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The Power of Text Messaging for Non-Profits & Churches


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The Power of Text Messaging for Non-Profits & Churches

  1. 1. The Power of Text Messaging for Non-Profits & Churches 501-420-2779
  2. 2. Your Church or Nonprofit +MOBILE & Text Messaging=More Donations Title slide 501-420-2779
  3. 3. “ “Apple…has moved the playingfield off the desktop computer… and onto smartphones and tablets.” Bloomberg Business Week April 9-15, 2012 501-420-2779
  4. 4. An important trend:Within two years, 50% of all internet traffic willoriginate from mobile devices……rather than desk-top andlaptop computers. Are you ready for this change?
  5. 5. Yes, use social media……but here are the statistics: Only 37% of adults are active email users 42.3% have FaceBook accounts (half don’t check them daily) 7% of Americans have a Twitter account Emarketer 201190% of the US PopulationUses SMS / Text!
  6. 6. And a comparison to think about: Average “open rate” for an email campaign: 25-28% 95% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes of being Good Samaritan Project: This received. weekend’s event was awesome, thanks those that helped. Here are some pics from Saturday. FWD2Friends reply STOP 2end
  7. 7. Going Mobile…You’ll need 3 tools: Mobile Website Good Samaritan Text Messaging Project: This weekend’s event was awesome, thanks those that helped. Here are some pics from Saturday. FWD2Friends reply STOP 2end App 501-420-2779
  8. 8. How to Build DatabasesSending a Text-Message Filling out a paper form Using on-line or tablet widget
  9. 9. Where to Build Databases Text HOPE to 72727 To Donate NOWAt Live Assemblies Billboards Sneak Peak Video of Sunday’s Sermon Text ALEX to 72727 Video Right to Your Phone! Church sign See Pictures of the plants facing extinction and HELP. Print ads Text PLANTS toAt Events 72727 or scan
  10. 10. Create Multiple Databases Potential orVolunteers Future Donors Leadership Current Different Donors Divisions All built around keywords
  11. 11. Once you have a database, send them… Videos • Send video of People being helped, activities • Video previews of upcoming events • Personal informational videos • Requests for Donations Links to your mobile website Reminders • Calendar of Events• To attend • Virtual Brochures• To participate in upcoming events • Donation Pages• To go to the Website • Registration pages• To forward info to others • Email sign-up forms• To Join the Social Networks
  12. 12. A mobile fund raising tool… Message is sent in Recipient clicks link and Credit/debit info is stored onresponse to a texted can immediately view secure site for future keyword or is today’s schedule or select donations prescheduled the donate button Their Info is Saved!National Botanical Garden:Here is the schedule ofevents for today, just click Next time they click You can alsodonate from the link. Reply the mobile site toSTOP 2quit donate, all they do is put in the amount and hit submit!
  13. 13. Donations can be made from anywhere… At an event…During a service… From wherever the donor might be…
  14. 14. The platform…Access from any computer anywhere, anytime.
  15. 15. How the donations are processed… 2donate by Credit/Debit Cards 2.45% Flat-Rate + $.49
  16. 16. Their Phone is YOUR Billboard in the Palm of Their Hand! Put your message where the eyes are… GO MOBILE… Go SMS! Fast, Convenient, & Responsive“Call Us Today to Get Started on Your Text Messaging Campaign” 501-420-2779