all of us will Scenario Balways think of others first before A resident seeing a domestic violence ordoing anything in this child abuse happening in a neighboursgated community. house should intervene and take neces-Scenario A sary steps such as reporting to respectiveResidents would inform their respective For Circulation To Members Only
  7. 7. Personal DevelopmentVoyage of Discovery By Kugendran Shanmuganathan ( have to say about your life when you look at it Fourteen minutes experiencing pure joy. Three that way! Glance through the passage below and months doing laundry. Fifteen hours writing see what an average Malaysian does. your signature. Sixty-seven days of heartbreak. Five weeks driving lost. Fifty-one days deciding In the afterlife you relive all your experiences, what to wear. Nine days pretending you know but this time with the events reshuffled into a what is being talked about. Two weeks counting new order: all the moments that share a quality money. Eighteen days staring into the refrigera- are grouped together. You spend two months tor. Thirty-four days longing. Six months watch- driving in your neighborhood, seven months of ing commercials. Four weeks sitting in thought, intimacy. You sleep for thirty years without wondering if there is something better you could opening your eyes. For five months straight you be doing with your time. Three years swallowing flip through magazines. You take all your pain at food. once, all twenty-seven intense hours of it. Bones break, cars crash, skin is cut, babies are born. Then write down what your afterlife will be if you Once you make it through, it‟s agony-free for the were to continue to live the life you are currentlyI recently undertook a journey in an experiential rest of your afterlife. But that doesn‟t mean it‟s living. See if you can live with it. I discoveredtraining program, upon receiving a certificate always pleasant. You spend six days clipping after I did some math and figured that if I carriedupon completion - At the bottom a note “The real your nails. Fifteen months looking for lost items. on doing what I was doing, in the next 30 years Ivoyage of discovery lies not in seeking new places Eighteen months waiting in line. Two years of would spend 10 years sleeping, 1 year playingbut in seeing with new eyes". If this is indeed boredom: staring out a express bus window, some sport or exercise, 12 years working, 3 yearstrue, the possibilities for discovery are endless. Your eyes hurt, and you itch, because you can‟t riding to work and 4 years with my family. ThatBy shifting my point of view, I should be able to take a shower until it‟s your time to take your changed the way I saw my life, and had a pro-see the same thing in a completely different per- marathon two-hundred-day shower. Two weeks found impact on some decisions I made. Try thisspective. A psychologist researching the impact wondering what happens when you die. One exercise, it is very powerful.of „finite time‟ – the notion that you will certainly minute realizing your body is falling. Seventy-die on a given day and that you have a finite seven hours of confusion. One hour realizing The question is - If you saw your afterlife differently, would you live your life asnumber of days left on planet Earth. Another you‟ve forgotten someone‟s name whom you you are now?interesting point of view suggested was to pre- met. Three weeks realizing you are wrong. Twosent one‟s life reshuffled and see what you truly days lying. Six weeks waiting for a green light. For Circulation To Members Only
  8. 8. Parenting HELLO! I‟ M A PARENT! By Mrs.Loh (anniesungloh@gmail.c0m) tried everything, but nothing seems to work!” three children were all graduates of our local “Rising early” – make breakfast, get the children universities here – two from UM and one from ready for school, laundry, marketing, clean- UKM and my oldest child graduated from KDU – ing….and the list goes on… she was the Valedictorian for her class. “Stay up late” – unfinished chores, make sure children do homework, plan for next day‟s menu, We are in this era where you can obtain abun- errands, etc… dance of information about anything and every- “Toiling” – chauffeuring children to and fro from thing – so no one can say „ I don‟t know tuition and other activities, grocery