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Bpm Tools
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Bpm Tools


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An evaluation of the most common BPM tools

An evaluation of the most common BPM tools

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

  • For a very comprehensive list of BPM tools check out
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  • it was good.thanks.
    my project @ university is about BPM & I shoud use Intalio.i want 2 know how can I learn it.does it have all process Builder,modeler,automation,monitoring & optimization?
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  • Good presentation. Lots of valuable information on Business Process Management. I myself am making some comparisons and posting some guides on how to compare BPM Tools which can be seen on my web page
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  • <br /><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="350" height="288"><param name="movie" value="" /></object>
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  • good stuff, but all of these are very technical products and comletely at odds with business process discovery at the business user end. proForma's product is possibly the easiest to use, but even that takes a minimum of four days just to be a basic user (for a new graduate to learn). Have a look at - a tool that anyone can use and learn off a video in 20 mins.<br /><br/>
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  • 1. July, 2006 BPM Tools Analysis
  • 2. Contents
    • Overview of BPM tools
    • My understanding of most common requirements
    • BPM tools considered
    • Comparison Parameters
    • Results
  • 3. Overview of BPM Tools
    • BPM helps companies become
      • Process oriented,
      • Optimize Business Processes,
      • Effortlessly digitize and Manage Processes in an ongoing basis.
    • BPM Comprises the Following Areas
      • BPA -Business Process Analysis
      • BPE -Business Process Execution
      • BPM/BAM -Business Process/Activity Monitoring
      • EA -Enterprise Architecture
  • 4. Market Leader in BPA/BPM Tools
  • 5. BPM Tool Types Tool Types Process Mapping/Modeling Tools Modelers for Software Development Modeling Tools embedded in BPM Systems MS Visio, Proforma Corp.’s ProVision Tools, IDS Scheer’s Business Architecht(ARIS) IBM’s Rational Software Architect – Capability to generate UML Diagrams IBM’s Websphere – Capaiblility to generate workflow applications, Netweaver from SAP, Fusion from Oracle
  • 6. My understanding of most common needs
    • Capturing of Process Details
      • Standardized
      • Lucid and comprehensible to all process stakeholders
      • End to end process view
        • Sales Prospecting to Customer Acquisition
        • Material Planning to Vendor Payment
    • Simulation Capabilities
    • Support for the development of the Enterprise Architecture
  • 7. Comparison Parameters
    • Business Process Modeling Capabilities
      • Defining Processes Graphically and/or Textually
      • Ability to create Value Chain, High-Level Process Model, Organization Model, Roles
      • Process decomposition (nesting)
      • Capability for importing and managing organizational structures (design)
      • Capability to link between Organization, Processes and Value Model
      • View metadata through process flow
      • Capability to support standard notation (e.g. BPMN, IDEF, BPEL, BPML, UML, etc.)
    • Ease of Use
    • Business Rules Capability and Interface
      • Graphical Rules Editor
      • The product's ability to manage business rules
  • 8. Comparison Parameters
    • Simulation Capability
      • Business Model Analysis and simulation
      • Capability to perform “What – if” scenarios
    • Report Generation and Document Management
      • Capability of any pre-built reports
      • Support for web publishing of reports
    • Repository Options
      • Robustness of the underlying database that houses the process models
      • Ability of the product to support collaboration among process design team members
      • Version control capabilities
  • 9. Tools Considered
  • 10. BPM Tools Considered - Proforma
    • Proforma (ProVision) Features:
      • Navigator : allows you to view and manage ProVision's integrated repository .
      • Common Interchange Format (CIF) : enables the timely, low-cost development of robust, point-to-point, round-trip interfaces.
      • Simulation and Analytics : includes both Monte Carlo and Discrete Event Simulators.
      • Data Exchange and Translator : allows you to import and export business and UML/object models with other popular tools like Vision, Rational Rose, ERWin
      • Repository Analysis
        • Completeness Checker
        • Model Comparison
        • Spell Checker
      • Native Modeling Language/Framework Support
        • For Zachman, TOGAF, UML, BPMN-BPEL
      • Reporting and Publishing
        • Variety of formats including Word, HTML
  • 11. BPM Tools Considered – Telelogic
    • Telelogic (System Architect) Features:
      • Modeling:
        • Process Modeling is supported with BPMN, IDEF and Process Charts.
      • Support for Standards
        • Such as BPMN, BPEL, WSDL,IDEF and UML
        • Comprehensive relational data modeling capabilities.
      • Frameworks
        • Provides reference frameworks such as Zachman,TOGAF and DoDAF for guiding the process of developing the IT Architecture
      • Repository
        • A central repository that facilitates the sharing of all the models and standards through the process of development of the architecture.
  • 12. BPM Tools Considered - IBM
    • IBM (WebSphere Modeller) Features:
      • Modeling:
        • IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Basic, provides an easy-to-use tool for business users to model, document and print business processes.
      • Simulation:
        • IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced, provides complex model simulation and analysis capabilities.
        • Enables you to simulate the dynamic behavior of your process, so that you can analyze workloads and bottlenecks.
      • Collaboration:
        • IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server, enables users to publish business-process models to a portlet-based server, so that multiple subject-matter experts can review the information simultaneously through a standard Internet browser.
        • Capability to generate customized reports
      • Standards
        • WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced also includes a mode for Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and a mode for IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow Flow Definition Language (FDL).
  • 13. BPM Tools Considered – IDS Scheer
    • IDS Scheer (ARIS Design Platform) Features:
      • Modeling:
        • Aris Business Designer enables the designing of business structure and process models.
      • Simulation:
        • Aris Business Architect allows analysis and simulation of workflows.
      • Collaboration:
        • Web based publishing features
      • Standards and Frameworks
        • Aris Enterprise Architecture solution enable you to create update and optimize enterprise architecture based on standards such as DODAF, Zachman and TOGAF.
      • Reference Models
        • Aris has recently launched Real Estate Management Reference Model targeted towards SAP’s solution in the area.
  • 14. Results
    • Based on the evaluation of these tools against the parameters described, we reached at the following rankings:
            • Proforma (ProVision)
            • Telelogic (System Architect)
            • IBM (WS Modeler)
            • IDS Scheer (ARIS)
  • 15. Quality – The Cutting Edge