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Jon Nott, presentation at

  1. 1. Woodcraft Folk Jon Nott Chief Executive
  2. 2. Woodcraft Folk Our Charitable Object is: To educate and empower children and young people to be able to participate actively in society, improving their lives and others through active citizenship.The Woodcraft Folk seeks to work as an educational movement for children and young people, to develop their self confidenceand activity in society with the aim of building an environmentally sustainable world built on children’s and human rights, equality, friendship, peace and cooperation.
  3. 3. Young People o f Woodcraft, Many of you ha ve been contac out and taking ting us about w part in protest alking education and s against cuts to increasing fees your Tonight we will elected group for university. To write on behalf of leaders and day the to the national of the movemen lead Woodcraf young member newspapers, to t t announced th s who help Woodcraft Folk make clear that enthusiasticall at Woodcraft F will stand behin y support actio olk will to influence th d you in taking to protest agai n taken by you e society we live action nst governmen ng people that Woodcraft in. Many critics includes walko t cuts to educa Folk should su will say uts and non-vio tion. This people like you pport you and lent direct acti in having your sa young 24th November on on the condemn “radic y, but that we sh (this Wednesday al” action like sc ould ) think differently hool walkouts. You, and young . We believe it We people in Wood empowering yo is your choice an a long history o craft before yo ung people to m d in f taking a stand u have in life. We will ake your own d you, your comm on issues that never condemn ecisions unities and you affect protest like wal important mea Pioneer and Ven r future. Your E kouts if they ha ns of turer groups ha lfin, people. ve come from yo councillors and ve met with loca ung MPs to discuss l DF movement ru important issues This decision to ns campaigns an . Your stand by you is actions, making d stage non-vio now as on Wed especially impo front page new lent nesday the 24th rtant national strugg s and contributi students, scho of November at les for a better ng to ol children, edu 11am from your distr world. Young p teachers, gradu cation campaig icts have even eople ates and paren ns, appeared on na been to parliam ts will take acti tional televisio ent and together across on their message. n and radio to the country to explain and the educati say education is on cuts are wro vital isn’t just a mea ng. We believe Many young peo ns for a higher education ple protested ag empowers us an income, we bel ainst the Iraq w d is a right not ieve it Woodcraft Folk ar and a privilege. was proud to su marched in Lond pport them as We encourage on, walked out they all members totheir own demo of school and he in your groups talk about thes nstrations. You ld and districts an e issuesaction sometim ng people who choose to get in d what ever ac es get into trou take bold tions youwill always def ble, but Woodcr volved in we wil end your right aft Folk l stand besideact on your conv to express you you. ictions. r opinion Blue Skies General Counc il of Woodcraft Folk
  4. 4. @woodcraftfolk
  5. 5. Woodcraft Folk Jon Nott Chief Executive