shopping, how‟. Parents just stay focused and do not be seeing to the needs of the family, etc…. distracted with where the current trend is head- ing. Our parents could do it without all these At the end of the day, when we finally put our technologies and modernization, and we are heads on the pillow, do we sleep – no….our living examples of their good teaching and values minds will run again!! Have you been imparted to us. there? Yes, many parents, especially MOTHERS can agree with me! Many of us who have been This Parenting page is open to all – you can ei-Observation tells us that Indah Elite consists of there can sympathize with this phenomena. To ther:mostly young families. Therefore, this page is be honest, there are no short cuts and as parents 1) share your thoughts on this sub-solely dedicated to you, young parents! we have to go through this „season‟ of life. Yes, ject (we need articles for this page) the work of raising a child from the crib, we give 2) or ask questions regarding par-Short description about myself – am a stay-at- absolutely no formal training. There is no such enting ( we are no experts, but will tryhome mom since the birth of my 2nd child, thing as “instant parents” when today we have so to answer)mother of four (2 boys and 2 girls), Grandmother many “instant” stuff like instant noodles, instant 3) or send us anything relating toof 3 (2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter). Believes coffee, etc. Parenting , maybe pictures, quota-parents should raise their own children. Work tions, jokes, etchard to cook meals for my family that are BUT, the good news is parenting reaps GREAThealthy, varied and, of course, budget-friendly. JOY AND GREAT REWARDS!! It gives you Please send all matters on parenting to Mrs. Loh,Enjoys craft, gardening, music, decorating and GREAT OPPORTUNITY to shape your children‟s email address: anniesungloh@gmail.comwriting. Supporter in the concept of recycling, lives for time and for eternity. I recalled the timereusing and repairing. Believes that cleanliness is when my parents and friends had advised me notgodliness! to stop work after having such good education, training, etc. When I finally made the decision toTo start with, here is something am sure all par- be full time homemaker, I had not lookedent is familiar with: back. Found satisfaction and fulfillment in being“I just don‟t know what to do with our kids!” the parent my children needed which I would not“Every day is another hassle. From morning to have gotten if I had continued working. Mynight something is always going wrong. We have JOKE CORNER For Circulation To Members Only
  9. 9. Going Green IEORA Recycling Campaign By Eu Jin Ang and Sashi Kumar Sivam ( launched our own recycling campaign according to respective categorieson the 20th of August 2011. After weeks ofpreparation, the event turned out exactly  Containers that contain food / oil /how we wanted it to be, a success. We owe beverage should be rinsed and washedthis largely to the participation of our resi- thoroughly to avoid attracting house-dence and the commitment shown by all hold insects & pests;our sub-committee members. Unless youhave somehow missed the banners, you Once you have done so , bring across yourwould know that this is monthly, intended recyclable items to our basketball court onto be held during the third Saturday of the stipulated date. The sub-committeeevery month. In case if you have missed it would then take it over from you and ifthe next „Recycling Campaign‟ is to be held needed then would re-sort and re-on 17 September 2011 from 9 to 11 a.m at categorize the items accordingly . As a mat-Indah Elite‟s Basketball Court. So block it ter fact , you could even communicate with Meanwhile, these items are not acceptable:in your calendar or key it in yoursmart them on that day to get answers to some ofphone, your questions.The overall objective of the campaign is to The vendors are selective and they would-create awareness among all IEROA mem- n‟t usually accept everything and anything.bers on the benefits of REDUCE, REUSE & The following are a list of items that areRECYCLE towards a better, sustainable deemed to be acceptable:and healthier community living environ-ment. Plus, it also helps to diversify ourcollection as the Proceeds received fromthe recycling campaign will be channeled tothe IEROA account and will be used forIEROA sanctioned activities.Participation is simple and we don‟t really We would appreciate if you could follow these simple guidelines. Last but not least,have many rules for you to follow. Here are see you all in the next recycling campaigntwo simple guidelines: and lets do our very least in saving Mother Earth. segregate or sort the recyclable items ADVERTISMENT Lim Auto
  10. 10. Community IEORA COMMITTEE COMMUNITY ALBUM 2011 EGM RegistrationPresident Jag Rao When PatrickDeputy AllanPresident turns greenVice Presidents Raimie, MoorthiSecretary & Patrick, Alice Tan Surat KhabarAssistant Lama , SuratTreasurer & Eric Leong, Raja Khabar LamaAssistantAuditor Mrs Lee So heavyHead of Mega ah!Security We are allHead of Heath & Edwin inEnvironmentHead of Safety & BK Wong, MaranAssistantHead of IT & Sashi, Saravanan,Assistants Ju-Lian Lim ACTIVITIES & EVENTSHead of Koh, ChristiaInfrastructure &Assistants Futsall -Every Sunday, from 8.00 to 9.00 Cycling- Every Monday,Head of PR & Rajes, Alven Chua Wednesday & Friday from 9.30Assistants pm @ IE basket ball court. Contact Sashi at to 10.30 pm , starts from IEHead of Sports & Eu Jen, Suren, indahelite/ basket ball court. ContactRecreational + Jeffrey Kugen Dran or Sashi at http://Assistants Recycling Week & Garage Sale—3rd Week Representa- Lim Pang Chongtive 135 24,135 of September, Saturday, 17-09-2011. from 9.00 a.m indahelite/Street Representa- Eu jin, 25,136A onwards @ I.E basketball court. Contact Patrick at at Basketball- Everyday fromtive 136A 5.30 to 7.30 pm , starts from IEStreet Representa- Norizam bt Yaacob basket ball court. Contact us attive 136B 19,136B Representa- Agnes 6,136C Guitar -Every Friday & Sunday fromtive 136C groups/indahelite/ 8.00 to 9.00 pm @ Gazebo next to IE bas-Street Representa- Gan Wee Hunn ket ball court. Contact Chai at http://tive 136D&E 20,136E Representa- Asokan 25,137tive 137Street Representa- Kugen 8,138Ative 138A Our Team Our SponsorsStreet Representa- Edwin 23,138Btive 138B Shawn WS Art Green Krista LimStreet Representa- Teng 11,138C Gallery World Autotive 138C Sashi Mrs.Loh Sara Elaine Sense Global World DrivingStreet Representa- Mrs Loh 2,138D Link Schooltive 138D Bake My Hon KTSStreet Representa- Mr Ren 2,138E Day Cafe Ming Kee Kavitative 138E Millennium House Of RestoranStreet Representa- Anita Kaur 12,138F Bridal & Beauty Saloon Selvative 138F Eu Jin Bhavan KughenStreet Representa- Peruma1 14,138G This edition is fully sponsored throughtive 138G BK Wong advertisements.Street Representa- Mrs Tan 30,138Htive 138H For Circulation To Members Only
  11. 11. Beautiful Buns & Breads An assortment of fresh baked buns bakes daily without additives, and flavours. Using only natural ingredients.THE NEIGHBOUR-HOOD BAKERYOFFERS:-CAKES FOR EVERY OCCASION The Cookie CollectionCustomized cakes for any theme - Customisedcakes to suit every occasion prepared with A taste of Home Baked Cookies - Our ownspecial recipies using natural ingredients. freshly baked cookies made with pure butter,Cakes suitable for weddings, birthdays, real vanilla and organic flour.anniversaries, door gifts, “hantaran” and forthose who don’t need an occasion to celebratelife. Visit us today and try our very bestvarieties specially in imported chocolates,Cheese, Fruits and healthy flour.Vegetarian Cakes , low fat cakes, No SugarAdded Cakes are also available. CAFÉ OFFERS :- SPECIALLY COOKED FRESH LUNCH  NASI LEMAK , GORENG SPECIAL, KAMPUNG  PASTA & PIZZA  TEA, COFFEE AND COLD DRINKS  WESTERN SANDWICH  ASSORTED CAKE SLICES WITH A DRINKCUP CAKES & MUFFINS OTHER SERVICES:- A taste you will never forget – Our cupcakes are perfect for every occasion, as OCCASIONS:- gifts, for guest or just for you. Made with EVENT & PARTY PLANNING, CATERING, CLOWNS. finest ingredients and finished delightfully by hand with variety of enticing sprinkles STATIONERY:- and frostings. FAX, PHOTOCOPY, BINDING, LAMINATING, GREETING CARDS GIFTS & DECORATING:- EDEN’S CORNER WITH BEAUTIFUL GIFTS, DECORATIVE ITEMS AND MORE… VISIT US TODAY AT: BAKE MY DAY CAFÉ SDN BHD NO. 22G, JALAN KEMUNING PRIMA C33/C 40400 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR TEL: 03-51219308, H/P NO.: 012-2131208 Email : facebook: bakemydaycafe (MIDDLE ROW OF SHOPLOTS NEAR NEW GIANT IN KEMUNING)